Saturday, February 01, 2014

Happy February, 2014!

Cabin_Jan2014 133
With January gone, that means we are one month closer to SPRING, right?

Remember that TOMORROW is Groundhog Day, and our Final Link Up for Celtic Solstice!  Get those posts written tonight so you can come link up tomorrow, Feb 2nd!

This is this morning’s sunrise view as Sadie and I stepped out for her morning walk before breakfast.  She LOVES the snow….but those are not just HER footprints you see….there are deer tracks as well, and she runs around nose to the ground trying to sniff out all she can about them.

The snow won’t stick for much longer ---today we should hit 55, and tomorrow we are predicted a high of 63 on the mountain, and that will be the end of our Snow Apocalypse 2014.

It taught us many things though –like after one episode of slipping, sliding and chains --- the Hubster is bound and determined to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  That he might have to use once a year.  If that.  Just thinking about it has him breaking out in “Tim the Tool Man” grunts of Arrrr arrrr arrrr   It’s all about POWER, right?

There were also lots of Tim the Toolman grunts as high efficiency gas stoves were installed in our cabin yesterday.

Thermostat controlled, blower fans ---these will take maybe HALF the propane that the regular gas furnace takes when it runs, and they will keep it from needing to run.  The heat is central in the room, and not coming out of the vents up against the outside walls near the windows where the heat does no good.

Cabin_Jan2014 121

This is NOT Santa Clause!

Cabin_Jan2014 123

One gas stove burning!

The flames go on and off depending on room temperature.  When the room reaches where the heat is set at the flames turn off and the fan continues to blow heat throughout the room.  We are toasty warm, and have NOT heard the main furnace kick on at ALL.

Cabin_Jan2014 124

In the basement!

These are vent-less, free standing stoves, but we have ordered a hearth/platform to go under this one –it’s just not here yet.  We will cover up the gas line with some molding, and cover the stove pipe hole with a cover when we get the chance.

Cabin_Jan2014 125

And maybe over time that white spot from under where the other wood stove hearth sat will “AGE” to match the rest of the carpet that we recently had cleaned!?

The biggest change of all…the gas stove doesn’t run all the time.  It keeps the room at a comfortable even temperature, where the wood stove would cook you out of the room with even one log in it.  It was always either TOO HOT or way too cold in there to be comfortable.

There will be no hauling and splitting of wood, no  messy clean up of ash.  No hauling of pellet stove bags ((the other option we wanted to explore)) and dealing with that weight and chore as we age.  Because the regular furnace and our hot water heater were already gas, this was a great decision for us.

For more information on the brand of stove and where we got it, check the other post I wrote about them HERE for links on where we found them.

Cabin_Jan2014 116

Hi, Sadie!

While all of this was going on --- the old wood stove had been hauled out of the basement to make ready for the switch over, and it was FREEZING downstairs so there was no sewing down there at all. What’s a girl to do?  Move her stuff up to the living room, and treadle away!

Cabin_Jan2014 118

Betsy Ross and I sewing Maverick Stars blocks!

Cabin_Jan2014 111

One of the comments the other day came regarding THIS photo….Those Canadians have SHARP eyes!  She said “Is that a piece of Canadian Flag fabric I see on your table??”  WHERE?!? Can you find it? Do you even see it?  She did!  Look hard..bottom left…you can barely see a red maple leaf!

She said it would be awesome if I pieced a Canadian Flag into my Maverick Star blocks….so I did…for all of my Canadian Friends:

Cabin_Jan2014 129

Oh. Canada!!

Yes, I moved back downstairs once we got the heat hooked back up down there!  I’ve finished all of the 40 more star blocks that I needed.  Now they will be sewn into sets of four today to complete the blocks, and the fun with setting them will begin. 

Cabin_Jan2014 130

What a pile of scraps!

One more sleep at the cabin…and we head home tomorrow!

Have a great first day of February, everyone!

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  1. So fun to see what you're working on at the cabin. Love that you made a Canadian star - we thank you! LOL Sadie must be so happy to have so much time with you (well, your family too!)

  2. Hi Bonnie!! I loved that you used your Grandma's china for the cookies and tea!! It is lovely! Thank you for the recipe but I have to say I have trust issues because some one out there thought it would be a great idea to substitute raisnes for chocolate chips and some poor unsuspecting chocolate chip cookie lover bit one!...the horror!!! (shuddering!) Has turned me into a cookie inspecting lunatic with the full face of suspision when someone sweetly offers me a cookie! LOL!
    I love the cabin!! We have two gas fireplaces as well, one upstairs one down in my family room/sewing room! I love love it and for all the same reasons! We chopped the wood for years...no more sappy wood chips for me. :)
    I love catching a nap gazing at the flames as I drift snuggled under a quilt too. Hey did you use or find those weird glowish pieces of whatever it is...almost looks like fiberglass but you can touch it...tear in little pieces and lay about yourlogs and they glow but don't burn? They came with our inserts and are very pretty.
    OK...back to my sewing. Just love your new blocks!! Can't wait to try some. I made aprons for my girls for Valentine's Day so had to quick finish them up so now can get back to my quilting. Giving a try to one of your patterns for a Quilt of Valor today. Looked into it after you posted the pic of the ladies that did one together. Lovely.
    Thanks for the company this morning :)!! Have a wonderful day.

