Sunday, January 26, 2014

iPhone-o-Gram! Headed home!

Retreat is done!

We rolled out of camp Beckwith at noon and headed back to Lynn's house for some R&R ((make that a nap!!)) before needing to run a box to FedEx on the way to drop me off at the airport. 

I gave 15 week old Cody a hug and a squeeze and a few kisses. What a sweetheart he is!!

It's been a great trip, but this girl is longing to be home!

Flight boards in 30 minutes. 

Hexies are ready!

Catch you from North Carolina!


Ivani said...

Have a Good flight and welcome home!

Ivani said...
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Jo Caglione said...

God speed my friend:-) It was a great weekend!
I’m recuperating too - 5 days of partying ....whoo whooo

SGarrett said...

Enjoyed the weekend with you!

Kate said...

You look awesome in pink! Great photo! Hope all went well on your trip home.

Gweneth said...

What is the final picture of the scrap pile? All gone? Thanks for sharing the bond of quilters.

Linda said...

Hope you had a good trip home and know you're looking forward to getting to the cabin. Really enjoyed the retreat and your method of teaching and your workshop.