Friday, February 28, 2014

Kitting up Lozenges!

Lozenges2014 003
I must have the ugliest 3.5” strip bin on the planet.

Maybe in the whole galaxy!

But I’m excited about our new 2014 Leader & Ender Challenge, Lozenges – because it is going to turn this mess of strips into something SPECTACULAR – I just know it.

I don’t use the 3.5” strips as much as I do the smaller 1.5”, 2” or 2.5” size…usually I end up with a 3.5” cut square as a center, a corner, an alternate unit – but rarely do I just piece with them, so I”ve got a stack to use up.

Today I decided to get this job out of the way, and I ironed and sorted and began to cut.

In yesterday’s blog post with the instructions for Lozenges, I said that a quilt set 30 rows across by 15 rows down would give a quilt that measures 90 X 90.  That’s bigger than I want to go.  So I’m going to do 27 across by 15 down,  which will give me a quilt that measures 81” X 90”.  A very useable full size.  This will take 405 Lozenges!  That’s still a lot!

Lozenges2014 004

Look at this stuff!  Trimmings from backings --

This was the very popular “pillar” print, a post civil war era repro,   and I had used it as a backing..this is what was left from the margin.  CUT IT UP!!  I mean, really – what am I saving it for?

Lozenges2014 005

1970s faux-patchwork and a 1990s cabbage rose?  CUT IT UP!

Lozenges2014 006

Oooh…how many had or still have that light purple with pink in the center?


Lozenges2014 007

Now this one definitely takes the cake --



Lozenges2014 010

This little stack – holds 100 3.5” X 6.5” rectangles.

Doesn’t look like that many, does it?

Lozenges2014 011

I pinned them in stacks of 10 and then laid them cross wise on top of each other until I had 10 stacks of 10 in each pile ---

Lozenges2014 008

And I wasn’t just cutting Rectangles!

If I got to the end of the strip set and couldn’t get a 3.5” X 6.5” rectangle out of the piece…I’d cut it down right away into the next useable size.  In this case, I got a couple of very useable 2.5” squares.

Lozenges2014 009

In this case I got a 2” square and two 1.5” squares out of the odd end.

My goal is to not leave a basket of odd pieces to have to trim down later.  I’ve already got the ruler and rotary cutter going – just keep cutting down until you can’t anymore….I’ve now got a stack of 1.5”, 2” 2.5” and 3.5” squares ready for other projects.

Lozenges2014 012

Next up?  Cutting the black 2” strips into 2” squares!

Lozenges2014 002

Last night after we arrived at the cabin I was too wiped out to do much else than finally attach the 6th star point to the mother ship of my hexie project.  I’ve also finished part of the fill in area – you can see it as 4 diamonds at the bottom.  There is no pattern for this quilt, I’m making it up as I go along.  It has no deadline, It’s just my busy-bag project for when I travel and don’t have access to a machine.  It’s been fun to see it grow over the past year.

Cabin_Feb2014 003

This morning’s blue sky looks inviting…but it was 24 degrees out when Sadie and I went walking!  I can tell you this fit bit is not going to register 10,000 steps again until it warms up a bit outside!

Potatoes are baking on the oven.  Steaks will go on the grill soon --almost time to make a salad.  This is the stuff that bliss is made of!

Love from Buck Mountain ---

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  1. Love right back to you! Thanks for all the great pictures. And I do think I have such incredible ugly strips too...... :D
    Enjoy your cabin, hugs, Ria

  2. P.s. off to bed here in Europe......

  3. Bonnie, kept meaning to write you a note - I saw that Wal-Mart had recalled fit bit. I don't know if it is the same model that you and your Dad got but just in case you may want to check it out. I can't remember now what the issue was. Love the hexies!!!

  4. I am sorry to have to say this, but I have to agree with you about the ugliness factor of the 3.5 inch strips. At least the ones you showed us.

  5. Yes those are some butt ugly fabrics- but don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Hey can I use a different size- 3" or 2 1/2" strips? I know the length would be different.If you addressed this yesterday I will get the answer there after this- I missed yesterdays...

  6. Except for the temp., it sounds like a perfect day on Buck Mountain!

  7. BTW - you motivated me to get a Fitbit last week. I love it! working on losing 10 pesky pounds. THanks!

  8. Are you only cutting one lozenge from each strip?Or cut as mmany lozenges as possible from each?

  9. THAT was the very subject that made me look you up!! On another blog they were discussing scraps and someone said "Bonnie Hunter says if it's still ugly you haven't cut it small enough!" Oh man! I laughed hysterically!! Thinking of my "what was I thinking" pieces in my own stash. I remember thinking I like this girl and of course Google knew exactly who you were...LOL! I have enjoyed your blog every day since. :)

  10. Love to watch and listen here in little rock arkansas

  11. I thought everyone loved brown flowers! But seriously, you do have some really cute stuff in there too.

  12. Multiples from each strip or just one?

  13. Right now I'd be happy with 24. We are expecting record lows this weekend. Negative 30s here in MT.

  14. The fitbit recall was due to some people getting rashes where it came in contact with the skin. Don't know much else. Cutting up scraps is just one of those "have to" jobs. I would much rather being sewing!!