  3. As I am sure you know, you have lots of followers/fans in Canada. She was indeed sharp to find that little maple leaf in among all those scraps! Happy sewing day. I too am headed to my sewing room for the day!!!

  4. hello! did I miss the linky for the celtic solstice quilt? I finally finished mine (to a flimsy) and it will stay that way for a while. it was my first mystery with you, and I'm thrilled with how it turned out! I used all fabrics from stash (except for the backing) and I LOVE it! thanks- and I can't wait until next year's mystery!

  5. Be careful w/ ventless stoves. They use the oxygen in the room and release carbon dioxide into the room. After a few hours the results can be bad.

  6. We use to have a Jimmy that was only 4-wheel drive when we wanted it. We couldn't have gotten around northern California with out it. I don't think we would have wanted one that was 4-wheel all the time.

  7. We have had 4WD for many years, and yes it is wonderful for snow and muck, but it means NOTHING on ice! Good old fashioned chains are still the way to get anywhere on ice...

  8. oh yeah gas fireplace is definitely the way to go...or stove as in this case. i've done the coal hauling thing....not for aging skeletons at all!

  9. Yeah for Canada! Thanks for thinking of us Bonnie!

    The snow here is starting to melt (thank goodness! I HATE winter....i know, how can I call myself a Canadian then? lol) we have had almost record amounts this year too. Now it's snowing again and there is a storm watch for this weekend....just in time for travelling for a birthday/Superbowl party for which I've already made all my food! GRRRRRR did I say I hate winter? lol

  10. Enjoy your new heaters Bonnie! Your star blocks look great.

    Regarding ventless gas heaters...the newer ones are safe. They have an oxygen depletion sensor that extinguishes the flame/pilot light if it senses the oxygen level is dropping.

  11. Yeah for workmen who buy shirts long enough that when they bend over you don't have a view!!!

    Stay warm :)

  12. I must start making star blocks today. They look so fun. Have you considered the "snow tire" option. Buy snow tires, install them on your car Nov-April, then put back on the regular tires. No need for chains.

  13. You have really made Quilt Villa "homey" and warm in NO time! Congrats! I am working on maverick stars for my RSC14 challenge this year! Thanks for all of the inspiration Bonnie!

  14. first off, love the cabin, there is room for a sewing machine,cutting table, and ironing board.( just kidding). love the angel of the dog and your pile of scraps.
    as far as the Canadian statement, yeah, I had to find it also, but yes nice to have another country's flag in an american quilt.
    can't wait to see the completed quilt.
    enjoy your time away from all of the hustle and bustle stuff of life. Keep on quilting.

  15. In the Pacific Northwest we have frequent power outages when it snows as our snow is very wet and heavy. Just remember that unless the blower on your stove has a battery (D) pack the blower won't push the heat out to warm the whole house. Can't leave batteries in the packet but good to know where it is if you lose power. Amazing you DIDN'T lose power.

  16. LOL, if that were my white rug, i would install the hearth, put a dog bed in front of the heater, and call it good! You'll be happy and so will Sadie.
    (that's called "killing two birds with one stone.")

    Love the improvements you're making to the cabin.

  17. I love the Canadian flag fabric! I'm Canadian but I hate this winter. Will it ever stop snowing? It snowed last night but seeing as I live in the banana belt (right across the river from Detroit MI), it's now raining. Maybe it will melt all the snow and my life can proceed as I want it to without the white stuff.
    Anyway, we have a gas fireplace but when we bought it, the thermostat version was $1000. more so we skipped it. Now I'm looking to get it fitted with one so we can regulate the heat. It's just like a log-burning fireplace without it, either too hot when it's on or too cold when it's off. That will be my job for next week.
    Hopefully your drive home will be less eventful than on the way up!

  18. Hey Bonnie! We put Blizzak tires on my little Jetta and it is amazing how good it gets around in the Black Hills of Wyoming and SD. Hubby bought them from the Tire Rack online. I have a pretty good climb from town to my house and a big hill in our driveway and I can zip around pretty good til it really gets nasty. Then I do have to pull out the big "guns" and take the Dodge to town :). I always feel safer in the 4X4 in the winter I must say. Just knowing I can throw it in 4-wheel drive when I need to keeps me calm. Oh..now I can make one of those board! Stay Calm and drive the 4X4!! LOL!

  19. Enjoy your new heat sources. How cozy. Makes me want to turn mine on and sew with you.

  20. Bonnie you were talking about the heat vents by the windows and the heat going up the wall. We went to Lowe's and got plastic vent covers that reroute the heat into the room so it does not go up the wall. It is amazing how much of a difference it makes.. Just a FYI. It helped warm our rooms, we have tall ceilings in our kitchen and living room.

  21. Thanks for the Canadian part of your quilt we appreciate it. Now if we can just get you to come to Canada and do some classes we would be very happy. Too bad you have such a hard time brining your quilts across the boarder. Your post are very appreciated, and all your hard work. Thanks Bonnie. I will be checking the mail box every day now can't wait to get my Leaders and Enders book. Have a wonderful day. Wendy


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