Monday, December 03, 2012

Shout-Out on Shirley!

There is a very busy group of women on my yahoogroups.com email list, QuiltvilleChat!

I caught a thread reading the digest that came through last night to see that they were having a “Fess Up!”

What is a “Fess Up”, you ask?

Someone posted the question to see who had done the most of my quilts….and WOW!  I was floored, and ecstatic --- and very thrilled to see that so many had sewn up their scraps into several of the quilts found on my website, books, or magazine issues!

One quilter that comes to mind is near and dear to my heart – and she doesn’t know that I’m writing this post, and I hope she is okay with it!

I just ENJOYED seeing her quilts all in one post on her blog , Shirley Ann’s Heart---and I know you’ll enjoy them also.

You will also find what inspired the challenge – Shirley, known as SAO by her friends, has thrown down the gauntlet in response to  a post made by Wraggedy Patches who shares her Quiltville quilts on her blog as well!

Well done, ladies, well done!

If you have some time, go take a look and leave them a comment ---

My morning has been full of re-sewing the pieced borders for a quilt I’ve been busy with for a while..The borders I put on yesterday just did not do what I wanted them to do for the quilt, so last night they came off.  Today we try again!

I’m taking a break to get a batch of mail-order out before the Post Office closes at 4:30pm --- I just went outside and it is 68 degrees out there!!  It’s GLORIOUS!

What in the heck am I doing in the basement on a day like this?  I think after the post office run I’m going to be spending the rest of the daylight OUTSIDE.

However your Monday goes, I hope you are enjoying it!


  1. Desrheart Shirley inspires and encourages all of us!!!!!¡!!!!!¡!!!

  2. Anonymous2:18 PM EST

    I'm really enjoying that thread, so many beautiful FINISHED quilts! I have started many of your designs but only have a few finished - mostly crib quilts, with several flimsies awaiting quilting. What an adventure you are taking us on!

  3. SAO blows me away too. Darn...I need to gather up my own photos of the quilts I have made from your patterns...I am sure I would be a close second to SAO.
    XOXOXO Subee it is 60 degrees here too!

  4. WOW all those quilts!
    as for Easy street, I was able to obtain the easy angle and companion ruler. Joann's site said they only had the one, so I ordered the other on line. when I got to Joanns today, I found they had both!!!! I was able to get home in time to cancel the other order. TG they were running behind. Now I have to get my Behind working on those flying geese!!!!!

  5. Just home from work. And nearly dark here. NO time to do any trimming today. Hopefully tonight while watching The Voice.

  6. Those two girls are absolutely amazing. I'm retiring in June - maybe I can catch up!! I only have 5-6 done now but have two going as leaders/enders. Sue K

  7. Bonnie - I am GOBSMACKED (my new favorite word).....honored to be on YOUR BLOG. You have given me so many MILLIONS of hours of quilting inspiration. BTW I learned GOBSMACKED from another Quiltville friend EIGHT COW WOMAN (isn't that just the BEST e-mail address ever???).......oh the fun you have and the people you meet when you journey down Quiltville Street. :):)

    Thanks Bonnie!

  8. Thank you from me too, Bonnie. I was shocked to see my quilt, and so happy. Thank you for all the happy excitement of participating in your mysteries and waiting expectantly for the next clue, and for the always beautiful patterns at the end of the waits.

    1. PS If my counting is correct Amy from Amy's Passions has about 20. http://skattebo-skattebo.blogspot.com/p/my-bonnie-patterns.html

  9. I wish I didn't have to work today, it was so nice. However, I came home to not one but two packets of fabric that I had ordered recently and a bee block. Made me so happy.

  10. Hi Bonnie - you sure have the neatest friends anywhere, don't you? Really enjoyed these two blogs - so many of your beautiful patterns, and Shirley doing two of them! Verrrry interesting! Carol in Arkansas

  11. Seeing the wonderful post by Shirley (and similar by other online quilters) I decided to tally up the quilts I had made from your patterns. I've just posted pictures on my blog of the 17 quilts I've made from your patterns - I suprised myself!! Thanks for all your great patterns and inspiration over the years :)


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