Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quilt-Cam 11/12/2014

This is Joy Miller’s Baby ---Poor guy!  Doesn’t he look neglected??

He reminds me so much of my Buddy, the golden we lost a few years back.  He lived a good long life, and oh how we loved him so!

He was always in the midst of my fabric chaos, just as this guy is!

Joy writes:

Thinking of you today! Sitting and deboning a stack of shirts. My son lost 100 pounds and pulled out shirts to donate. I grabbed the cotton and flannel ones! Too fun! My dog is enjoying the process.
I’ve got a hankering to pull out the scrap strips from recycled clothing as well and put it to good use…

Remember me mentioning that Auntie Bonnie has a baby quilt to make?  I have a nephew on the way, making his debut in January!
And actually, I need TWO Baby quilts…because my friend Harriet is expecting her 2nd baby, another girl…due in December!  We just saw them in Texas just before leaving on the cruise..more on that later.

But for now…I need 9 patches! 

In a hurry!


My bin doesn’t have a lot of variety!

So I ironed out some shirt parts and cut them on the Accuquilt Studio with the 2” die.


Nice and freshly cut!


Always run a test seam!

I had to place a new guide on my machine since the sticky wears off every once in a while due to machine oil and fuzz and lint.  I always run a test seam just to make sure.  Two 2” strips sewn with a proper seam should give me 3.5” across the strip set.  It does!

Now for the real test..add a third strip:


Three 2” strips should equal 5”…and it does!  I’m good to go!


Let’s make these ultra scrappy!

I’ll be here, sewing away on my 1957 Atlas – making strip sets of three, just playing with color and contrast, not thinking light/dark placement…these are everything goes, anywhere it wants to.

Ready to sew with me?  Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed!

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  1. Welcome Home! Soo excited about quilt cam tonight! I will be pressing. I have my CELTIC SOLSTICE into five panels, all of which have to be pressed before they are sewn together...and i hate pressing! thanks for the company!

  2. First timer from Tioga, PA. Nice to "meet" you, Bonnie.

  3. Have you ever considered making string/strip log cabins?

  4. I'm watching! Working on the last border of my Narragansett Blues!

  5. Where did you get the fabulous Holy Scrap shirt?!

  6. loved the quilting rooms. So much inspiration.

  7. Hi from sunny south Australia. My first time catching you live, it's currently 43c or 109f here so I am hibernating in front of the air conditioning, working on wild and goosey blocks. Glad you are back and getting some time for yourself. Keep up the great work ��
    Tanya in Whyalla SA

  8. Nancy Rodriguez9:20 PM EST

    This is my first time watching Quiltcam and i love it!! I am also anxious to start with the MQ!!! BTW, i live in Virginia Beach!!!

  9. Hi Bonnie! Welcome home! Yay Quilt cam! I hope you got my email this morning with my wonky wishes progress/mess! I love that pattern, its awesome! Love your pink sewing machine!

    Julianne-Northern California

  10. Watching you tonight from Michigan while webbing up a 'let's use 'em up' plaid quilt for my son Richie. He asked me when he was getting HIS quilt as his sisters all got theirs! Cant wait to meet you in Lafayette. Picture to follow if I can figure out how to attach it! I'm a technology loser!

  11. Anonymous9:22 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie,
    Welcome home! I am working on Roll roll cotton boll for my son for Christmas. I am looking forward to seeing you in person next Wed in Lafayette, IN and taking the class on Thursday!
    So glad you are having quilt cam tonight. Needed some quilting time and you gave me the perfect excuse!
    See you soon.
    Meg in Michigan

  12. Actually, crocheting tonight, but worked on a t-shirt quilt today. I am using 2.5 squares in between the t-shirt pieces. I think it will be very cute when done.
    P.S. Gonna start my purge tomorrow as well. Have a meatball and some Lingonberry preserves for me when you go to IKEA! Our nearest one is 5 hours away.

