Saturday, February 22, 2014

iPhone-o-Gram! Star Struck in New Braunfels!

It's a beautiful day to be in New Braunfels, Texas!

The sunshine is warm, the sky is blue and the birds are singing a Texas hill country springtime melody. 

We have gathered together, all 29 of us for a day of scrap enabling--Star Struck workshop!

Just breaking for lunch and will be back to work after our bellies are full. 

A big Texas Howdy, and love from all of us!



this is next on my agenda! :-) looks like lots of fun there!

Ingrid said...

What are those "things" under the round tables? Good idea to bring the tables to a comfortable cutting-hight.
Ingrid from Germany

Karen Cawthon said...

The are bed risers.

mascanlon said...

Such a great quilt! and it looks like a lot of fun and laughter going on there.

Caro said...

Bonnie, someone needs to take you to the Grist Miller for dinner. It's delish!

Debra Crumbaker said...

Is that an autograph in the one light part of the star in the last photo? It sure looks like it. If so, whose is it? Doesn't look like it would be Bonnie's.

Julie Vernon said...

I see someone was thinking ahead! The risers for the table keep backs from aching. No aches means more fun!

Isn't Texas terrific? The food alone is a reason to go there. San Antonio has The Texas Institute of Cultures which I LOVE TO VIST!!! The Native American items are breathtaking!
And everything is well done.


Anonymous said...

How tall are the bed risers?

Jacque Wright said...

What a great workshop, Bonnie!! Got so much done and actually learned a thing or two. And those are my blocks in the bottom picture!

Primitive Seasons said...

Can anyone tell me where the pattern is from or where I can get directions? I just went through 30 years of scraps and "weeded" out. I'm ready for something like this. It's such a wonderful pattern.