Saturday, November 29, 2014

Surviving Black Friday!

This is how I have survived Black Friday!

Feet up in my comfy binding chair, enjoying copious amounts of chick flick movies in the company of my dad.

Barbara Streisand in Guilt Trip?  SO FUNNY!

And so poignant as well….makes me think of not only being the mother of adult children ((And still wanting to care for them, because after all I AM their mother!))

And also what it’s like to be the adult middle aged daughter of a father who feels the same way and has ideas for how I should do this, or do that or think this way.

Once you are a child, you are always a child no matter how old you get, and once you are a parent –you will still think you can parent that child as if they are still 12 years old --

It’s a never ending cycle!

And I take it all in and I smile.


The quilt I was binding?


Now Floribunda has been done for over 2 years, and somehow I had forgotten that it was lacking the hand stitching of the binding on one side, and the stitching down of the bottom edge of the hanging sleeve.



Label on and signed!


The full out on the couch shot…

It’s been very cold and windy up here on the mountain, so no good opportunities for outside photo shoots.  You know what?  This is one of my favorite yellow quilts EVER!


I love all of those old florals and how they sparkle against the yellow solids!


I love the border putting those left over strips to good use!


I even love the backing –using orphan blocks to make it big enough!


Paris street scenes….

This fabric is one of those “What the heck am I going to do with this?” pieces that was donated to me……and if it weren’t for using it for a backing I don’t know how else I would have found a home for it. 



I have plans to put this on the guest room bed here at the cabin come Spring.  It’s a Queen size and will fit the new iron frame bed perfectly.

You can find the free block pattern for Florabunda under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.



The binding fest continued into the night as I started going on Carolina Chain.  1 1/2 sides left to bind on that one, do the hanging sleeve and label and I can call this one done too.

There is something special about Dad bringing his daughter a slice of pie with whipped cream so that she didn’t have to get out of her binding chair to get her own.

Thanks, Dad!

We are headed down the mountain this morning to get Dad to the airport on his way home to Arizona.

This week really has flown by far to quickly, can someone please find a way to slow it down?

Things I have planned:

How about Quilt-Cam on Monday night, Dec 1st?  I’ll be home and can do it.  9pm EST, bring a project, watch the blog for more details.

I’m planning on participating in Cyber-Monday, so be watching for THOSE details as well!

Time to get breakfast on, and get this day going ---have a terrific Saturday, everyone!

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  1. You are just too good. This quilt is wonderful, and to think the pattern is free--if only I were still young enough to do more than 4 things at once. It seems every time I see one of your quilts it gives me a tiny idea of how to use it on something I am working on. And yes, you are exactly right about once a mother, always a mother--just the way it is. Enjoy your weekend--gotta get up and get going.

  2. Love the Floribunda quilt. That will make a lovely Spring quilt for your new bed at the cabin. Enjoy your quiet time - you certainly need it! Oh, and if you find the secret of slowing down time, please let me in on the secret! Each week, month and year passes by quicker and quicker and I really cannot believe Christmas is almost upon us again! Seems about 6 months since last Christmas.

  3. Anonymous9:27 AM EST

    While I like this quilt as a whole, I especially love your borders on it!


  4. berrypatch300@sbcglobal.net

    Absolutely love this one!!!

  5. I love the quilt !! So pretty. Glad you had fun with your dad and a nice Thanksgiving.

  6. Indeed, the borders make this quilt POP. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  7. Wow! Very satisfying to have a number of finishes in a row. Its cold here too - Edmonton, Alberta - after 40 cm snow ( most of which is still on my walks and driveway ) it has cleared off and now we are at -30C with windchill -40. Too bad i will be forced to stay indoors, do a little more on the MQ and probably finish hand work on two others that have homes to go to. :)))

  8. Love your quilt Bonnie. I am finishing up my HST units so I can put my units together today for your mystery quilt. Glad you enjoyed your father daughter time with your dad! You deserve it! Thanks for all you do. I am enjoying your mystery quilt again this year. Have a great day!
    Lisa in MN

  9. i'm happy you finished your floribunda binding, brings back memories for me. i made this one for my daughter along with you. best memory was your struggle with the backing directional fabric. keeping it real and wishing i had more special holidays with my parents.

  10. I love your Floribunda Quilt! Yellow is my fav color for quilts. The design of Floribunda especially showcases yellow & is so truly wonderful!Going to participate in my first mystery quilt with you,"Grand Illusions" because I also like yellow with pink in my quilts!This will also be my first scrap quilt! I'm so excited and thank you, Bonnie Hunter!

  11. Questions on the MQ. The computer pictures shows Turquoise in the inside, but on your sewing machine it shows pink in the inside. Which should it be? What should be the finished size for this block?

  12. I love the Floribunda quilt. The Paris fabric for the back is terrific! Paris in the spring....
    Thanks for all you give us with your patterns and instruction and wonderful art!

  13. Speaking of "Floribunda" -- which is gorgeous, by the way! -- and the 4-patches in it...I went to the "Spin those 4-patches" tutorial, thinking I could use it to make my 'Broken Dishes' Grand Illusion units press beautifully. After all, they are a type of 4-patch, no? But...not so much! If I press toward the solid squares in the square+HST combo, and then try to sew them together, the seams are pointing downward, meaning that I can't spin them...or can I? Any advice? Otherwise, I'm having a great time with this mystery so far -- thanks for it and all you do!

  14. This is one of my favorite BH quilts! I hope to make one someday.

  15. Sure love the swirly quilting on Carolina Chain! And the border on Flora u da is the bomb! Got to put that one on the list! Glad you had a great time with family and friends this thanksgiving and that you survived Black Friday! Have a great time off, doing what ever you want I hope!

  16. Beautiful. I might put this on my list. Do you have a tutorial on how you add your labels and what pen to use?

  17. Me, again. I just printed off Floribunda directions. I will probably use a 2.5" square instead of 2". I prefer that size and have many strips already. Maybe in between my grand illusion HST. Thanks again, Bonnie!

  18. Wow I love this quilt...so beautiful. I have been saving flowered fabric for years and years. Not really sure how I was going to display it in a quilt design. I so love the yellow in your quilt. You have inspired me to do something like that too...but lol only after the MQ is done. Working on that today and watching football. Such a fan!!
    Also, family leaving is so hard..my kids don't live close either. I miss them so...a few days is just not long enough.


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