Friday, November 14, 2014

Turkeys on the Mountain!

It’s a gorgeous but very crisp November Friday up on Buck Mountain!

It was 25 degrees when I took Sadie for her morning walk.  Brrrrr!

We arrived late last night after making a pilgrimage to IKEA for things we need for the cabin, both for Thanksgiving coming up – and for the sewing area here and at home.

It was a frenzy of packing yesterday.  The plan was to Go the 70+ miles to IKEA in Charlotte, which is the wrong direction from the cabin…..and then triangulate ourselves back and drive the 100 miles to the cabin with our haul.  And haul we did!

IKEA is one of those things you just have to experience at least once in your life time.  A lot of it I can leave behind, but some things are just way too good to pass up…

Like this kitchen island I’ve been longing for to use as a cutting table for years now….and every time I was about to purchase it, I’d second guess myself saying that what I had was already good enough.

I currently use a 6 foot plastic folding table at home, and a repurposed and up-on-bed-risers table at the cabin.

Check this out:


Perfect counter height – and storage to boot!

With my new found love of Power Purging and organizing, this is going to be great.

Thank heavens for the van!


Shamu with second row seats removed, and 3rd row stowed for extra hauling!

You know how it goes…if you’ve got the room to haul it, fill it full and get it done! 

How much IKEA stuff can one Shamu hold?  Dining room table and 6 chairs!  Queen Size iron bed frame, headboard and footboard!  One Billy Bookcase with two glass doors, and the two kitchen island cutting tables.

And if that isn’t fun enough?  You get to assemble it all yourselves!  HA!  So that is what will be going on here this weekend.

As for the TURKEYS?


Photo through the window screen!

There were at least a dozen huge turkeys in the front yard at the cabin this morning!  Of course I wanted a better view, so I headed upstairs to the main level and went out on the front porch:


I scared them off! 


All flying away!


Just a bit of autumn color left up here….most trees are bare now….

I didn’t mean to scare them off --  just wanted a better photo!  But I’m sure they will be back, they know where the deer corn is!

Now…back to plan A ---I am teaching in Wilkesboro tomorrow, the closest town to the cabin.  Sounds perfect right?  I’d head down the mountain tomorrow morning, teach in Wilkesboro, come back up for a birthday party a neighbor is having and then head home on Sunday – in the interim I’d SEW!  ((What a novel idea!))

I packed up all the books and supplies I needed for the workshop.  I was on a roll!

Guess what I remembered that I had forgotten when we had just about reached the cabin?

THE QUILT I AM TEACHING!  And the quilt stand.

And the power cord to my laptop.

THIS TURKEY will be heading back down to home this evening, grab what she needs, stay the night at home, and drive back up to Wilkesboro in the morning to teach my class, bringing all that she had forgotten with her, still make it to the birthday party on Saturday night and still have Sunday night to spend at the cabin.

It’s a good thing that home is only 90 minutes away.  I can’t believe I was SO brain dead.

But this morning and this afternoon there will be much IKEA Assembly going on at Quilt Villa.

And maybe more turkeys…hopefully of the BIRD kind, not the human forgetful kind!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. I have that same Ikea piece for my cutting table and I love it….So much storage!

  2. Hi Bonnie
    Oh man, I hate it when I forget things like that! I taught a mini workshop on Weds. I had stuff prepped, class samples made a month ago. I was pretty sure I was set and I put it all aside for some sewing. Then as Weds was coming up I was stressing if I had everything and it wasn't all in one spot. All went well though and I pulled it off.
    Sorry you forgot your things needed and now have to put the miles on. Hope your day is good.

  3. WOW!!! what a view!! I would love to wake up to colors every day!!!!
    I need to find an IKEA store! :-) enjoy your time on Buck Mountain

  4. Anonymous9:15 AM EST

    Last summer,we had a flock of 20 turkeys, 4 adults and the rest youngins'. They came around nearly everyday getting the blackberries and whatever they could find. They looked like vacuum cleaners. Anyway, they were my inspiration to make your talkin' turkey pattern as one of the several quilts I am making following RSC14 on soscrappy. It will be gorgeous!

  5. My Shamu is a Gray Whale. Got a whole set of base cabinets from the Habitat Re-Store in it. The guys at the store were amazed!

  6. I love those Ikea tables too. I want to place 2 back to back and make one an ironing surface. Have fun sewing!

  7. Wish we had an Ikea store where I am!! Also have been trying to locate where you told us how many blocks you ended up with from Quilt Cam the other night! Did you post it somewhere that I'm not finding? Take Care

  8. Ah finally you are human and forget things...I am sure we were all thinking you were some super human quilter!!! haha
    You amaze me with all you do so you are allowed to be forgetful every now and again!! Enjoy your weekend and love the haul you got at IKEA!

  9. I bought the same table as my cutting table 2 years ago. It is fantastic! Bolts of fabric/interfacing fit perfectly on the shelves. Talked myself out of the matching 12 drawer unit while Ikea still made it. Kcking myself for that decision. Enjoy your new table.

  10. I have it from personal experience that putting together IKEA furniture can sometimes be a pain in the butt but I do like that Island :)

  11. Enjoy your weekend at the cabin! What a wonderful looking area!

  12. Those shelves look perfect for Stash Users totes! I wonder what you will store there? Glad you got your to-do list mostly done. What quilt are you teaching? Have fun!

  13. Those shelves look perfect for Stash Users totes! I wonder what you will store there? Glad you got your to-do list mostly done. What quilt are you teaching? Have fun!

  14. Love the table/cutting counter. Looks like I need to find an IKEA store. Thanks for all you do for us and the great ideas you share. Hope your day is going great even though you have to drive back home to get your class supplies. Hugs to you.

  15. Hey Bonnie...Listen, I have to write myself a list if I wan 3 things FOR ME when we go shopping because in the malestrom of getting stuff for the family to eat etc, I usually forget atleast 2 of 'my' things ggg Crossed fingers that all your IKEA stuff will be together when you get back :)

  16. How you keep it all together and organized with all your irons in the fire is a mystery even to me (and I am a master of such things!),..you are no turkey! :)

  17. Love the cabinet. What's the name/brand? MIght have to check that one out next time I head toward Philly.

  18. I have that same piece. Perfect height. I have 6 storage boxes with lids that fit perfect underneath. Have fun with it. The drawers are perfect with kitchen dividers in them.

    Counting down to the start of MQ. All my fabric washed, pressed & waiting for 1st clue :-)

  19. I have that same IKEA cabinet as my cutting table - love the storage - a drawer for marking tool, one for rulers, and one for rotary cutters and scissors. I cut down one of those big 36 x 60 cutting mats to fit on top. You'll really enjoy it!

  20. Hmmm, if I could fit wheels underneath, then maybe... IKEA (or the Scandinavian temple, as my husband renamed it, when we lived in Dubai) is only a 20 min drive away. hmmm. And some more plastic containers to go on the open shelves, to finally get a handle on the all the scrapstrips I have been cutting since finding this blog... hmmm...

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!


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