Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the World Day?!

I’m off to the post office and then off to Lowes ---DH is off work from now until after New Years, and Mr Fix it has plans to replace the dining room blinds!

They used to be just those cheap metal ones---we want to replace them with the plantation type blinds that are in the front room so they will match.

These are all the orders from my Etsy Book & Pattern clearance sale from the other day!  There are still a few cute patterns and stuff left HERE.

Off they go ---with it being this close to Christmas, I’m not sure they will get to their destinations BEFORE Christmas, but they are on their way.

And since I am posting this message…how about THIS funny:


Thanks to Diana for sending this to my email!

Anyone bringing fabric to my house better hurry up -- there is less than 12 hours left of December 20th!

Who knows what other kind of trouble we can get ourselves up to at Lowes??  There is talk of redoing the kitchen vinyl flooring ----but if we do that, I want to replace the bathroom floorings too…and then that project goes right into another one!

I really want to shop quickly, and come home and quilt!

Enjoy your afternoon, everyone!  See you at 9pm Eastern tonight for Quilt-Cam!


  1. Bonnie: a lot of my geese are surely, well, shall we say "challenged"....but as I am an equal opportunity goosegirl, they will all fly together. They are an unruly "wild" bunch....loving your mystery--my first....Julierose

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM EST

    Hope you are well cleansed! as I am and back to normal Am busy printing the EAsy Street mystery and love your live webcams when I get to watch them Am a subscriber to Quiltmaker magazine so would be nice to have the charm pack though and must go back and re read the magazine Too little time too much to do thing is happening at my house. Merry Christmas!

  3. Maybe you should post part 5 today...just in case! I finished part 4, and now to sew up a pair if pj pants and a pot holder, which are Christmas gifts.

  4. Enjoy the time out! Don't let traffic and the large amount of people get you down!!! Stay safe out there!

    Will look for Part 5 in the morning!

  5. Yep, home improvement projects so often lead to scope creep, as we call it in the Project Management biz.

    A friend recently decided to replace the knobs on her kitchen cabinets. That led to painting the entire kitchen (including cabinets) and refinishing the wood floor!

  6. Have fun! Do you remember reading the book, "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" to your boys? Id say the hubster and you are headed for mouse cookie mode.

  7. Looking forward to Quiltcam. Thanks for the giveaway...good luck to all.

  8. Yep, you've got the reno daisy chain effect going. One thing leads to another, leads to another. And in my case leads to the whole house being a work in progress. Anyday now we will finish something..really anyday.

  9. well, if today is the last day at least I had one more birthday and will enjoy it until midnight, Last year my grandson said Happy
    Birthday Gramma, when I said thank you he said because it is your last. Well, guess that didnt come true as today is my birthday, as I suppose the 21st will not be the last day either. How about set your clue #5 to upload automatically just incase, lol Hope you enjoy your day and tell your son Congratulations!!

  10. have fun shopping, glad you are feeling better! see you tonight!

  11. Anonymous3:53 PM EST

    POST OFFICE ALARM: ChaChing ChaChing Bonnie is coming....The registers are ringing. LOL

    Today, nasty, wet and cold, is the perfect Bonnie-Cutup day here. Cut scraps into sized pieces about all day. Feels so acommpished.
    NOw I canmake even more quilts...

    John has surgery FEb 1 ... alot of home-time after. Perfect quilting time...winter and have to be home!!!!

    Smiles, Julie

  12. Anonymous3:56 PM EST

    It's already the 21st here in Australia and we are still alive and kicking ;-) Looking forward to clue 5 of ES and doing a bit of hand quilting today.

  13. It's amazing how one project leads right into another, which leads into another,which..., isn't it?

  14. Way to go Bonnie, you do such a great job you deserve it!! I am checking out the magazine right away.

  15. We have been maintaining job security for our Lowes the last couple of months. Our fridge started acting up and the new fridge turned into a kitchen remodel, everything new except the cabinets which are still in great shape. We have been doing the tear down and contractors will come in after the first of the year to do new cabinet tops and a new floor. Goodbye kitchen carpet, hello ceramic tile! It will be nice when it is done but with all the chaos, I did not even get the Christmas decorations out this year. We have bathrooms that need redone and we have some other future ideas, too. Have fun at your Lowes!

  16. I need a new fridge too but I want it to turn into new kitchen cabinets....

  17. If I didnt have to do an early shift tomorrow I would get up for quiltcam, but I dont think the patients would appreciate a sleepy scrub nurse. I am so going to be sewing on saturday though. I have not even started last fridays clue for easy street. Good luck at lowes Bonnie..

  18. Could have used a treadle machine today. High winds and dropping temps from the storm sweeping out of Colorado and across the Midwest. Thankfully here in St. Louis we are far enough south to avoid the major snow and ice. However, the high winds today knocked out our power for most of the day. Couldn't read in the gloom, no sewing or ironing, no cookie baking - so, I cut out and kitted up blocks for quiltcam, then took a long winter's nap as the house (and my hands) were getting really cold with no heat.

  19. Here is the link for the snowflakes for Sandy Hook


  20. Love all your give-aways and your blog is so inspiring!! Thanks! Merry Christmas!!


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