Monday, February 03, 2014

SewCalGal’s 2014 Red and White Challenge!

Have you always wanted to make a red & white quilt?

Do you HAVE ONE that you have made before 2014?

SewCalGal is hosting a Year of Red/White Quilt Challenges.  Starting THIS week (2/3 - 2/9)

One of the events is a virtual quilt show of red/white quilts made prior to 2014.  The main page for this event  provides general info at: http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/p/redwhilte-quilt-challenge.html

Starting today, there is a LINKY for you to add in YOUR quilt!

From SewCalGal:

If you are a designer, this is also a great way to promote any pattern you have created and made a red/white quilt with.   For those that enter a red/white quilt that they made using a purchased (or free pattern) I do hope that they take the opportunity to increase awareness of that pattern.

And, if you designed your own red/white quilt but are not selling the design, you are also welcome to share a tutorial to help others make one, if you wish. This show is all about fun, and encouraging others to make red/white quilt projects.
The Year of Red/White Quilt Challenges is a sponsored event, where prizes will be awarded at the end of the year of challenges.  The more events you enter the more prizes you have a chance to win.

Quilts from the Red & White Quilt Exhibit in NYC!

Click HERE for the post where you can add YOUR Red and White quilt to the linky for the virtual Red & White Quilt Show!

I asked if this includes antique quilts, and she said yes – any quilt made prior to 2014 is eligible for entry!  I have an antique Red & White Pineapple quilt at home that I am going to go photograph and add to the linky myself.

What I don’t know ((And need to find out)) is if this is for red/white solids only --- or do red/neutral quilts count if they are prints?  I’ve got an email in and will let you know.

I’ve been wanting to make a Red & White quilt – and since I am finishing up my Split-9Patch Leader & Ender Challenge top – I might choose to do something Red  & White as a Leader & Ender….if it has to be two fabrics only, I think I’ll have to shoot myself before I'd make it a primary project, but as a Leader & Ender, I think I can get it done!

Red and white graphic design, heavily quilted. Attributed to the Johnson family of Cowan, Tennessee, early 20th century; approx. size 72" x 72".

I’ve been pinning Red & White Quilts to my pinterest board!  You can visit my Red & White Quilt board HERE.  Take a peek for inspiration!

Let those ideas for Red & White Quilt-Inspiration start to percolate!

I want to play along, do you?

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  1. Red - my favourite colour! You've collected a stunning array of red/white quilts on pinterest. Can't wait to see what SewCalGal's challenges unearth :)

  2. Old quilter11:08 AM EST

    What a stunning collection! And yet some people say 2 color quilts are boring. Thanks for sharing - just the kind of "brighten the mood" a Monday morning needs.

  3. YES the Red & White Quilts are Stunning. I had a bit of help making mine. I WON the blocks in a Block Lotto Blog SWAP. Hope it is OK to link to an OLD posting of it. I tried making the Just Takes 2 with my Purple and whites, it's is a 2 year ago UFO now.

  4. Red & whites are awesome. The clear edges and all make them very striking quilts.

    By red, and white, can you have a mixes of shade of red? What about whites? There is white, then there is WHITE!!!

    I have made only 1 - 2color quilt and found working with the same 2 fabrics throughout the quilt to bore me to tears. That is when I realized just how much of a scrappy quilter I am.

    BUT everyone that can work with 2 colors only --- please make a quilt this year. They truly are beauties.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  5. Now you got me started on creating a red and white quilt pinterest board! I don't think I have ever made a two color quilt--I think I could manage it as a leader ender if I could use more than two fabrics! :)

  6. I'm in for a red and white leader ender project!!!!!
    Paula in My.

  7. The FAQ page says, "Can quilts with Red, White, Black or Red, White and another color be entered? No! This is a Challenge that was inspired by the Red and White Quilt Show in New York in 2011. Quilts can be any size and any stile, but they need to be red and white. Various shades of red/white are ok, but it needs to be in the red/white family. To clarify red, red prints, white, creams, light tans are all fine for those that want a red/white scrappy quilt. No pinks, purples or other colors."

  8. Yay! As luck would have it I have just finished a red and white quilt. It's not quilted yet - waiting to pluck up courage to do it - but I will be happy to participate. Thanks for the link Bonnie, and what an amazing collection of red and white quilts. It was the exhibit in the Armory in NY that inspired me to make a red and white quilt.

  9. Hi Bonnie, Just saw a quilt, in yellow and white but would look great in red, the Just Takes 2 chedder house quilt. Barns with different quilt designs on the side of each one. just a thought. Julie


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