Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Galaxy-Gram! While Daddy Naps

I know I said I would only be doing hand work this week but while Das took a nap I moved some furniture around in the sewing nook area at the cabin.

The machine had previously faced a wall and that can get rather boring.
There is a nice big TV in the family room side of the basement and I realized that if I turned this around I could entertain myself visually while sewing.

I gave it a test run for just a bit, sewing on some string spider web units while I could get away with it!  Ha!

We've had a great day just relaxing and catching up--

And in the process, Grand Illusion is now bound and I am now stitching down the hanging sleeve. 


One quilt binding done--three more to go.

I am a binding fool!

Just a quick check in from the comfort of my sewing chair with feet up--


  1. I wish my sewing room looked that neat and orderly.

  2. What machine are you using at Quiltvilla?

  3. I think I spy a mystery quilt hanging off the couch in the distance! Can't wait to start.

  4. Gotta Love those Scissors..I'm wearing my Leopard slippers as I type..I even have Leopard Duct tape..I know..I'm a little off..your sewing space is Beautiful...love all the space & the windows are great.

  5. Anonymous8:33 PM EST

    Terri in BC, could it be a jacket?

    Bonnie, I see you share the TV with your husband (and the top of his head!)

  6. The lovely IKEA table looks great in that area. I'm still working out where/how it would fit in my small room. I have the width and need to measure depth so the closet door will open (where all the UFO and swapped blocks are residing).

  7. This is Dad's nap and sewing machine's nap as wel

  8. Check out those fancy-dancy scissors! Love your great space. Have a great Thanksgiving with your dad and family!
    Vickie in Cleveland

  9. 101Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie! Which book is Easy Street in, again?

    Thanks, from Soldotna, AK!

  10. Did I spy newspaper foundation for those webs? Can't wait for the Illusion. I have all my fabrics set aside in their own crate!

  11. I love it! I'm not a fan of putting my machine against a wall! I love to look at something other than a wall! What a great space you have!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

  12. You deserve to have your feet up! Your a very busy gal! I'm having with drawls I haven't got to sew for days! I so miss it when I don't get to sew. It's therapy for your soul. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your Families everyone! Julie

  13. Bonnie, how do you use the phone book pages without getting black fingers and smudges all over the fabric?



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