Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some Travel Day Show & Share!

I am Indiana Bound!
I am bundled up like no-bodies business, baby it’s COLD OUTSIDE in Indiana!
I’ll be meeting with the Common Threads Quilters of Lafayette, doing a lecture presentation tonight, and two days of workshops!
Smith Mountain Morning workshop is on Thursday, followed by My Blue Heaven on Friday!  Saturday morning early I return home so it will be a whirlwind of quilty activity while I am there.
I love it when you send me photos of quilts you’ve made, and I thought this morning while I travel would be a good time for me to share what Stephen from London sent in. 
Remember when I showed his patchwork curtains HERE?
I don’t know about you, but I think they are awesome enough to stop calling them CURTAINS and START calling them WINDOW TREATMENTS!

He writes:
Photographed another batch of quilt tops this afternoon, which have been completed over the last year or two, and I thought you might like to have them in reserve for the next time you need filler.


The Star Crazy is the only "non-Bon" in the collection, designed by Sue Garman for TQS a few years ago, and I actually calmed down the palette in this one, from a full-on rainbow to pinks, reds and greens on a white background (just plain muslin) and it may be my only medallion style quilt ever, as I did NOT enjoy getting all those borders to fit!  Outer green one looks wavy and I dread the idea of quilting it!


Blue Ridge Beauty From Adventures with Leaders & Enders  uses a lot of blue South African shwe-shwe fabrics (at least 20 different ones) and many other odds and ends.  I tweaked the pattern slightly to make the ridges run down the middle of each band - it means making up A-blocks and B-blocks, but it wasn't too hard.


Easy Street from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders  is perhaps my least favourite, as I'm not very happy with my choice of colours, but they will make a nice pair of curtains one day.
**Note from me!** I happen to LOVE your Easy Street ---pump it up by bringing some darker navy and green to the outer edge in a border and I think you can finish it off just fine! Forget about using it as WINDOW TREATMENTS!


Last year’s mystery quilt Celtic Solstice has been waiting for months to have the borders added, but they are on just in time for me to start Grand Illusion!  Might still add an outer border of plain dark blue, but that's not a huge job. 
Tweaked the colours, switching pale blue for yellow and purple/lilac for orange, and I plan to do the same for GI too, as I want to use these quilts in the same room - will be interesting to see how the addition of the turquoise jazzes things up!

Thanks again for your endless encouragement and inspiration!
Very best wishes,
Thank you for sharing your love of fabrics and quilts with the rest of us, Stephen! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Next Stop –Indianapolis and on to Lafayette ((Where I"m sure it is too cold to even THINK about Culvers!!))

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  1. I'll see you there...I have been looking forward to this for over a year! I'm sew excited!! Safe travels from Indy.
    Nice quilts Stephen.

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  3. Oh Bonnie, it is NEVER too cold for Culvers! lol Sherry

  4. Too cold for Culver's? Alaskans have the highest per capita consumption of ice cream.

  5. It's never too cold for Culver's--just get hot fudge.

  6. These are beautiful quilts and thank you, Bonnie, for giving us the chance to see them. I always get motivated by your quilts. And, you are the busiest person ever! I will never understand how you do it--travel is so exhausting. Thank you for being you!

  7. Yes, burr, its cold here in Indiana. A car full of gals are driving an hour, a couple of them 1.5 hours south to come to your trunk show tonight. I can't wait to see you again in person. I'm taking your my blue heaven class on Friday. Yeah!

  8. Stephen good job and thanks for sharing!! I love seeing what others are working on! I have a couple "Non Bon's" (LOL!) going too and an Emery's baby blanket ready to quilt and a Queen size Wonky Wishes Stars that is growing to a King...I just finished the blocks and need to add them.
    Safe travels BonBon!!

  9. Stephen,beautifil quilts but remove those green borders and remeasure them,waves not allowed.You will hate yourself if you don't,AMHIK.... Thanks Bonnie for sharing all of Stephens quilts,awesome work. Have a wonderful smiley trip.
    May, Michigan

  10. Beautiful quilts....I like them all. Bonnie it's never too cold for ice cream just chase it with hot tea or hot chocolate later...lol

    Have a fun trip....love from TN

  11. I agree with the others that said it's never too cold for Culver's:)

  12. Welcome to Indiana! Not as cold today as earlier in the week. Wish I was joining you in Lafayette, but did not learn about your visit soon enough to work it into Grandma's babysitting schedule :(

  13. Stay Warm Bonnie. Those quilts are much to Pretty for "curtains" or Window treatments!
    Cold front coming in again tomorrow here, but I'm playing the Glad game like Pollyanna- I'm not in New York!

  14. Wow, Stephen! You are a great quilter! I love all the quilts you shared, they are all so balanced and well done. I particularly like Easy Street because those are my colors. I think it's fantastic! But then, looking back on your other "window treatments," I can only think that it is an honorable thing to hang at your windows, haha! Stay warm, Bonnie! I have a SIL in Indiana and we don't know how she copes with those winters! Bit Indianapolis rocks! (But, not bit) Take care of yourself Bonnie and stay covered up in all those pretty quilts you drag around! I'm off to see if I can figure out what a Culver is :)
    Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  15. Thanks for sharing Stephen's quilts. I love each one.

  16. I love Stephen's Easy Street colors! I was just thinking, 'hey that's the prettiest one I've seen yet' when I read where he said he didn't like it and would cut it up into curtains! PLEASE SEND IT TO ME, Stephen!


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