  15. I love your ugliest fabric, but I have a love affair with all fabrics and my house shows it! Hi from Little Rock, Arkansas too.

  16. I have spent some time today reading through your fantastic books Leaders and Enders and String Fling and I am inspired to get my leftover fabrics and used shirts organized utilizing your Scrap User System! Thank you for being such an inspiration Bonnie!! :) ~~Anne G.

  17. My fit bit is the clip on, not the wrist one. I am cutting rectangles until the strip is gone. I don't want half a strip of major ugly going back into the bin to deal with later!! :)

  18. Your hexie star is intriguing almost tempting even gotta tell myself now to go there right now. Even the lozenges have to go to FLEP (future leader ender project) as I have to finish CSK first then my 1 1/2" & 2 1/2" split 9 or (maybe play with mindless crumbs or strips to reduce stress). Too many quilts sew little time. Oh sigh hopefully things will quit spinning out of control in a month or two and then I can get back at it. Sure looking forward to quilt cam Monday evening. Enjoy the cabin time.

  19. The Stained Glass quilt will be truly awesome. Just even with the fabric we can see in these photos, you can tell that.

    Your suggestion that charm packs can be used had made me rethink. Have several packs. Love the 5" size. After all, 5" sq. is really just 4- 2.5" squares! See what you have done to me. I think is terms of our useable sizes. Love it!

    The hexies are so pretty. The colors and shading is wonderful. This one will be another Bonnie Great!

    Enjoy your time at the cabin.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  20. Anonymous11:21 PM EST

    Dear Bonnie,I don't think your 3.5" strip bin scraps is ugly. Actually, I think they are quite nice and are going to look lovely in your next quilt.

    Sharon Pond

  21. You believe you have the ugliest scrap? No-o-o-o-o I have the ugliest scrap ;) So maybe there should be a contest as to who has THE UGLIEST SCRAP ? I don't know how to attach photos or I'd prove it. SueBDo

  22. You are just so dang efficient with your scrap cutting! :)

  23. I'm going to check out what's needed an just may play along :-)
    You Hex work is a BEAUTY!!!

  24. Hey Bonnie, I know your practice is to create kits so you can just grab and sew. Brilliant! I'm trying to do the same thing.

    I know you have the studio accuquilt cutter. You do a lot of rotary cutter and ruler work according to your posts so I'm wondering how much you use your cutter and whether it's mostly for strips. What dies do you have and use the most?

    I just got the Accuquilt GO cutter at Christmas and so far I've used the log cabin die the most, probably because I'm making a log cabin quilt for my sister right now.

    I'm working on Bow-dacious as my current leader/ender and I dare not bite off another one at the moment but will watch to see what beauties arise from the challenge.

  25. Wow! seriously ugly fabrics. Congratulations! you win the prize!!!

  26. Bonnie, love the hexies, it's coming on great. Know what you mean about ugly fabrics. I'm sure we all have some we feel meets that criteria. Enjoy the cabin, the view is beautiful.

  27. Anonymous3:42 AM EST

    Yup, I have about 3 yards of that light purple and pink one in the middle. If I have that much it cannot be ugly right? Have too many irons in the fire right now, but I confess the lozenges intrigue me and my bin does runneth over....... Joy in Wasilla , AK

  28. I also have the very same pink and purple. I made a dress for my daughter with it when she was three (21 years ago). There was a white eyelet pinafore with shoulder ruffles to wear over it. Now why can I remember something like that but I can't remember why I walked into a room!?!

  29. those cabbage roses are back in style. yes, that is some ugly darn fabric. I'm surprised you don't just toss some of those strange-sized bits right into the crumbs bin. though maybe you have that a bit full already...

  30. That fabric that you thought was ugly is not ugly to me. Well, I like those "uglies" because they are just like people. If you have some in the bunch that are not quite "beautiful", then the whole bunch looks better. It is always better to have some uglies in a quilt than have all beautifuls. Love the scraps!

  31. My project for this week is cleaning the flannel lint out of the studio and cut strips for dancing nine patch baby quilt and get lozenges fabric cut. Then let the sewing begin. Love right back atcha and hope you have a relaxing, fun weekend!

  32. I love the idea of this Lozenges project. Great way to use up your scraps. Besides, it will have a way of making the "ugly" fabrics turn into "swan" fabrics when they're all put together!

  33. Welcome home, Bonnie! I love the hexies. I have a king size but I put a border and am debating what should go in them. Applique maybe! I am going through Bonnie withdrawl, can't wait for the next QuiltCam, after you have rested of course!!!

  34. I thought there was a quilt cam Fri. Night. Did I dream that? I can't find it on quilt cam archives.

  35. Your hexie project is looking smashing! I have started my lozenges too--have a dozen done already, they do add up fast. I will be kitting up more tonight...hopefully watching live quiltcam, but may have to watch the archive since I work til 8:25 my time...either way, have fun!

  36. Quirky Quilter01

    I adore the Lozenge quilt. Love the colors. Look forward to trying to do this. Great job!


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