Monday, November 17, 2014

Quilt-Cam 11/17/14

It’s Quilt-Cam Time!

Yay!  I know it was short notice but we’ve got to get it in here when we can fit it in here…So here we are!

If you are catching this in the archives --- we welcome you too!  That’s what archives are for, right?

This photo is of Ria’s set up – she sent this photo showing her progress on HER Carolina Chain quilt….vintage Singer, and gorgeous quilts in the background.  The blue one has lovely hand quilting on it!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,
Love to see you on Quiltcam again! I'm watching the archieved one from last evening (night for this grandma, who is babysitting today).
And look! I made my first Carolina Chain block and pictured it with my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5. Great!
This phone makes great pictures as well; love it!Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

As for MY Carolina Chain quilt…The quilting is finished and I just need to get the binding on!



The block pattern is from my Addicted to Scraps column with Quiltmaker Magazine!  You can check them all out by clicking the Addicted to Scraps tab at the top of the blog!


This is what I’m working on tonight!


I’m framing up the 9 patches!

I’ve got an idea for setting these that I want to try out.  So come sew with me!

Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed.  Let’s get some stitching in!

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  1. thanks for Quilt Cam tonight! I am adding my last two borders on my Celtic Solstice tonight. Fulfilling my wish to have it completed to finished top before Grand Illusion starts! WHOO HOOO!

    Beth in Arizona

  2. Thanks for giving up your evening to spend time with us. I'm working on finishing pillowcases for operation Christmas child.

  3. So happy to catch a live quiltcam tonight! I'm still truckin' along on my string spiderweb. Love sewing strings! Thanks for all you do!

  4. Anonymous9:10 PM EST

    I Yea! On quilt cam at the start! So glad we are all visiting tonight. I am working on a scrappy quilt for my daughter (who had told me earlier that she was 'done' with quilting things!!). I haven't figured out to attach a photo to this comment....I'll try a different way....! --Connie, from Yreka, California (the real Northern California!)

  5. Still at work on the West Coast, wishing I was home sewing, but I will catch you on YouTube later. So excited for the MQ to start! Thanks for all you do!!! Karen from Foresthill,California

  6. Oh.....Bonnie.....Bonnie......Bonnie.....You've done it again and again....That Carolina Chain is just delicious.....and I can't wait to see what you are doing with this baby quilt! I am sure I will LOVE it too! Thanks for willingly inviting us into your studio with you to be inspired! IKEA coming to St. Louis SOOOOOON!!!!!

  7. I am so happy you could squeeze in Quiltcam tonight. I was working on a Dear Jane corner kite this afternoon, but now I'm relaxing with hexagons.

  8. Hello glad I didn't forget working on hand embroidery tonight

  9. Thank you so much for your wealth of information. I enjoy watching quilt cam. I am working on my very first ever quilt for my hubby. I am not sure how to get you a picture of it. But none the less that is what I am working on.. Thanks again for all you do.

  10. Love your carolina chain quilt, sew pretty! which book is the pattern in?
    michelle in so ca

  11. I made it!! My first Quilt Cam!! I've been following you for a long while but never checked this out! Hope to meet you some day!! Maybe the Amazon next year or Australia in 2016! I can't seem to get into your classes in the states...you are such a rock star there's no room left for me! lol (our kids are jealous of our travels as well...they actually want to go with us now too!) Natalie Matthews from Latrobe, PA

  12. Anonymous9:22 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie! It is Tuesday 4 am here .....so glad I woke up in time to visit with you. Love your Carolina Chain! Carol

  13. As long as you keep writing the quilt books I will keep buying them...there has never been a Bonnie Hunter quilt that I did not like. I am all ready for your GI mystery, can't wait. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!

  14. Kim Kuhns9:28 PM EST

    Hi this is Kim Kuhns, from snowy and cold Canton, Ohio. I made a beautiful table topper for my son and DIL ho live in Okinawa Japan. We just returned from visiting there 3 weeks ago!

  15. Anonymous9:33 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie,

    So glad for Quilt Cam tonight
    I've just returned to Florida after being six months in New Brunswick, Canada.
    I chose to fire up my ADLER tonight and here you are on Quilt Cam, so I am sending you a picture.
    It's an ugly machine, but oh does it ever purr when you step on the pedal.

    I put a lot of oil on the machine when I left here in the spring and it is like I never left. What a beautiful machine.

    I am working on a miniature quilt for a silent auction. Greens, blues and sandy colour to go with the colours of the Florida life.

