Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cruisin to Cozamel!

Our ship, Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas was completely DWARFED by the Oasis of the Seas, parked right next door!

In fact, it was kind of a weird thing, when awakening – toddling out of bed and to the balcony blinds…throwing them open – only to see a guy on a balcony right across from us sitting there drinking his morning coffee and reading the newspaper!

The last time I was this close to the Oasis was three years ago, on my first cruise teaching for Sew Many Places.  We were in Nassau, Bahamas and we were dwarfed by them THEN too!

How fun to read back to that post from September, 2011 and relive it!  Click HERE to view!

This morning we needed to be off the ship early ---

This day was going to be filled full of Adventure….

Jungle Buggy Style!

 Followed by a snorkeling excursion in the crystal aqua waters of Cozumel.


From our balcony looking down toward Cozumel!


Selfie in our Jungle Buggy Razor!

((Irene and Michelle in the back seat!))


Following our caravan out of the parking lot!

There were about 14 vehicles in all…and we were all following in single file through town to the north side of the island for some off roading fun.


Down city streets!  Viva Mexico!


Half way point break for restrooms!


Holy cow! These things go fast!

We seriously thought our guide was going to take us at a safe granny-=style pace over the dirt roads.  But no…he was ZOOMING!  And we were told we needed to keep up!

And THEN there was MUD!  Luckily I had stowed away my phone by then, but we got pounded!


Sand Critters!

There were some cute and “tame” raccoon looking critters that came around during our break…..wouldn’t you know? they LOVE corn pops!


Got Milk?!?


Great photo ops!  I love the colors in this one!


And the perspective of this dock!


The green of these coconuts against a turquoise sky….


And how this iguana blends into the wall!


Riding along the ocean with an amazing blue sky overhead.


This is northern Cozumel – away from the hustle and bustle of tourist traffic.


Awesome fun day!


Even AFTER the mud!!

Following the Jungle Buggy adventure we went snorkeling – but I don’t have photos of that.  It’s probably a good thing.  At least the 3 of us ladies didn’t want shots of us in swim wear floating around the internet!  But the water felt great, we got the mud washed off and saw many fishes of every color shape and size…..the perfect way to cool down after hot mud rides through the jungle!

Today, over a week later – I’m wishing I was in those warmer balmier climates.  It’s only in the 20s here in NC.  BRRRRRR cold!

I’m on my way back to Wilkesboro to teach a Pineapple Blossom workshop with the Wilkes County Quilters! 

And yes, this time I DO have the quilt.  And the quilt stand.  And the cord to my laptop. 

I’m back up to Quilt Villa this afternoon!

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  1. Love Cozumel and the coral when you go scuba diving there. Better than Hawaii. I took a "discovery dive" class twice in Cozumel and it was the best ever! I think my hubby would love those little ATV's you were zipping around in. He would "HAVE" to be the driver. Hope you got a massage after all that bouncing around!

  2. Nettie Sebastian7:40 AM EST

    Girlies just want a have fun!!!

  3. Perhaps your beautiful photos of Cozumel will inspire next year's Mystery Quilt!

  4. Haha! I didn't even see the iguana at first. After you noted the green color of the coconuts in the previous photo, I was looking at the yellow-green of that plant in front, the chalky grey of the wall and clouds, and the orange-red of the tower behind. I was thinking what a striking, modern color combo that would be for a quilt, and then the crazy iguana almost made me jump when I finally spotted it. So not used to large-ish reptiles just lurking around the neighborhood! :) Looks like you had a super fun day!

  5. We did a similar buggy ride in Cabo San Lucas. It was great! It is always fun to douse the kids with mud.


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