Saturday, November 08, 2014

Studio Tour Day 6, Meet Debbie!

Today on our Quilter’s Studio Tour is Debbie from Mason, Michigan!

And I’m not sure who the cute little charcoal kitty is, but what a beautiful cat!

It’s been a lot of fun sharing photos from readers with you, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have!

Debbie writes:

Here are pictures of my fabric storage.  The antique barrister bookcases hold my smaller pieces all separated by color. 

The pink bucket holds strings -- time to make a quilt!


Ohh, fabric!

I have my larger pieces in one of the closets, again by color. 


Debbie’s Space!

Solid and 30's fat quarters are displayed in a shoe storage cabinet. 

The drawer units hold my scrap saver system and the tubs hold crumbs divided by light, medium and dark. 

The large top tub holds my fabric for the mystery -- can't wait to start.  I'm currently working on Happily Scrappily Irish. 

Hope to have it done this weekend so I can choose a string project -- so many to choose, which will it be?  I'm leaning toward String X or Spiderweb.

Thanks for sharing your space, Debbie!

Today is our last day on our Quilter’s Caribbean Cruise with Craftours.com A relaxing, open sew kind of day where we can work on the projects started on board or on something of our own.

We can feel free to take handwork up to the deck, or find a quiet spot to read or stitch.  The day is ours to do with as we want.

I’m really glad for this, sometimes I feel like we pack tours too full and there is no time to just sit and enjoy each other.  Thank heavens for ONE SLOW DAY to stitch on whatever we want!

Tonight is our farewell dinner, and tomorrow we will awake back in Galveston and go our separate ways!

If you’d like to travel in the future with me, I do have a couple of tours coming up in 2015.  You’ll find the info for our tour of Tuscany, Italy and of Peru and the Amazon under their tabs at the top of the blog.  Give the itineraries a look-see! I’d love to have you travel with me in the future!

Much love from the Navigator of the Seas ---

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  1. I've enjoyed seeing the different studios. Enjoy your last day at sea!

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM EST

    I have really enjoyed seeing other people's sewing spaces. Mine is wildly unorganized, so I like seeing what other people do to handle their stash. I don't normally comment on blogs, but I enjoy yours so much! Keep up the good work.
    As to Mr. Boycott American women, he clearly feels emasculated by intelligent, free thinking and free willed women. Fortunately for him there are far to many places in the world where his mind set would fit in. I encourage him to relocate where he'll be happier :)

  3. love seeing other's work spaces. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I think you have some creepy spam comment............form 'an American man.
    Lovely sewing space BTW.

  5. I have enjoyed seeing the sewing rooms of others. I am trying to get a handle on my sewing spaces. I have my vintage machines in the house in the back 2 bedrooms. I live in a older house and the rooms are small but comfortable. I do my piecing on the vintage machines and then head out to the room over the garage where the serious quilting and cutting is done.I am currently working on my split nine patches and Virginia Bound quilts.I have learned so much from you Bonnie and so glad to have you keep me company via the Quilt Cam. Have a safe trip home. As for the gentleman (ahem) American women are so blessed for him to move on to other cultures more suited to his liking.

  6. Yes Creepy spam, which I totally disagree with. I have loved seeing all these sewing spaces. Thank you so much to those who shared and thank you for sharing with us. Hope your travels home are all care free!

  7. How did that man (?) find this blog? He needs to go away, far away.

  8. Anonymous5:41 AM EST

    I have really enjoyed these studio tours while you have been having a wonderful cruise. It is fun to see other quilter's set ups.

  9. Anonymous9:40 AM EST

    LOVE the studio tours. Don't want them to end--how about continuing them on a once a week/month basis. Lots of storage and organization ideas.
    Just a thought...Jane

  10. Anonymous11:20 AM EST

    Could we please see a close-up of the barn quilt in this sewing room? It is absolutely amazing and I am in love!

  11. its a fabric??



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