Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Arrives TODAY!

This is a picture of the fridge being just “this much” too tall for the space after adding the laminate flooring.

I think some sanding/plane-ing will take care of that today.  Pardon the blurriness of the foreground – I don’t think the camera knew what I wanted and focused on the tea pot at the other side of the room on top of the cabinet by the sink!

Baseboards will also go back up today and then the kitchen will be all back together--

Today is going to be a fun day here ---son Jason will arrive for Christmas at some point!  I’ve got a few things I have to run out for for Christmas dinner --- I know, I know, last minute – hey.  I’ll brave the crowds and pay for it! 

And of course, Quilt-Cam and the announcing of our winner from our Give-Away for the Quiltmaker Magazine Jan/Feb 2013 issue, Moda Charm Pack and Quiltville seam guide will be at 2pm this afternoon!

There is still time to leave a comment to be entered -- click HERE!

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry – no time to drag my butt today!

I wanted to share with you a couple cool sewing items I saw on my outing yesterday:

How many of you remember THESE?!

antiquemall 014

Cool Avocado Green Sewing Box!

antiquemall 015

Inside the box!

My very first sewing box was cheap plastic on the outside…this one is quite heavy, I think it has a wood frame under that gaudy green and metallic gold thread quilted cover!  My step-grandma bought me one when I was about 14  to hold all my embroidery supplies – floss, needles, thread, scissors --- and it went off to college with me and then came with me when I got married.  I don’t know when it ever got pitched ---

I also loved this cabinet ----

antiquemall 011

First Glance ---two drawer end table, right?

antiquemall 010

Top drawer has a little carved cup for pins or thimble…

But look at the bottom drawer:

antiquemall 009

It isn’t a drawer! It pivots!

I can imagine little spools of thread in all different colors perched on those pegs –what would go on the round spots underneath?  Balls of crochet cotton?

It’s a beautiful antique piece, and I wish I had a place to put it – but alas, I’m out of room for furniture in this house.

It was a “Catch & Release” day for me --- not a thing came home.  But I still love to look ---Don’t you?

Time for breakfast, a shower and to get this day going --- I’ll see you at 2pm Eastern for Quilt-Cam!


  1. I have that second cabinet in my living room. I love it. I also remember having one of the sewing cases but don't have one now.

  2. My eyes wee drawn to the "Handy Andy" tool set, not the cabinet, lol. Merry Christmas, and enjoy the visit from your son.

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  4. OMG I want that cabinet! If only I lived in the States :)
    Oh well it might actually be better for me to stay in the Netherlands, I think I would go bankrupt over those thrift stores...

  5. On the bottom shelve of the cabinet, cone threads could fit if the height is good.

  6. What a nifty piece of furniture! Best of luck with the fitting-the-fridge-back-in.....

  7. I also love to look and day dream about who might of used it and how much someone might have enjoyed it! Loved the table! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Does the fridge have feet that might be able to go lower? I think that was what the delivery guy did to mine. We did have to shave the side of the cabinet to fit. Who knew the fridge could expand in my house and grow taller in yours. Lol. Love you pictures, I never find any goodies here.

  9. I have that exact cabinet! It belonged to a dear friend, the grandmother of my sister-in-law. I was fortunate enough to receive it when she passed away.

  10. When we replaced ours it was a very tight fit and then the guys forgot to hook up the water for the ice despenser, so he practically had to crawl over the counter to get to the fittings etc.Enjoy the Christmas season

  11. That sure is a lovely cabinet, wish I was closer, it would be coming home with me.

  12. My mother in laws over the fridge cabinet had the same problem. Because of the low ceilings it had to be removed. If there had been ceiling space it could have been unscrewed and raised that 1/8th of an inch. No one the wiser after since its such a slight difference in the cabinet alignment.

  13. Alas. going to work for 3 so I don't dare to sit down in front of Quilt Cam, I know I wouldn't get up and leave.

  14. You have more willpower than me. I would have been singing "Merry Christmas to Me" all the way home with the cabinet.

  15. What? No new machine today?? AWWWWW....

    1. OMG!!! I bought a cabinet similiar to the one in the picture. I paid $.25 for it in a garage sale in CA in the early 70's. That cabinet will always be with me. I'd painted it blue when we lived on Vashon Island, WA. It had to match the wallpaper in the hall and a blue & mauve quilt my sister made for me. My hubby made a quilt rack with cut-out hearts on the side. Well, the cabinet then got a coat of red paint and then in another few years I painted it white and rubbed it for a shabby-ish look. It's in my bathroom storing lots of candles. I've made quilty tops for it. Memories...Bonnie, you do bring them out. Thank you.

  16. I remember all too well those green plastic sewing kits. I had one for Home Economics. I wonder whatever happened to it??

    I love that antique table! May I ask where you saw that?

  17. What a cool cabinet!! Good luck getting your fridge to fit!

  18. My friend had to repair he dishwasher after putting in Laminate. Her husband could not get the dishwasher out, but after about 6 months of washing dishes by hand she and I figured out how to lower the back of the dishwasher and remove the top first so she could replace the drain hose. She said that was her best Christmas gift.

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  20. What a great cabinet! It took months to get our oven level again after we put in new flooring...there is always something!

    My DH just called. He did our shopping today but somehow scratched the turkey breast off the list but there is no turkey in the bags...nor on the receipt!

  21. My eyes were drawn to those beautiful green plates, and that flowered canister! I collect dishes in that flowered pattern. That would have come home with me!
    Merry Christmas!

  22. Anonymous4:04 PM EST

    Oh my! That cabinet would have come home with me, room or not. It's gorgeous and so unusual! It would look so pretty with the coloured threads and spools in it.

  23. OMG - love that cabinet!!! where is it??? Do they ship to Australia????

  24. Oh my, I would surely love to have that little cabinet. What a great piece of the cabinetmaker's art. Know what you mean about the Refrigerator. we were walking through our new house and looked at where the frige was supposed to go. Sure didn't look tall enough. Need to bring out a tape measure tomorrow. They had the specs for the appliances.

  25. Maybe ribbon rolls on the bottom shelf?? mighty nice!!

  26. I have a smaller sewing box like that one. My mother in law gave it to me years and years ago; it's covered in black silky fabric with pink roses. Eventually I outgrew it and now store everything in plastic stacking boxes in a small cupboard but I still have the sewing box packed away. I always had trouble with the latch coming undone when you picked it up by the handle on the lid - probably because it was stuffed so full it was too heavy.

    That cabinet is genius! Just the thing to go by my chair in the den. If my late father-in-law was still with us I would hope he could build one for me - he was a great woodworker. The furniture he built is all around our house and reminds us of him daily, especially the grandfather clock.

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  28. I have a similar cabinet. It has the top drawer and the tray with the dowels. No lower level under the dowel section.It had a lot of paint on it and I started stripping it but for some reason I stopped and never got back to it. I came across it last week and decided to sell it on Craigslist as is for $10. I hope the person who wants it finishes it and loves it. I always wondered exactly what it is. I think the dowels are for those little balls of yarn they make doilies out of. Can't believe you had that picture today.


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