Saturday, November 29, 2014

Heartfelt Goodbyes, Antique Malls and 5 minute Power Purge!

It’s hard to say good bye to family and send them back clear across the country.

It should be easier in this day and age of air travel ((Even if air travel is a pain in the (*&@#$ and no fun for the traveler!)) but it just isn’t.

However did folks do it 150 years ago where moving coast to coast likely meant never seeing or hugging loved ones ever again?

Before the phone was invented ((not to mention text messages and internet!)) folks had to rely on letters and pony express to receive word of any kind.

How did they survive?

I think of this and realize how lucky we are to be able to communicate the way we do.

Jeff left before we remembered to take this picture, he had to be to work early Friday morning.  Jason left later Friday afternoon -- was that only yesterday?

Dad is safely on his way back, should be arriving in Denver within the next hour or so, and finally on his last leg to Phoenix.

I’ll be seeing him again in January when I go out to teach for the Arizona Quilters Guild, and I’ll tack on a few extra days to spend time with him and my brother and brother’s family.

What does this have to do with the photo you see here?

Well, my favorite antique mall is one exit up from the exit to the airport…so I made a detour on the way home, just to wander quietly by myself.  To process things.  To think, to smile, to gather my wits after caring for a cabin full over the past week.

TODAY starts my “time off vacation”.  Because this past week was work of a different kind as anyone who is a mom or a daughter with a major holiday on her hands knows.

More photos of what I found to follow!  ((Yes, I guess this is a teaser!))

I came home.  I sorted mail.  I updated my website a bit.  I napped.

And then I remembered --- 5 minute power purge!


This is my bedside table!


This is the mess INSIDE my bedside table!


More mess – FANNY PACKS  Um, Bum Bags?!?

Does anyone still use these?


Clean top drawer!


Clean 3 drawers!

I have avoided this chore for years ---the drawers have been messy probably since the time we moved in here ---why did I wait so long?

The red bag in the bottom drawer was a gift, and it holds all of the electric converters and adapters for traveling over seas.  They fit perfectly in there, and I can just grab that bag and go.  Love it! 

The middle drawer has NOTHING in it, and I hope it stays that way!

Now that chore is done, and it feels pretty dang good – I’m going to reward myself by some solo sewing back down in the basement.

And that Cyber Monday Sale thing?  It may come early.  If I can get around to it.  Cross your fingers that I don’t totally screw up the website in the process! HA!

Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous7:56 PM EST

    lindarae@prfirm1.com Yes, I too have family living several hours away from me. I see them once or twice a year. I travel. They are very busy with work and 2 teenagers to see after. Thank goodness for texting, long phone calls and Facebook. Now I guess I'd better find something to throw out. Everything under to 2nd bathroom sink maybe and no pictures to share this time. I'm not that brave. :) Enjoy your Sunday. Linda Rae

  2. NE Oregon here, back tot he basement to sew? You must be home again. Hubby is having a great time on his "new" 301A Singer we got for his Christmas present, never wrapped! He really loves it, thanks for the recommendation! We've got colds in our heads, so fuzzy thinking and lots of napping. He DID thank me for teaching him how to make quilts!

  3. Bonnie, the Charlotte airport (closest to Quiltvilla) or the one in Greensboro (closest to your home)? Asking because I "need" to know where your favorite antique store is. ;-) Happy weekend after Thanksgiving!

    Today, I'm thankful for a clean house, wonderful and loving family and friends, the Grand Illusion Mystery and lots of leftovers! :-D

    my nana maree @ yahoo . com

  4. Great picture! It's easy to see you had a wonderful holiday.

  5. watching OLD ... haha ... quilt cam, again, hand quilting on my whole cloth white quilt center. Hmmm we have a tuxedo cat, black with white paws and white underneath, tail to Addams apple area. Some of her black hair getting quilted into this, and some confusing me with thinking HEY I didn't draw a line there! and then pick off one of her hairs.

  6. Bonnie....you napped??? I'm so happy to hear that you actually took time for yourself. You always seem to be on the go, go, go!
    Thank you for all you do for all of us! I'm still trying to decide if I can fit in the mystery quilt at this time. I have so many UFOs that need me....NOW! But it is so tempting, and I'm weak. :)

  7. I don't care how nerdy they may be...my Husband and I use a Fanny pack if we do theme parks! We love coasters and water rides! So we put things in baggies and YES in a Fanny pack! If they are nerdy...call me a nerd!! ;0)


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