Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Studio Tour, Day 2! Meet Elizabeth!

I am thrilled with the response from everyone WILLING to share photos of their sewing space for these posts while I am away on a quilt cruise!

I told everyone they didn’t need to be fancy, or even CLEAN – just share with us where you sew, what your space is like and perhaps a project you are currently working on.

Help us get to know YOU better!

Elizabeth stepped right up to bat and sent me the following along with her photos:

hi bonnie,
here are some pics of my sewing room...i'm just starting to quilt an autumn wall hanging that i made in collaboration with my mother (she appliques)...my stash, partly organized already with 'projects in line'...and lastly, my design wall with my most recently finished project
pretty humble space...all kind of pieced together...but i love it here!
 Can't wait to see everyone else's rooms!
enjoy your travels...and return safely!
love, ela
Thank you for sharing with us!  Your space is wonderfully yours, and your recent project..wow!
When I was first married, I sewed at the kitchen table in a rented apartment. The first home we owned was a single wide mobile home on rented land.  I kept my supplies and fabric in a closet, and in boxes under beds.  I sewed at the kitchen table until dinner time and then all had to be put away to feed family.  It would come back out again as soon as kids left for school and breakfast was put away.
There are more studio photos to come, and I have something special planned for our evening posts..just wait until you see!
By the time this posts we are somewhere between Galveston and Honduras!
There is a way to sew wherever you are with whatever space you call your own!

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  1. Elizabeth would you be willing to share the name of the pattern and designer of your latest project? Love it!

  2. hi mellie...this pattern is called Aspen Glow by a young designer (shelley cavanna?) at CorasQuilts

  3. Elizabeth has a great space...and makes wonderful quilts. I am wondering about the pattern name of the large quilt? Is Aspen Glow the Fall looking one at the sewing machine?
    Thanks Bonnie

  4. Elizabeth I love the project on the wall and even more now that I know the name! LOL! Thanks for sharing. Very nice quilt!
    I think we all might of started at the kitchen table! I think mine lasted longer than it should have! haha! But I like to be where the family is so I didn't mind. :) Now that my nest is empty I've taken over the entire downstairs family room...fireplace and all. It started just in one corner but then migrated. I love it...it's my quilt cave! And if I need to get up and stretch I can play a game of pool or throw some darts or get on that dusty thingy in the corner...what was it called...the elliptical! haha! Lets see if the treadmill ran my sewing machine would I sew as often!...of course I would!!! Can't you picture the belt running under my chair...bahaha! :) Sorry...I have the gift of gab and apparently too much coffee this morning! Have a happy day and Bonnie happy sailing and sewing! :)

  5. Hi Elizabeth--I began quilting in our raised ranch unfinished basement next to the oil burner and my husband's work table; cement flooring--just a little nook between exposed studs. Even then I knew this would be a lifelong pursuit--I used to make myself be sure the house was clean and not messy before I would let myself sew! LOL or the house would've been a pit for sure!! Thanks for sharing your space--love this Bonnie hugs, Julierose

  6. hi julie...the pattern of the larger quilt on the wall is Alpen Glow...i posted the finished autumn hanging (that i am working on in the pic) in the Open Studio today

  7. I LOVE that people are sharing their spaces. We are purchasing a home and I will have a full room (16x13) just for me and my quilting!!! I am getting so many ideas. I am now using a Workbox so I will have walls and cabinets and a cutting table. I'll be sure to do a video once we get in and I start setting things up!

  8. Hi Elizabeth: Your sewing room looks so much like mine and I love mine too. I am intrigued w/the fall wall hanging you were working on. I went to Craftsy for the pattern and it was just the one leaf.
    Did your Mom applique each leaf on a batik background block? Thanks for sharing. Jackie

  9. Elizabeth,
    I found the Aspen Glow pattern on Etsy - downloadable .pdf. LOVE IT!! Thanks so much for sharing.


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