    Love you Bonnie,,, Can't wait for my class, Cathedral Stars, the end of February.


  16. I am making secret for Christmas. Sewing on some Seahawks and Frozen fabrics for the grandchildren gifts. Thanks for having QuiltCAM tonight.

  17. Hi Bonnie, thank you for quilt cam! Am enjoying sewing along with you tonight. Am also working on 9 patches.
    Sylvia in WI aka Finn

  18. I am afraid of black and whites in mystery quilt I don't find catcher which u add to the washing and vinegar doesn't work many times with me either
    I know u don't like such a questions but any other color you suggest i will be happy

  19. We always make a wine gravy that is fabulous! Really simple, uses Mogan David Grape Concord wine..baste the turkey in it all day in the Nesco and then make gravy. Still on Weight Watchers--so we planned a hike for Thanksgiving morning--but I WILL be eating the gravy! :)

  20. My sister always hosts Thanksgiving, and my contribution is ALWAYS chicken-n-dumplings and a layer salad. I say make those creamed onions for your daddy! That's why I make chicken-n-dumplings for my dad, and layer salad for my mom! LOL

  21. i married into a large family, and since grandpa was living with us, all holidays were at my house. first thanksgiving we had more than 20 family and friends...and everything from scratch! i had been cooking for DAYS...and when dinner was over, and i was serving the pie...dad asks, "where's the fudge?"...omg! for thanksgiving???

  22. Almost 68 pounds, thanks Bonnie! :)

  23. Anonymous9:54 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie, I'm missing the warm weather from the trip. Just a note Indiana is cold right now. Dress warm. Our must haves for Thanksgiving are green bean casserole and Peanut butter pie.
    Jean from Indiana and the cruise.

  24. We do pot stickers for TG. So far Bills ar the best I have tasted! I think it is the local sausage! I just finished cutting and kitting a quilt for a g together Dec. first. I love to cut, and kit, so I have a ton of UFOs sitting around! Need to get sewing! Have a safe and happy holiday!

  25. Love quiltcam. For TG have to have candied yams and fruit salad. So ready for TG!!

  26. Canadian fan here so I've already had my Thanks giving :) but It ould never be Thanks giving without Home made rice pudding .Mmmmm! definatly a family favorite .

  27. Hi Bonnie -
    Finishing up the top of a black and white Scrappy Trip for our exchange student as a Christmas gift. She wasn't here 2 days before she started petting my black and white fabric stash.

    I don't know how to post a picture, but I am using the workbox we bought at the quilt shop in Germany last thanksgiving for my cut sections!

  28. Love the mystery quilt this time of year.

  29. Was not able to watch live, but did watch on Utube. working on a two color mystery quilt for a gift while I wait for the mystery to start. I am by myself over the holidays, so I think it is a great time for a large project! thanks for everything you do - we love calling you the Conductor (of the crazy train)!!

  30. Couldn't catch you live as I am not 'connected' in my basement yet. Was finishing the quilting of a disappearing nine-patch. Just got my frame/quilting machine back up and running after it was in storage for over a year while we waited for a house to move into. The quilting withdrawals are a thing of the past -- finally. Felt so good to take the completed quilt off the frame tonight. Now to locate the container that has all my bindings stored in them.

  31. Good morning from the Netherlands to you! It's 7.10 overhere...and this "oma" is ready to have grandkids-time all day!
    Hsd to look twice at your blogpost this morning (wasn't quite awake yet' I think... ��).... to suddenly think: hey....that's my treadle-space...!!!! So funny!!
    Enjoy your trip tomorrow. Hope everything will be great and after that a super last holiday of this year!
    Love! (I'm still smiling....��)

  32. Seems the smileys don't work...

  33. Tues. Morn. I am trying to pull fabrics for the upcoming mystery quilt. I have been to 3 paint stores in my town (we don't have a Lowes) and none of their Valspar paint cards have any of the 4 that you listed. It was Valspar was'nt it? Can you help?Jackie Hubert

  34. Hi Bonnie, I just finished watching my first quilt cam! I did it Tuesday while I sewed on a bargello quilt for my Mom. It felt like I was sewing with a friend. Thanks for doing it, I will watch more on days I am sewing... I have been sewing like a mad woman so I can finish by the weekend and quilt it on my sisterinlaws long arm. I just loved into quilt ills on facebook last week too! I really enjoy everyone's posts!

  35. Anonymous10:47 AM EST

    Love the new hair do. What is the Ikea lamp that you have at your sewing machine? Sorry I will miss you in Plano at New Years.

    Sharon McGinnis


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