Sunday, February 16, 2014

Knock Knock, Who’s There?

AZ_Feb2014 115
“Knock Knock!”
“Who’s There?”
“Orange Who?”
“Orange Ya Gonna Pick Me?!”


And we did!

After running errands yesterday, we headed over to a friend of my Sis-in-law’s to pick oranges.

It seems that a lot of fruit around here tends to just “rot on the tree” because there is more than any one family can handle.  These friends have a very old and very productive citrus grove, and we were after oranges for juicing ---

AZ_Feb2014 085

Ashley is giving it her best shot!

AZ_Feb2014 086

Thanks to the help of the citrus picker, Ashley picks one for the home team!

AZ_Feb2014 082

Sharolyn is also a pro!

AZ_Feb2014 090

Aunt Bonnie tries, but most of them land on the ground instead ---

AZ_Feb2014 084

And the chickens come running!

AZ_Feb2014 095

Why did the chicken cross the road?

AZ_Feb2014 096

To get to the fallen orange!

AZ_Feb2014 111

If the oranges were low enough, we gave up on the “picker on a stick” and just picked them with our hands!

AZ_Feb2014 105

Sharolyn and Aunt Bonnie hard at work….this is a job for tall girls!

AZ_Feb2014 106

Before we knew it, our bucket was full!

Check out my rubber mud boots, y’all!

AZ_Feb2014 117

So happy to have Ashley along as Supervisor!

AZ_Feb2014 118

And the chickens cheered while the horses whinnied and neighed their approval!

We took the oranges back to the house and started juicing.

I have to say that was THE BEST fresh squeezed orange juice EVER.  30 minutes from tree to juicer to chilled glass….MMMMMMM!

I’m on my way to Houston this morning.  Let the Texas half of this trip begin.

My Arizona adventure is drawing to a close, but there are plans to perhaps meet up in May when I am teaching in southern California.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  It’s important to fit family in whenever and wherever I can.

I’ll see you next time, Arizona---  Thanks for pouring your sunshine and warmth down on me this week!

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  1. Still snowing and freezing here in Indiana. Please send us some of that sunshine. Love traveling with you though your blog! Have a safe trip!


  2. Looks like such fun! Fond memories of growing up in Southern California and spending summers in Arizona with family. Thanks for sharing as always!

  3. My citrus trees are what I miss most about living in Arizona.

  4. it was wonderful to meet you--safe travels *~*CAROLE*~*

  5. I didn't know chickens ate oranges!

  6. Oh, wow, looks like fun! I'd be picking the chicken's eggs instead of the oranges. lol

    Enjoy that beautiful weather! I wanted to go to Sauder's and Zooks yesterday for my birthday but the weather was miserable.

    Have fun!

  7. So glad that you got some Family time wrapped around your teaching. Have fun in Houston.

  8. Oh my! I will be checking out your SoCa schedule for sure. Safe trip to Hstn.

  9. Our orange and grapefruit and valley lemon tress are full too, here in Deep South Texas.

  10. So happy that you enjoyed your time in Tucson AND your family time. Be well, Bonnie, until our paths cross again. *Maria Call*

  11. WOW! So many beautiful oranges! I would eat them every minute that I could..or drink them.....even put some on dry ice and send them home!Safe trip home!
    Debbie from GA.

  12. So sorry that someone gave you such a hard time for misspelling Tucson. No one is perfect, I don't expect you to be and I don't get why people take such offense.
    Oh well, Have a great time in Houston. I am looking forward to seeing your episode on the Quilt Show. It is going to be amazing.
    Thanks for all that you do.

  13. I'm envious of your orange-day. We can't grow them down here in the corner of Az where I am.
    Glad you got to spend time with family.

  14. Anonymous8:33 PM EST

    I am fuming about the person who had the nerve to correct our Bonnie on her spelling of Tuscon!!!
    There you are, that's how I am spelling it from now on just because of her.
    Big deal.
    I want to tell her to get on her sewing machine, she needs to sew more instead of being rude.
    Love you Bonnie.
    Heaven Miller
    Tuscon AZ

  15. I grew up in Mesa and the East Valley, beyond where your dad lives now. I loved the orange groves with fruit stands on almost every corner. I now live in the West Valley with two orange trees and one very prolific lemon tree. We share what we can with our neighbors and friends and the rest goes to the local food bank. They are as happy to see me as I am happy to share the abundance!


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