Sunday, November 30, 2014

A bit of Antiquing Fun!

I antiqued yesterday on my way home from dropping Dad at the airport in Greensboro!

The Antique Market Place is a large facility right off I-40 and most of the time I am in that area It is too early in the morning as I am on my way TO the airport to fly out….or too late, when I fly back in.

Not to mention sometimes wandering an antique mall is something one wants to do when they can take their own time, stop and take as many photos as they want --- hold, fondle, read labels, ponder and just enjoy themselves without the hindrance of anyone else around.

I love solo antique mall time – and so I was glad to get it yesterday in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to spot a treasure in a place crammed with booths and crowded with look-n-seers.

I was hit head on as I entered with the strains of Christmas music filling the air, Christmas trees set up and vintage ornaments decorating the entire place including many of the booths.

Down one aisle I spotted this quilt folded and tucked on the bottom shelf of a wicker table.


Not a lot of room to spread anything out!

I have always loved this traditional block, shown here in this quilt made in the 1930s.


Is this better?  Still crowded!


Check out those fabrics!

Quilts were really few and far between, but I did catch photos of a few more.


A faded 4 patch.


A carpenters wheel ---

I know this quilt has hung around at LEAST 2 years at this mall.  The top is vintage, but the quilt is “newly quilted” and the maker used poly batting inside.  The workmanship is fine, but the feel of that spongy poly batting in it just doesn’t feel right to me.  Still…those stars!

A ton of work went into piecing this top.  I have always loved this pattern too!


Rolling Stone!


These blocks are large, and feature my favorite early 1900s dark and bold colors!


Check out this paisley with this stripe!


I would love to have some of this chocolate brown print!

This quilt had me thinking of combining favorite reproduction prints with recycled shirt fabrics –I just love how classic this quilt is.


More shirt fabrics in a field of light blue chambray.


More on the recycled shirt must-make list!

Can you ever get tired of 9 patches?  I sure can’t!


Things that make my heart stop ---

Having worked with paper pieced hexies over the past 15 years --- I KNOW how much work goes into a mosaic grandmother’s flower garden quilt like this.  This one has been lovingly worn.  Someone likely grew up with this quilt, dreamed many dreams under it, read many books while tucked under it, contemplated and traced fingers around every small hexagonal patch of dress print and feed sack.  Perhaps generations.


WE see these so often that we find them “common place”

But there is nothing common about the amount of work that went into one of these beauties..check out the quilting!
1/4” inside each and every hexie!


More prints.  Sweet quilt!


This is the treasure that came home with me!

I tried these snips on a piece of string and it cut like butter.  I don’t know how old they are, but they came from a plantation in NC by the tag on them.

Will I use them?  Maybe.  Maybe they will just be display.


James Taylor Times Three!

Now I WISH James Taylor could have come home with me ---love him to bits, but it would have to be the real one, and not the 3 vintage glamor shots! Hahaha!

Certainly HE should not be for sale in an antique mall?  I wonder what he would think about it?

My day has been a bit crazy today.  Cyber Monday Sale is in full swing – and it looks like I’ve sold out of some things and will be ordering more tomorrow!  All orders will be fulfilled, even if we have to wait for the warehouse to send me more books.

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My day today!

I’ve almost got the borders on my Box Kite Quilt, and I’ll be loading it in the machine and starting that quilting.

One more quilt for the next book just about off my list.

Reminder:  TOMORROW is our first Mystery Monday Link-up!  Write your blog post, be prepared to come link your blog, flickr photo or pinterest photo directly to mine so we can share your progress in the Grand Illusion Mystery.  I can’t wait to see how you’ve been doing!

Also – TOMORROW EVENING – 9pm EST.  QUILT-CAM!!  YAY!  Be here.  I’ll see you then.  Or you’ll see ME then – or however it goes.  Let’s sew together!

Have a great Sunday Evening, everyone!

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  1. Love the quilts! The snips look really neat to use. I still like my own snips, but it took me a while to learn to use them. Yeah, it sounds crazy but I needed to turn them upside down for them to snip correctly. Having never seen anyone ever use snips, it was a challenge. Usually I don't have any problems understanding how to use things, but those snips....Now, I have got the touch!

  2. Bonnie what is the name of the block in the first quilt. It looks like something I have to try.
    Upstate NY

  3. Love solo brousing time too! Those snips aren't that old, just not cared for. I have 8 pairs in my drapery workroom, they are a very common item in any factory or tailors shop. Recently showing up available to the home sewers, Gingher make a nice pair, but I can get them much cheaper through my factory suppliers. And for Elliot, yes that is actually how you use them, you put your middle finger through the ring and snip with them "upside down" That's how the blades are ground. Very useful and once you get used to them you will use them a lot!
    That grandmas slower garden was pretty, so much work!

  4. That first quilt is the swoon block! http://thimbleblossoms.bigcartel.com/product/swoon-pattern-142-pdf-pattern And we all thought it was "modern"!

  5. My first paying job after babysitting was sewing stays in mens collars at a sewing factory. I made $2.10 an hour + piece work. We all got a pair of nippers like that and they cost $5.00, I still have mine, that was in like 1974 I think, when I was a Sophmore in High School :)

  6. Bonnie, you so have me hookd on these antique malls - I go any chance I get! Still looking for that featherweight that has my name and price on it but maybe one day but in the meantime, have found some really amazing things that have come home to my sewing room. Thanks for the inspiration in all things!!

  7. Think this is where the snips were used. I still have the pair I used when I worked at a local blanket manufacturer. Yes, they are sharp! And I love using them. http://www.textilehistory.org/WhiteOakConeMills.html

    Those quilts are beautiful! I love going antiqueing. Lots of antique stores up here in and around Asheville.

  8. Anonymous9:14 PM EST

    Thanks Colleen, I thought it was the swoon block too! I too have a pair of snips from when I used to do school holiday work in a she factory here many years ago. I still use them today when I'm sewing, they brilliant!

    Rose NZ

  9. Anonymous9:15 PM EST

    ooops she = shoe

    Rose NZ

  10. Anonymous9:22 PM EST

    Your snips might have been used in Cone Mills, known for making denim and corduroy in Greensboro North Carolina. I would look and see if they had a plant called Oak Plant.

  11. Is the first quilt "Castle Wall'? Is the swoon block a modern version of that perhaps?

  12. Bonnie, I believe your snips came from the Cone Mills White Oak plant in Greensboro. There were a couple of Cone plants in my area, but none were referred to as "Oak." Check out: http://www.textilehistory.org/ConeMillsGreensboroNC.html

  13. I believe that first quilt block is also called a Dutch Rose block. I've seen it called both Swoon and Dutch Rose.

  14. The antique trip photos were fun as always, especially the lovely old quilts, but BOX KITE LOOKS AMAZING!!! Sorry for 'shouting'. :) That is turning out to be one gorgeous, vibrant, sparkling quilt.


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