Monday, November 03, 2014

Virtual Cruise with the Williams’s!

Our Ship!

Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas!

Can you believe this thing has an ice skating rink on board?

From Travelocity:

With everything from a rock-climbing wall to an ice-skating rink, Navigator of the Seas is a member of Royal Caribbean International's innovative Voyager Family of ships.
The ship comfortably carries 3,114 passengers, and offers more facilities and entertainment choices than many small cities. Fitness activities, relaxing swimming areas, and nightly entertainment are among this mega ship's many fun options aimed to please all ages.
Sports and fitness offerings include a full basketball/volleyball court, golf simulator, jogging track, rock-climbing wall, in-line skating track, nine-hole miniature golf course, and a top-of-the-line fitness center and spa.
Also, the onboard entertainment complex houses an ice skating rink, which doubles as a TV studio and concert venue. The three pools and whirlpool spas on the ship are surrounded by ample places to soak up some rays, and families will love the outdoor family deck, complete with a waterslide.
The three main dining rooms are connected by a grand, sweeping staircase. Additionally, four other dining areas and restaurants provide more casual options.
After the sun sets, choose between a jazz club, nightclub, golf bar, cigar bar, sports bar, cocktail lounge, aquarium bar (which features several incredible tanks containing colorful fish), champagne bar, and dancing lounge. There are also live performances at ship's very own theatre and games of chance in the Casino Royale.

Of course, not ALL of this means much to those of us who are on board to hang with QUILTERS!!

In an effort to keep you up to date with our cruise while I am away from internet connections and wifi, I want to introduce you to the Williams’s!
I found them on YouTube!
I was searching for virtual tours of the places we are visiting on our cruise, and lo and behold they took the same EXACT cruise a few months back, and posted AWESOME videos…..so guess what?
Until I can post my OWN photos…you’ll be seeing a lot of them! HA!

Meet Daryl & Terri!

Their cruise is also on the Navigator of the Seas and I know you will enjoy their video.

It’s almost like they are my “Flat Stanleys” for the week!

Just wait until you see what else they have to share---

As for us, we have finished Day at Sea #1 which is a class day, followed by tomorrow which is Day #2 at Sea, Class Day as well!

on WEDNESDAY we hit our first port of call…Roatan, Honduras!

Love from the deep blue ---

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  1. Thanks for the Daryl and Terri-eyed views of the ship. That music they set their video to sure is catchy!

  2. Oh YEAH!! I did a quilt cruise with Edyta, Lynne (from KS Troubles) and Sandy Klop on the Oasis! That was ONE BIG SHIP & so much to do..made it hard to focus on quilting with the carousel, zipline, high diving pool and all the other stuff. WOW! I did finish one of the three projects from that cruise!

  3. There is lots to do and see when you're not in quilting class. But please tell me "Happy Happy" isn't still playing around the clock. After 7 days I was ready to pitch the tape overboard! All the same, have a great trip. Hubby and I will be onboard in Feb.

  4. Hope you're all having a grand time. (which I am sure you are!) Ahhh some day. A quilt cruise is definitely on my bucket list. Hubby and I would love to go on the Alaska cruise (he too loves quilting and is a great enabler). Hope you are on one again and things work out for us to be a part of the fun. In the meantime am anxiously awaiting the first clue for this year's mystery.

  5. I laughed when I saw cruising with the Williams's, thought the emails were being personalized, as I am a Williams, too. Are the quilting people fairly close to each other in residence and eating tables, etc. I hope so, it would be so hard not to get lost in the crowd in a city of 3,000+ people. Have Fun!!!
    You will probably want to delete number 2 and 3 comments.

  6. Who is this anonymous boycott american women. Oh Bonnie you are going to have fun with this one. I am sure you haven't deleted this comment because you have no service being out in the sea!!!

  7. Bonnie, you are such a great blogger!! Only you could find videos of a sweet couple that took the same cruise to keep us "in semi-real time" with your experience. You so rock!! Have an awesome time with your students and time with hubby too! Great work environment . . . Just step out on deck to blow the cotton dust off of you!! LOL
    Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX


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