Monday, November 10, 2014

All the Smiling Faces!

This was the view as we left the Galveston pier last Sunday, Nov 2nd for a week long quilting and cruising extravaganda aboard Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas!

There was no way to know ahead of time just what would happen during our time at sea – 96 quilters and 6 instructors plus the wonderful bobbin boys and crew from Citrus Sew & Vac who provided us with brand spanking new Janome Horizon machines ----

We were excited!

Excited to meet NEW friends, to try new things, to see new places!

Many were excited to be on holiday with quilting friends they had met on other excursions and hadn’t seen for a year or more because they live far far away from each other.

Some brought friends, some brought sisters, some brought mothers, and some even brought husbands along to carry all the luggage!


First Sunset at Sea!

The sun was just setting after we had our first meeting in the classrooms, everyone discovering which of 4 groups they would be split up into….we found our places, we planned our attack for the next day – we were raring to go!

As the sun set into a dark blue sea, we made our way to our first meal on the ship…holy moly what a dining room!

It is said that the average cruiser puts on 1.5 lbs per day on a ship…..I was walking every chance I got to prevent that from happening, but you know…it’s hard..when while on that walk you pass by the always open ice cream machine!


These are faces from my first class!  I already miss these ladies!

And there were 94 others too!


Happily making blocks, even with the ship a rockin’!


HI Michele and Irene!  Miss you girls!


Sew Much Fun!

Our second day at sea was the most rough…poor ladies…there were many empty machines as Dramamine put those prone to sea sickness in a drug induced foggy coma….


But the rest of us kept playing with rotary cutters and other sharp instruments!


True Friends!!  Hi girls!


As much as we love the quilts, it is more about the PEOPLE!


These two sisters didn’t kill each other after a week at sea!


And this was only class one!


Oodles of fun!


And don’t forget the mascots!

There will be more photos to come.  This is just day one home for me after nearly 3 weeks on the road so things are a bit hectic at home if you can imagine…..I’m going to spread these out while trying to tackle the 400 emails and all the snail mail and stuff that has piled up.

Oh yeah…Quilt Cam….Wednesday night at 9pm EST.  I should be back to normal by then!

And…if you are interested in knowing WHEN the next cruise will be….think next October 4-11, 2015!  I have a special cruise in the works, with me as the ONLY instructor so instead of many days of many projects…it’s just me and one project all the way!  Stay tuned for more info, this is just starting to percolate beneath the surface as we are in the midst of brainstorming! 

And….I did get up to THIS today…any guesses what this is??

It’s turquoise!

It’s a good Monday Night to spend at home!

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  1. Anonymous7:26 PM EST

    The back for your new mystery quilt??

  2. I love seeing all the happy quilters enjoing their time at sea with you! I was thinking I need to just start saving pennies to go but now that you said there is one with just you--well I am going to do what I can to make it happen! I hope Irene joins in on that one too so I can meet her in person!

  3. Looking forward to seeing all your many quilty sea-trip photos and reading about what you got up to :)

  4. It's got to be the back for your Grand Illusion ... At least that would be my guess!

  5. I'm also guessing the back for Grand Illusion! I remember you showing us the back of Celtic Solstice about the same time last year!!! It's so pretty and you must be happy getting it put together. Welcome home, I loved your guest studio spots and the Williams' videos. They're a hoot.

  6. Yes I agree the back, guess you are planning on Quilting it already so it will be all ready for the big reveal on down the road. Hopefully I will be in your class in Plano on reveal day , like last year! What fun...glad you made it home and get to sleep in your own bed. Traveling is fun but as we all know, There's no place like home.

  7. Put me on a cruise ship and watch the pounds stick to my bod! - 1.5 lbs per day is about right. BUT if you are quilting, you are not able to eat your way through the entire trip.... a very good thing I have to say.

    Still thinking about this A.M. blog quilt studio...wow...

    Looking forward to QuiltCam...arrive home safe and sound... whatever it is you do to relax? Be sure to do just that! Besides, Sadie Jane needs a HUGE Momma hugs and walk.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  8. Looks like a wonderful time. How nice of them to provide you guys with brand new machines to use for the classes! Suggest to the sea sick in your group next time to try Bonine instead. It really helps for the seasickness, but doesn't make you so sleepy. Glad you are home safe an sound. Look forward for your pictures of the trip.

  9. Turquoise! Not an illusion...a tease! My fabric ready for the mystery but as the days stretch out I keep adding and adding and adding...hurry up November 28th.

    Very glad you are home safe and sound. Hug and kiss your family and enjoy being home.

  10. Great pictures Bonnie and such a fun week we had!

  11. Definitely the back to Grand Illusion - prepping for quilting it! I finished my last large quilt project on Sunday night - clearing the decks for the mystery. Though I'll probably launch a small project between now & then! I'll miss Quilt Cam this Wednesday due to dog training, so I'm thankful for the archive! Welcome Home!


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