Sunday, November 16, 2014

100 Miles to IKEA….

This afternoon was rescheduled.

Where I had planned to make up for lost sewing time by chaining myself to the sewing nook at the cabin all day – I ended up cutting my day short and headed down from the mountain around 3pm---

One of the doors we bought on Friday was damaged by a forklift, and needed to be exchanged.

This is the BAD thing about IKEA.  It’s 70 miles from my house …and 100 miles from the cabin, making returning anything or making exchanges a daunting prospect.

I’ve only had to return a couple of items in the past 7 years….it’s just that it happened in the span of 3 days, mixed with my own dingleheadedness of leaving the class quilt at home which resulted in a whole LOT of extra driving this weekend.

And there went my sewing time!!


The parking lot was slammed at 4:30pm!


So what’s a girl to do but fortify herself with Swedish meatballs??


The lines were LONGER than long!

I think the entire world was out en force IKEAizing their lives with Thanksgiving a bit more than a week away.

But it was worth it!  Assembly required and all!


New cutting table #1 and Billy bookcase minus doors

((Which are now in the back of my van and will be taken back up for Thanksgiving!))

In time these bead board paneling walls will be replaced with horizontal pine planks as shown in the dining area photo below….it’s on the to-do list!


Dining room table and 6 chairs.


I like!

We just added a few more guests to our Thanksgiving dinner plans, so I picked up 2 more chairs along with the replacement glass door this afternoon.  This table will sit 8 fairly comfortably.


Guest room Queen bed!

The guest room is ready for my Dad to arrive a week from tomorrow!  This is the bed frame we also picked up at IKEA on Friday.  Previously the bed had an ugly pine headboard…bye bye old. hello new!

As much fun as this is, I sure hope there won’t be any more IKEA runs any time soon!!



I did get some sewing done!  I am up to 38 Spider web blocks…with more to come!

It’s just past 8:30pm here.  I’m ready for some jammies and a round of binding will be commencing shortly!

Have a great evening, Everyone!

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  1. Returning things to IKEA sounds like NO FUN to me! I do wish we had an IKEA that was close enough to be reasonable; over 300 miles is just not feasible.

  2. I too wish an IKEA was close but 250 miles? No thank you.

  3. Ahhhhh but those Ikea meatballs make it all worth while, imho! ;o) love the new table..

  4. Looks like everything went together nicely, no extra parts laying around, and you and the hubster are still on speaking terms too! LOL! I'd love to have an IKEA close by, but sadly we don't.

  5. Anonymous10:32 PM EST

    Bonnie, you amaze me at what you are able to accomplish. Love your choices from IKEA - especially the cutting table. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !!! ~Kasey in Charlotte.

  6. The cutting table looks fabulous! I've been to Ikea twice in the last month and a half. We have new curtains in the living room, dining room and master bedroom, along with new dishes storage bins and artwork thanks to them. Love those meatballs!

  7. Love the new furniture! Love the new bed! Gorgeous!

  8. I never knew you could get doors with the billy bookcase. Do you happen to have the page number. I have the book. It going to be nice with those pine walks as is your dining area. So nice.

  9. All your new furniture looks very nice indeed. Especially like the headboard and cutting table. I didn't know that Ikea sold food. We are getting a store in our area here in St.Louis, so it will be my first experience ever venturing into one. Can't wait to see what I've been missing.

  10. Our closest Ikea is 7 hours away, so we check and recheck AND recheck with our purchases :)

  11. Hello our IKEA is just 15 minutes away..... And I think it's funny that the meal looks just as it looks here! And I agree: it is “lecker“!
    Greetings from Germany!

  12. The only IKEA I've been to was in Colorado. M DD #1 has that table. I like the guest bed set all dressed for company. Sorry you had to return stuff and wait in long lines. I'm trying to avoid purchasing gifts so there isn't any returns to be made.

  13. So sorry you had to do so much driving. IKEA is the best for shelves etc. We are lucky to have one fairly close by. Just a 15 minutes drive. We always try to avoid waiting by going there in the early evening. (and yes start with meat balls LOL)

  14. Anonymous8:43 AM EST

    Having an IKEA (yes the one Bonnie visits) within 10 miles is both a blessing and a curse.

  15. Sandy from pennsylvania9:48 AM EST

    You are such an inspiration! Love how you decorated the guest room at your cabin! Can't wait to begin getting our vacation mountain lodge set up for quilting ...thanks for the ikea suggestions!

  16. That is the same kitchen cabinet that I use for my cutting table and storage in my sewing room. With it turned perpendicular I can stand on either side to cut. Plus those wonderful drawers and storage under the drawers.

  17. The cutting table is very nice. I like the planking idea - we are doing the same in our family room over Christmas break. Our pine planks will be painted white. I've read, with a bit of chuckling, of the distances to folks' closest IKEA. I'm over 1600 miles from one; one way. Let's just say I don't drop in very often. Have a great day, all.


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