Saturday, November 08, 2014

Sailing Home ---

Our cruise is ending!

I’m sure there will be sad goodbyes and lots of email addresses being exchanged and facebook friending going on.

Promises of staying in touch, and plans for retreating and meeting up when we can wherever we can!

And hopefully lots of “Let’s do the Grand Illuision Mystery together” chatter going on!

It feels weird writing these posts ahead, it’s like the cruise is already over and I haven’t even gotten on board yet!

But we all know that time flies too quickly.

I know it did for the Williams Family!

Let’s check in ONE MORE LAST time to make sure they found themselves safely back home with a wrap up video of their adventures aboard the Navigator of the Seas, the same ship we are sailing on!

Good bye, Terri & Daryl!  It was nice virtually cruising with you! HA!

Seriously, if I ever find myself near where they are, wouldn’t it be fun if I posed for a photo with them?

Tomorrow morning we will be back in Galveston, and a long travel day is ahead --- we’ve got to get to Houston to the airport, and then our flights home.

BUT!  I’ll be back in the land of 4G, Wifi, and internet!  Whoowhooo!  I’ll be able to post back to you in live-time!

I’ll catch you then!

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  1. OMG. I am going to miss the Williams family. I have had such a wonderful time cruising with them from my computer and I think I know them. Looks like they are from Oklahoma or somewhere in the Midwest, thanks Williams Family for sharing your videos with us. To all of Bonnie's cruisers....safe travels everyone.

  2. Oh, what a dilemma!!! While I'm going to miss the Williams's, and I absolutely LOVED seeing all the wonderful sewing studios....I really miss your daily snips and quips (tee hee) hope everyone arrives home safe and gets caught up on their sleep.


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