  13. Welcome home! So glad to see you on quilt cam. I am making HSTs for a table runner using the Easy Angle ruler for the first time. Watched your video and nailed it first time! Thank you for making it easy to understand.

  14. Hi Bonnie, Thank you for Quilt Cam tonight. It is so much fun. I'm working on Pineapple Crazy blocks, I have 95 done!! I would like to have the quilt done when I see you in June 2015 at the North East Crazy Quilters. Cousin Jill and I are looking forward to the mystery quilt, can't wait. Enjoy your Quilt Villa weekend. Melody from Erie

  15. Oh great! LOL! I have spent a good part of today enjoying "Vintage Quilt Cam" episodes back to last May (I spend much of the summer outside so had missed many episodes)...only to close them off and get here and find...I've missed a live one! Have been working on crumb blocks much of the day; thanks for your wonderful print-friendly tutorial! -- and for all you do!

  16. Yay, I am so glad you are back. Working on mt very first ever quilt for my hubby.

  17. I finally get to watch you live and sew at the same time!! Am working on my Jamestown Landing. So fun. Thanks.

  18. Well Hello!!!! I am in Port Lincoln South Australia and it is LIVE and it is my birthday....it is 13/11/14 here....what a great present.
    Also hello to Tanya Page from Whyalla which is only 2.5 hours from me.

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  21. susan smith9:49 PM EST

    Loving my new vintage machine...a green 185 J... born in 1954 in Canada...and deboning some shirts

  22. Diane in Michigan9:50 PM EST

    Bonnie when you are cutting strips from shirts do you try to keep the design straight or do you just cut them as close as you can?

  23. I forgot to say in my email that the hexies are 1/2"

  24. Hi from sunny Sydney Australia. Enjoying my lunch and hanging out with you and the rest of the girls.


  25. Those will be small 9-patches. I have started your friend Lori"s QAL while I wait for the Grand Illusion. It is using some of my Scrap users system. I even purged a while today. DH is at t Union Mtg. Glad to have Quilt CAM to keep me company. Snow is in our forcast, YUCK!

  26. Anonymous10:04 PM EST

    Working on a denim quilt and the one behind you has some of the other denim colors I haven't included , wasn't sure how to incorporate in mine so thinking that border would be a good place to put the extra scraps!Thanks!!

    Karen in NY

  27. Anonymous10:13 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie, caught live cam yay. It feels wierd watching you in US when President Obama and Putin are only 6 kilometres away from me in Brisbane. G20 lockdown here in our little town and it is hot hot hot. and in winter it is just hot so I have never sewn next to a fire but instead have on sarong and a fan on high Love Wendy

  28. Anonymous11:01 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie,
    Well, I have now joined the ranks of deboning a shirt. The first cut was hard because I kept hearing my mother asking me why I was cutting up a perfectly good shirt, but I managed to do it and I love it! Nice way to pick up fabric for a great price. Glad you had a great cruise and you made it home safely.
    Linda in Mesquite, Texas

  29. A friend of mine gave me some of her husband's Hawaiian shirts so that I could sew them into a quilt. I washed the fabrics but can't seem to get the "scent" out of the fabric. Any tips?

  30. Hi Bonnie,
    This is my first quilt cam night- how fun! I am working on a quilt using only my orphan blocks. The orphan box kind of became a Pandora's box and I found I have enough " orphans" for three small lap quilts! I am looking forward to starting your new mystery quilt....I made one a couple of years ago and I love it! Thanks so much.

    Stella in BC, Canada

  31. My first visit to your Quilt Cam. Love it. You can be sure I'll become a regular viewer. Love your casual style. Have signed up for the mystery quilt starting later this month.

  32. Bonnie, Can you please tell me were to go on this site to find your Mystery Quilt, I would like to buy everything I need befoe the class starts. I have looked everywhere and I don't see anything that says INSTRUTIONS FOR: MYSTERY QUILT
    PLEASE Help!!!!!


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