Friday, November 14, 2014

….And She Drove All the Way Home!

I should be back up at Quilt Villa with this sweet girl!

This was so funny, I  had my back to Sadie, trying to connect the ipod to Pandora on bluetooth so that I could have music while I sewed in the basement….and I turned around..and she had claimed my comfy chair!

She has NEVER done that…..but I guess she had enough of being on her bed on the cold floor and moved up to warmer more comfy places.

Oh Sadie, you steal my heart…..and now my CHAIR!

Beware though, when I return to the cabin tomorrow afternoon after my Wilkesboro workshop – that chair WILL be mine for adding that next hexie section on to the on-going and eternal hexie project!

I did get some sewing in this morning up to this afternoon when I headed out a bit after 3pm:


Trimming up with my Martelli cutter!

Remember I was trying one at Irene’s a couple weeks ago?  I gave my thoughts on it HERE.  I bought two.  One for the cabin, one for home.  It is less stress on my wrist when doing loads of trimming.

It is a bit different to open the thing than my push down blue dritz cutter – and this one I have to REMEMBER to close, which I didn’t with the dritz…but old dogs CAN learn new tricks if it keeps us able to cut for longer periods of time as we age.


Sewing away!

I think all that IKEA shopping wore The Hubster out….he’s feeling kind of punky today so no assembly was happening of ANY cutting tables or dining room tables or chairs, or billy book cases or guestroom bed frames.  In fact, it’s probably pretty good that I came home to the germ-free zone tonight! 

Not only do I teach tomorrow, but I have ONE MORE big trip this year…..I leave for Indiana on Wednesday, and being in airports and planes puts one in a germ-pool as it is.  I don’t need to be sick before I go.

For those asking about the kitchen islands I bought for cutting tables, you can find the info on the IKEA site HERE. 

VÄRDE Base cabinet, birch/birch veneer
Product dimensions
Depth: 25 5/8 " / 25 5/8 "
Width: 69 1/4 "
Depth: 65 cm / 65 cm
Width: 176 cm


Since no assembly help was needed….I dug into scraps!

And I’ll be back at it again tomorrow, after class, and after a neighbor’s birthday party evening.

And BECAUSE I’m home…..guess what happened?  5 MINUTE POWER PURGE!

Did you get yours done today?  Which area did you choose?

I purged these two drawers while my soup was heating for dinner:


Left of the stove --

You will see ONE tooth brush in there for cleaning around the sink and grout.  Do you know how many old toothbrushes were originally in here?  FIVE!

FIVE!?!?  Yes…five.  Evidently I think that old toothbrushes must be preserved for future generations just in case a whole bus load of folks drop by to clean my grout en masse.

Now they will have to fight over ONE old toothbrush.

I also threw out the old plastic corn holders for corn on the cob.  We NEVER take the time to stick corn holders in the ends of the corn so why bother to have them?

Also …some plastic “Microwave your eggs” cookers kind of things…..never worked well….out they go!


Right of the stove..Odd sized stuff….

I kept two pizza cutters because, just because.  Maybe I don’t trust that the son won’t let one be all dried on with cheese when I need to cut another one. 

Two ice cream scoops for the same reason.  We each have our favorites.  But this drawer is greatly lightened.

All while my soup simmered…..

And tonight..I just might get a couple hours of stitching in!

I’ll be hitting the road bright and early in the morning…7am!

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  1. I tried to purge my kitchen drawers and hubby grabbed up all the extra stuff to take to the local shelter. It's still sitting on the table.

  2. Very nice! Every time I try to throw something away DH takes it back out the trash bin for some reason...but we did work about an hour in the basement cleaning & purging..I'll be moving my sewing room down there so I'll have more space...little by little it'll get done...

  3. I bought one of those kitchen islands from Ikea when we added on a sewing room to our house. It was recommended in the book Creating Your Perfect Sewing Space and I LOVE it. So much storage in those top 3 drawers as well as all the open area below. I'm sure you saw that you can get it with ALL drawers but I figured you can get more in the 2 lower shelves being open. It's just dandy! Top is perfect for cutting. I also bought 4 of the Billy bookcases as 3 stacks of fabric fits perfectly when wrapped around an 8.5" ruler, then folded in half. My sewing room has stayed very well organized with these additions.

  4. I cleaned two closets and cobined the contents into one and now have a clean hall closet that is supposed to be a coat closet. Maybe now it will be! Feeling good!

  5. Sadie is just keeping that chair warm for ya...she will be happy to keep your feet warm for you once you are home.

  6. You make me laugh! I so want to get more time in my sewing room, but all those chores to do around the house kept me away...that is until I discovered Fly Lady! I get her emails all the time and anyone can drop in on me at anytime and everything is neat and tidy! She's got the "27 Fling Boogie!"....getting rid of stuff that you don't need! Now on to quilting thanks to Fly Lady and YOU!

