Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Meanwhile on the Mountain…


Less than 48 hours from now our Grand Illusion Mystery will be up and running!

I wanted to remind everyone of the Grand Illusion Mystery TAB at the top of the blog.

All of the links to all the parts, and the Mystery Monday Link-Ups will be found there and will stay there until retirement.

Please, before sending an email with a question, or asking questions on our Open Studio Group or on facebook, or even a personal message on facebook with a question about the mystery --- please read the files.  All the info is there.  Go through it – often.

There is a lot of this going on here at Quilt Villa this weekend:


Sadie has found her spot right next to Grandpa Bill!

She’s no dummy –she knows a good thing when she sees one, and there are lots of pets and scratches and tummy rubs going on!

I spent some time yesterday while Dad was napping – I posted some Galaxy-Gram quickie photos last night from the comfort of my binding chair.

In an HOUR I sewed this:


8 block quarters trimmed and ready!


Photos of trimming.

When trimming these units I like to use an oversized square.  This one is a 12.5”

The use of this ruler ensures that I do get a SQUARE corner, because those angles have to be just right if I don’t want volcanoes when I join the triangles into blocks.

And so I don’t need to use TWO rulers, one for the square corner, and one for the long side of the triangle, I go big.  One ruler does the job:


Just longer than that hypotenuse!


Making progress!

I also made progress on THIS:


Binding is done, sleeve is done, label is signed!



It’s cold and rainy up here on the mountain, and just above us – the Blue Ridge and beyond are getting snow.  I love being just part way up the mountain because most of the snow just misses us.  We can look across and see the snow line, but we don’t get the worst of it.

It’s a good day for staying in and enjoying each other’s company.  There will be some baking today and more binding ----

The mystery (A different one!) I’m teaching in Plano for New Year’s needs that binding and sleeve/label finished as well.

It’s a week of fine finishes for me up here at Quilt Villa!

Boys arrive tonight….


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  1. Looks like a great time up on the mountain! Enjoy your family and thank you for all you do!!! Can't wait for Friday!

  2. SQUEAL!!! the countdown is on!! #psychedforgrandillusion !!!!! (I don't really tweet but if I did...)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Bonnie! I won't be able to eat a thing in anticipation for clue #1 on Friday.........ohhhhhhhhh..........who are we kidding.........I can eat anything anytime! LOL

  4. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

  5. So glad for you! It is good to do things you love plus have family to enjoy all at the same time! Thanks for all of your love you put into the mystery quilts you share with us. So excited to start on Friday. My Celtic Solstice is pinned and ready to quilt. I am thankful for your time and your love of quilting that is shared and inspires me to do new things. Happy Thanksgiving- K-

  6. Bonnie you are such a tease lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from us up here in Northern Alberta.


  7. 606I'm gathering my fabric and setting up a temporary sewing area. This inbetween making bread for rolls. Have a great day and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  8. It's snowing here in Pennsylvania.
    Last night I was cleaning up my cutting table (folding and sorting many, many scraps) and decided to do an all scrappy Grand Illusion. I loved the colors you picked for this one and I have them in my stash already.

  9. Snowing here in South-Central PA...and we have a day off of school. Got to sew a little on the spools while the grandson is napping.

    Enjoy your family time girlfriend... you deserve it.

    oh and PS... you are such a tease :D

    Love you!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie and family. Sadie and your dad look very cozy :). Cold and windy rain here in Virginia Beach.

  11. You are such a tease. Looking forward to the 28th and the first clue.

  12. Wow you have your Dad's smile! How cool is that! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Anonymous12:16 PM EST

    HA!! I WIN!! When you posted that black and white photo, somebody said "Oh, I have that in blue, so the binding must be blue"..but I said "It came in pink too..I'm betting it's pink!" I win..so we now know 10%..only 90% to go, you tease!!!! Chris Gray Augusta GA chrissybluebird@hotmail.com

  14. Happy Thanksgiving Hunter Family!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I've got most of Thanksgiving dinner cooked and ready for tomorrow and beyond. Let the sewing begin!

  16. Love that binding colour on the MQ!!

  17. Hello from Melbourne Australia.
    Looking forward to the mystery; my 'world' nearly stopped when my sewing machine was not working properly over the weekend but got it fixed now. So I am so ready ! I am thinking that I have to stay up till midnight Friday night to see the first clue. What time is your posting ?

  18. May you and your family have a wonderful Thankgiving.To our many quilt family may you have a blessed day also

  19. Yes Bonnie, Life is very good! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  20. Here is wishing you and your family a wonderful visit, wonderful Smoked Turkey and relaxing times. Enjoy. The countdown has begun... Oh Boy!

  21. Enjoy this beautiful day!
    I'm running a fabric giveaway, would you like to enter?
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie! I am thankful for finding you and your wonderful quilting talents. You have me totally addicted to scraps. There is definitely a family resemblance...hug your handsome dad and tell him thanks for raising such a wonderful daughter!

  23. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your "boys"!! Enjoy family time and hand stitchin'.

  24. Hi there, Bonnie, Your quilt is beautiful. Thank you for the tip on using the ruler. I noticed the tool beside it with the red handle. Is that a different type of rotary cutter? If so, could you please tell us where we can purchase one? Thank you in advance, for all you do for your readers and the quilting community. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

  25. Oh Bonnie , you tease!!! I know what I'm using for binding and border!!!! We are all primed for the first step! Thanks again for all you do!

  26. Hi Bonnie - it looks like you are using a regular Sharpie instead of one of the expensive permanent fabric markers that seem to dry out too fast. I have tons of Sharpies around - no idea why I never thought of it but now I think I might make more labels this way...


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