Monday, November 24, 2014

5 Min Power Purge 11/24/2014


This picture happened yesterday.

And I am in a hurry right now to post this because I have a doc check up that I forgot about ---until my alarm on my calendar on the phone went off 5 minutes ago!

I called them – I was bad, I ate a tangerine…I was supposed to be fasting!  They said come anyway --- ((Dang, I hoped I could reschedule!))

SO –my 5 minutes of power purging happened yesterday on the top of my cutting table.

I quilted two quilts before leaving for Indiana, and I had remnants from backing fabric to slice down and put away.

Cutting the leftovers into strips makes them INSTANTLY usable.  Saving them in a box in odd sizes and piece and parts for another day --- does that other day ever come around?

It took just a few minutes to cut these backing left overs into 1.5” 2” and 2.5” strips and put them away, giving me a clean cutting table!


Meanwhile on the other side of the studio!

This was more than a 5 minute power purge, but the hubster assembled the IKEA cutting island for me while I cleaned and vacuumed that side of the studio.  It is PERFECT in every way!


The drawers hold my smaller dies!

Two drawers are still empty – I’m sure they won’t be for long.

The shelves hold my trays and plastic cutting sheets, etc.  The large dies I am still leaving standing on end in a place I have for them.  They are heavy and easier to flip through if they are upright instead of lying down on a shelf where, as we all know how it goes, the one I want the most would always be the one on the BOTTOM, right??

I’m off to the doc – then to do some shopping for all the groceries and stuff we need for the week at Quilt Villa.

I’m heading to the airport this evening at 6pm to pick up my dad and whisk him right away to the mountains ----

If I miss an evening post, you’ll know why!

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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  1. Looks Beautiful Bonnie! very inspiring...Have a Wonderful week with your Loved ones & safe travels..Debra in Ma.

  2. modern medicine, believe it or not a blood draw for sugar can now read three months pattern. Hugs to dad :)

  3. I'll try again. Loved your IKEA table. Wish I had room for one! Watched Quiltcam last night after the fact--always getting invites late!:-)
    Different subject: would you be willing/able to come do a presentation/workshop at our Asheville Quilt Guild sometime in a not too distant future? Would love to have you!

  4. Go slow and have FUN, this is your time off!

    I dream of doing my quilt room in Ikea pieces ... wouldn't that is gorgeous!!!!


  5. dream space there bonnie...i do love that island...works perfect for the cutter...

  6. You're power purges are great! I still have to get it done.... my sewing rom is a mess, but will get there someday. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Yesterday my 5 minute purge turned into a couple of hours. I went through bins of old wrapping paper and crafting stuff that I hadn't used in years. It feels so good to get rid of and open up the space!
    Today I straightened my sewing room so I could get to my quilt rack. I have loaded the back of my Easy Street and now on to the front and batting. This is the largest quilt I have ever quilted. I will keep telling myself just one row a day and I will eventually see the end!

  8. PennyMNQuilter2:10 PM EST

    Way to go girl - keeping everyone motivated even and along with the holidays and your guests arriving. Thank you, Bonnie, for a wonderful year sharing all your experiences with us all. Blessings to you and your family.


  9. Bonnie,
    I'm new to your Blog and very much enjoying your posts and Quiltcams. I'll be doing a sn
    Miller version of the mystery quilt....fabulous colors hooked me in๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. Bonnie could you please share the type of cutter you use?

  11. Have a great Thanksgiving. I am new to your blog and am loving the information and Quilt Cam. I was at the Salvation Army store this last weekend and got a dozen mens shirts for .25 each. Have them deboned and ready to cut into strips. Love your patterns and ideas


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