Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Keep the Kids Quilting!

This photo is from last Saturday’s class in Wilkesboro, North Carolina!

Here I am with Candy and her 13 year old daughter Rickylee.

I really enjoy having young quilters in my classes.

Let me tell you, it is often easier to get a new quilter sewing right and sewing better and experiencing great results than trying to get a long time stuck-in-bad-habits quilter to change his or her ways!

“I’ve always done it that way!”

“It’s close enough”

“So and so other instructor taught us THIS way…”

I’m not saying my way is the only way, and I know that unlearning ways of doing things and relearning another way is just hard for some of us.

But give me a NEW quilter and things happen!  They are eager to learn, ready to listen, anxious to try, and they aren’t second guessing what the teacher is saying, believing they have a better way around things.

To put it simply….young or old, new quilters TRUST ME!

During quilt cam last night Candy sent a photo of how far Rickylee has come on her Pineapple Blossom quilt since Saturday’s class:


Wow!  Just look at this girl SEW!

Candy writes:

After the workshop with Bonnie Saturday, Rickylee wanted to do the rest of the blocks for Pineapple blossom on her own.
Feeling sick and sore throat and no voice I left her home today from school.
This is what I found hanging on the wall in our quilting space. Did she play hookie to quilt??
Proud Momma!

There is definitely something going on around these parts, because The Hubster has been down with cold/sore throat since Friday.  He did go to work today so hopefully is on the mend and I hope Ricklylee is back to her normal self soon!
However, I think quilting is a good way to spend one’s down time while working through a cold or flu as long as you can sit upright!  Much better than mindless tv or video games.
You rock, Rickylee!
You can find the free pattern for Pineapple Blossom under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.
Introducing Molly from Adelaide, Australia!
Molly is shown here with a lovely ribbon on her entry for Happy Scrappy Houses!
Her grandmama Sheila writes:
Hi Bonnie, a little while back i asked your permission for my granddaughter to exhibit her quilt made from your pattern “Happy Scrappy Houses”.
I have attached a photo of her at our Festival of quilts last week. As you can see she has been awarded a red 2nd place rosette in the junior under 12 section.
Molly is 9 years old and took 2 years to complete the top. 
She chose all the fabrics from my scrap boxes ( some of them left from the 90’s) and spent a lot of time balancing the colour placement in the houses and their wonky settings.
She did some fussy cutting in some of the windows, having people and birds, one has an alien peering out of them . Some of the houses have dogs or cats and even a girl on a scooter, she had a lot of fun choosing those pieces.
Although i  quilted and bound it she did direct me all the way, choosing double straight lines in a variegated thread for the black sashing and a green , loose, spineless feather for the outer border. The houses were simply ditch stitched.
It was a lot of fun working with her on this project , i think she is already planning the next one.

Congrats Molly!!!  You did a beautiful job and I can’t wait to see what comes up next!

You can find the free pattern for Happy Scrappy Houses under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Something I’m really excited about!!

Photo: Good morning! Blog tour week is finally here. Please visit Quilty Pleasures for ideas, giveaways and FUN! http://www.quiltmaker.com/blogs/quiltypleasures/

Check out the Quiltmaker Magazine website and Quilty Pleasures blog for all of the goodies happening!

My day to participate is THURSDAY!

Can you guess which block is mine on the cover?  HA!!

I’m writing my post today because I fly to Indiana early tomorrow morning.  The post will be ready to post Thursday morning and there is a GREAT GIVEAWAY happening here on the blog, so you’ll want to be sure to come back and enter!

Today is not that exciting for me, and just that fact makes me SO HAPPY to be doing things so normal.  Book orders to the post office. Bank run.  Appointment for car maintenance at 10:30am, ((oh yes, hexies are coming along, who knows how long THAT will take?!)) and back to the sewing machine when I’m done.

Did you catch Quilt-Cam last night?  Check the Quilt-cam tab at the top of the blog for archives if you missed it!  I’m making good headway on that baby quilt.

And, oh yes…5 minutes of Power Purge will be happening somewhere along the line.

One more jewelry cabinet drawer to go through.  I wonder what I’ll unearth that I forgot I even had??

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Hi Bonnie was a great Tuesday here in Australia:) Quilt-Cam was the perfect way to spend time this morning, with loads of inspiration to carry me through the day. Injured my foot this week so was only hand sewing but progress was made. Enjoy your last teaching trip this week and Thanksgiving next week. No Thanksgiving in Aus, but roast vegetables are a must for any large family gathering in my house.

  2. We were proud of our young quilter, Rickylee, Saturday. Her Pineapple Blossom blocks are beautiful. Happy to say that we are fortunate to have three sweet and very talented young quilters in our guild. They love to sew and help with our annual quilt shows.
    Love Molly's Happy Scrappy House quilt. A RED Ribbon! Congratulations.
    Quilt Cam was fun last night. Our family likes sweet potatoes with little toasted marshmellows on top.
    Be safe on your last trip of the season.

  3. Great to see the Pretty quilts from young quilters. You inspire us ALL. I'm still making "Secrets for Christmas" around here until Mystery time. Thanks for having QuiltCAM so I could do some handwork while I watched. Gotta have my Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving, with lots of whipped cream!. The one a Costco isn't too bad either.

  4. I LOVE Rickylee's color placement! When I saw in the earlier posts that she had chosen a dark color for her corners and that she had light logs and dark logs I thought, "I would love to see what that looks like when they all come together. I bet that would have a great dramatic effect." And lo and behold what should appear today, but a picture of how all the blocks look together! The light colored "stars" really pop and it gives it such a neat look! Makes me want to start a Pineapple Blossom quilt. :)

  5. Thanks for Quiltcam last night. Lucky for me, the 4-H Leaders meeting I was supposed to attend was cancelled because of the Winter storm warning. We got and continue to get major lake effect snow here in SW Michigan; most schools are closed today. Anyhoo, during Quiltcam I cut background pieces for some stitchery I'm going to do, finished the binding on a baby quilt to donate, and made some more split 9-patch blocks! Yay!

  6. Love Rickylee's quilt!


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