  7. My five minute purge grew today after DS and I broke a book case trying to move it without emptying it first (not recommended). After we repaired the book case I ended up going through every quilt book I own. Most of them are back on the shelf except for a duplicate I found (means you have way too many books)and some I decided I can live without. I believe a few more may move to than category over the next few months.

  8. I like to micro boil my eggs but use just some water and cover with paper towel for less than 1 minute

  9. I've been defrosting and purging from 2 of my freezers - one done, the other one is turned off with cookie sheets on every shelf to catch the drips/ice...tomorrow it will get refilled after my longarm guild meeting! Love making all 4 freezers clean and neat, so I can find what I am looking for immediately!!!

  10. Love your site Bonnie, I'm still organizing my scraps after meeting you last year (or 2 years ago, wow time flies lol) when you came to our guild in Glens Falls NY. Can't wait to start the GI mystery quilt, we are going to have 2 "SEWCIABLES" a month to work on it at my shop, Adirondack Quilts. ~Shannon spduell@gmail.com

  11. Looking forward to meeting you this week in Lafayette. If I had known, I could have picked you up in Indy and driven you up. I hope some of your energy will rub off on me.

  12. I have that same Ikea kitchen island for my cutting table too, and it is fantastic! I also got a bookcase that is the same height and length which is set up behind the island. Works beautifully! I hope you enjoy yours just as much.

  13. Woo Hoo! Just saw your "Addicted To Scraps Starter Pack" over on the Quiltmaker site. This is a great buy...72 fat eights plus More Adventures with Leaders and Enders! Great Holiday Gift idea...hint, hint to the spouses.

  14. I would love the Ikea kitchen island for my sewing room but shipping to the barge lines would be $99.00 plus another $59.00 minimum for the barge company charges. Ugh. The joys of living on an island in SE Alaska. I hope it is still available the next time I get to Seattle.

    I started purging about 3 weeks ago when I returned from a trip to the lower 48. It feels great! I'm cleaning at the same time in preparation for family Christmas dinner at my home this year. And for the first time, I'm going to try to do your mystery quilt! Got to get the Christmas gifts ordered now so I'll have more time to sew!

  15. that kitchen island, er...cutting station is simply the cat's pjs....putting it on my christmas list

  16. Bonnie, I was looking at that cabinet but they want $999 for it in Australia. Link to show you:

    We have a now surplus 1950's or 1960's two drawer desk which my DH has now spray painted and hopefully soon will add two shelves under the drawers and a raised top, counter height, for a pressing and cutting surface for a fraction of the price. I am delighted how this project is processing. BTW it is Spring cleaning time of the year here, freshens everything up for Christmas and Summer.

  17. Maybe Sadie is telling you that she is wanting a bit more comfort in her life, like her own quilt and soft comfy chair :)

    Looking forward to the Grand Illusion mystery along with all my group.

  18. I know dogs so very well.... it isn't the chair is comfy... the chair is covered with YOUR SCENT. How better to get close when you are where she can't find you :) Bless her sweet canine heart!
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  19. My cleaning out for today was bookshelves. I have way too many books!

  20. Sure wish I could get all my kitchen drawers that neat and tidy, have 3 with tools and such in them that need to be weeded out....

  21. Anonymous2:56 PM EST

    971Virginia in Texas Did more purging today. I found 2.5 yd of white on white. It is being divided between MQ and Orca Bay. Uncovered kitchen island and now have a place for cutting. Just in time for MQ cutting. Thanks for the purging idea!

  22. Bravo Bonnie...nice clear drawer. The drawers on either side of my range are waaaaay too full. Thanks for the inspiration, Bonnie. Making a commitment to weeding them out tomorrow at 1:00. I am lucky enough to have two little tip-out drawers near my sink. I keep the cleaning tooth brush in one along with the sink stopper. In the other I keep the peeler,a vegetable scrubbing brush and a can opener. Since I use those things at the sink that's where I keep them. My bottle brush is in a tall vase under the sink. Pizza cutter goes in the knife drawer since it is sharp and I have grandkids.

  23. drawer right of the stove in my house is spices!!! can't wait to see your power purge of your spices..... I did that not long ago and was appalled at how out dated 7/8 of my spices were. A few knives have moved into that drawer. Have not "replaced" the spices that I only use once in five years.

  24. Bonnie, I had to laugh about the multiple old toothbrushes. We are surely soul sisters or something. I have not been able to do any purging yet but you may inspire me yet.



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