Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday Blow Out!!

I know it’s not Monday yet, but we are getting a good early start on offering you some awesome deals!

Besides, we don’t want Cyber Monday posts interfering with our Monday Mystery LInk-Up that happens tomorrow – so let’s do this thing early and get it out of the way!

I have marked EVERY ITEM including all books, and my seam guide rulers at 20% off of retail!

This means that I spent a huge amount of time last night redoing my book store just for this sale!

You won’t want to miss the deals ---

For instance, MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders lists for $27.95 and you will find it on my website for $22.36!

EVERYTHING has been dropped 20% off retail!

And better than that..I’m offering flat rate shipping.  All orders under $100.00 ship within the USA for $5.00 no matter your total weight.

And better?

All orders $100.00 and OVER SHIP FREE within the USA!

Want a quick look at what is in the store? Check the left hand side bar of the blog…all the thumbnails are there, and clicking them will take you to my store.


All Prices slashed 20%!!

You will see the retail price next to the title, and the sale price right under the title.

I’ve also added a new title to my listing of favorite books:


Quiltmaker Magazine’s Patch Pals!

Book Description:
Turn simple squares into adorable little quilts! This book from Quiltmaker magazine brings together the first 12 quilts in its Patch Pals series. The quilts are all the same size (40" x 50"), with interchangeable borders that offer lots of variations. A Reader Gallery shows more variations to inspire you, plus Color Your Way diagrams let you experiment with your own fabric color ideas. These quilts will be great gifts for babies and kids, as well as fun lap quilts for all ages. 12 Designs: Ruff Patch; Purr Patch; Beary Patch; Quack Patch; Bunny Patch; Banana Patch; Prickly Patch; Peanut Patch; Hoo Patch; Pokey Patch; Polar Patch; and Jingle Patch.  Retail: 17.99
You can order Patch Pals in my online store for the Cyber Monday price of $14.40!

This is Pokey Patch. See more: http://www.quiltmaker.com/patchpals.html
Pokey Patch!

Jingle Patch from Quiltmaker Nov/Dec '12. Designed by Denise Starck, this is the final quilt in QM's Patch Pals Collection.
Jingle Patch!

Quiltmaker's Patch Pals Collection includes Sly Patch, a crafty fox who weighs in at 40" x 50". Dig into your scraps or get the convenient kit. Find the pattern in QM's July/August '14 issue.
Sly Patch

Quack Patch  Mar/Apr '11
Quack Patch

Quiltmaker's Polar Patch, Nov/Dec '11 issue, quiltandsewshop.com
Polar Patch

Patch Pals from Quiltmaker: This is Hoo Patch from Sept/Oct '11. Still available: http://www.quiltmaker.com/patchpals.html
Hoo Patch

Prickly Patch from QM's Patch Pals Collection. Designed by Denise Starck, made by Peg Spradlin. From Quiltmaker's Jan/Feb '12 issue. http://www.quiltandsewshop.com/product/quiltmaker-january-february-2012-digital-issue/magazines
Prickly Patch

Patch Pals from Quiltmaker: This is Rascal Patch from July/August '13, still on newsstands. http://www.quiltmaker.com/patchpals.html
Rascal Patch

Back Cover with all 12 designs!

At $14.40 that is $1.20 per pattern!

Small Print Stuff:

As this is a CYBER MONDAY SALE, it does not apply to orders mailed in with a check.  This is for ONLINE ORDERS only.

This sale does not apply retroactively on orders you have sent in previously. Orders placed before this post went live are as they are.  I can't go back and refund if you placed your order before today.

Book orders are non-refundable, non exchangeable.

Single Seam guides are available for purchase along WITH any book.  Single seam guides are not sold individually, but can be purchased in a seam guide 6 pack (Also 20% off) without a book order. If you want a seam guide, without a book purchase, your option is to order a 6 pack. You can order as many as you want WITH the purchase of a book!

International Shipping Rates do apply at regular rates, but my international customers still get the savings on the books.  

International customers, click the International Shipping Link in the upper left of the book order page.  You’ll be placing your shipping as an item in your shopping cart. 

We will keep this sale going for ONE WEEK, and the sale will end at 9pm EST Sunday, December 7th.

Ready? Set?

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  1. So glad your leaving your sale open all week I will be ordering on the third. Which book has your scrappy Irish chain in it?

  2. Sandra B1:24 AM EST

    What a wonderful surprise just before Christmas. Thank you Bonnie, 3 books and a seam guide ordered :-D

  3. NICE inventory clear out! great presents for us! Thank you Bonnie!

  4. Neat bargains! Thank you, Bonnie!

  5. What exactly is 'Prickly Patch'? It's clear to me what all the other animals are, but this one has me stumped. my guess would be that it's a short legged, nursing chihuahua climbing a dead christmas tree? But I doubt that's what it is. The small blue square is odd as is the pink triangle and the brown tree branch on the left side of the chihuahua. I've leaned back and squinted, I've looked away then looked back at it, still stumped. I'll probably smack my forehead when I hear the answer. Cats1976mail-stuff @ yahoo.com

  6. Answer first. Re:Prickly Patch
    He's a cute little hedgehog in my eyes! Standing profile, so the pink is his smile, cream is his underbelly and brown are his prickly scrub brush like fur.
    Comment: Thanks Bonnie! It is nice to not only be able to shop for ourselves but steer people to your site for our wish list!

  7. Thank you, Bonnie! Just placed my order. I have been wanting the Patch Animals for ages-my granddaughter loves hedgehogs so that will be my first one!

  8. Thanks for the sale!I've been wanting to give my friends some seam guides and this is a great opportunity to do so. I've also been wanting to buy your newest book and now I've done that too. Now I'm going to go begin the GI mystery.

  9. Thank you for the sale! Just placed my order.

  10. Cathyquilts,that's a porcupine or hedgehog. I laughed out loud at your description.

  11. 6634I just tried to place an order for more than $100 but the form won't let me select USA as a country? Is this a bug? Help, please. Sandy Tracy tracy@xtratyme.com

  12. I have a quilt in the back of the Patch Pal book. ;)

  13. A big thank you for the sale! Took some if the quilt out of buying something for myself...


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