Sunday, November 09, 2014

Studio Day 7! Meet Terri!

Meet Terri, a military wife in Florida who has moved with her studio and stash so many times she can barely count them!
She has learned the meaning of the words “If it fits, it ships!” because she has moved at least every couple of years during the time she has been married.
And she has kept the guy!
She writes:
Hi Bonnie
Well, I'm not a great photographer, but here are pics of my studio.  I can resend them if I've shrunk them too much.
We've moved my "sewing stuff" to 10 homes across 7 states and one foreign country during the past 25 years. 
I've had my sewing studio be the kitchen table, a closet under the stairs, the guest room, and in our last three homes I've been blessed to have a space fully my own!

Terri’s piecing area!
Janome 6600
I have a Janome 6600 and a Pfaff (which is put away right now)  and the APQS Millenium just joined me LAST WEEK!  My stash is stored in lovely Ikea cabinets that my dearest hubby assembled when we purchased and  moved into this Florida home.  We think we're done moving...Yay!
Next to my Janome you can see a cute little silver dish, those are my leader-ender pieces for my Oh-mi-Gosh quilt.  They're sitting on a LOVELY little mug rug I received while participating in the Two for Teal Mug Rug Swap through Quilting Hottie Haven - Eva Paige Designs.

Stash cupboards!
Oooh! Pet the fabric!
I am currently trying to finish my Tulip Fields before we start the new mystery.  I have all 72 blocks done, and I'm starting to put the sashing on. But I never have just one project going on.  I have been working on Tulip fields for over a year and it has just recently moved to "primary status" but I also have just recently pulled out some bonus triangles which are from the border of my "MIdnight Flight" and I'm putting them together into Scrap Crystal Blocks.( I'll have 4 Pink and 4 green when I'm done) 
Quilt tops and books!
And you can't see it here but I have a BIG Hexy project going.  I'm making the free pattern from Amy Butler's website for Sexy Hexy Love.   
I imagine folks might notice my wonderful New York Beauty quilt behind my longarm.  (Yes...still not bound)  It is one of four amazing quilts created during a year long  round robin project I did with three Sewing Sisters.  We all met in San Diego over 16 years ago when our babies were small and we all attended Mothers of Pre-schoolers!  Two are still in San Diego, and one is in Cottonwood. 
We had a selection of 9 block patterns and made two blocks per month for a year.  In the end we each had blocks we made for ourselves and blocks made purely from stash of each girlfriend to compliment the blocks we made.  It's a beautiful testament to friendship, love and the power of scraps to tie us together!
Let me at the fabric!
  My Sew-Sisters are now all familiar with Bonnie Hunter, and one is an active participant/addict in the Quiltville Open Studio!
Have a great cruise Bonnie!  Can't wait till you're here to teach in February!
Thanks for sharing your photos of your new, and hopefully FORVER sewing space, Terri!
I’m looking forward to my visit to your group in February – is there a better place to be in Febrary than Florida?? Can’t Wait!
This morning our ship, The Navigator of the Seas docs in Galveston.  We are probably already scrambling to get breakfast and grab our shuttle to Houston and the airport.
As I type this I’m hoping we all had a RELAXING time!!  Because it has already been a blur writing all of these posts a week ahead!
Catch you from home!

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  1. I don't know how you are so good at writing posts so far ahead of time! You are amazing. Thanks for sharing all the sewing spaces of all that you did. Lots of drool over these ladies spaces, lots of virtual fabric petting too.

    Hope you arrive safely back home sometime today. You know I'll check back later in the day. We had our first snowfall last night, 1/4 inch. Winter is coming!

  2. So great to read about all different quilters and their sewing places!
    Have a safe trip home!
    Love from the Netherlands, where we had a great Bonnie-Hunter Demo-day last Saturday! :D
    Love your work!!!!!
    Greetz, Ria.

  3. textile?



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