Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Michele & the Decoupage 301 Case!

Michele sent along photos of her re-do of a really junky Singer 301 trapezoid case!
These cases are distinctive – when you find one you will know what is in it – totally 1950s!

But the old ones can be stained and rather nasty, so the way she worked this one over is completely awesome and gives it new life!
She writes:
Hi Bonnie,

Just  wanted to show you my 301 case, that I did, since
reading about it on your blog.

This case was a total mess...dirty....ripped....inside stunk!I covered the outside with cut out pictures from quilt magazines...
used a lot of good sayings too...lots of pictures of sewing notions and
of course, lots of quilts.
The  inside was a mess....the beige vinyl was ripped out and I removed all the brackets and wood supports.  I put in New, bright cobalt blue vinyl and then added back all the brackets. 
Smelly problem solved!


Re-covered 301 case!  FUN!

I love this case now....and have received many compliments on it too. 
The 301 needed some professional work, but she is now sewing beautifully.

I have a featherweight case that needs help, but might just do
the inside....outside is pretty clean.

Thanks for all the great free stuff and your excellent blog...I've got a few of my quilt friends hooked and reading your blog every day....we are soooo looking forward to Grand Illusion too...4 of us will be making it together and sharing fabrics.

Have a great trip---be safe!

Mish Kopack in NJ

Another one of the many, hopeless scrap-a-holics......
To make lots of quilts, is to have lots of scraps----and I do!  I do!
Thanks for sending in your photos, Michele! So looking forward to sharing Grand Illusion with you and your quilt peeps!

If you want to try your hand at up-doing an old yucky beat up case, follow the Decoupage Tutorial found HERE!

Tomorrow morning we make our first port of call – Roatan Honduras!

There will be loads of photos upon my return to the land of internet, wifi and 4G!

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  1. Anonymous7:48 PM EST

    Ooh, I really wanted to see the inside.

  2. Anonymous12:31 AM EST

    This is such a fun thing to do with something that died. Just gave it new life!
    Looking forward to your travel blog. Living life with Bonnie is such a joy!

  3. i realy wanted to see the inside :)


  4. Absolutely beautiful re-do but I too want to see the lovely cobalt blue interior!!!


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