Friday, February 14, 2014

iPhone-o-Gram! My Blue Heaven Day!

Day is done and I'm in the car on the road with some fun quilters who offered me a ride on the way back to Phoenix--they'll drop me off at dad's and from what I understand there is a treadle machine to be checked out via Craigslist 
after passing me off---

Quilters are the greatest!

Thank you so much, Tucson Quilters Guild for the great time and the hospitality!

Check out the happy smiling faces and the gorgeous blocks being shared by these ladies!

More photos to follow in tomorrow's slide show!!


  1. Dear Bonnie!
    What a great and beautiful quilt. Is it made at your meeting by the quilt?
    Greetings from Germany!

  2. Why are they letting you out before checking out the treadle? You could do the thumbs up/down for themand save them any heartache (or stash it at your dad's for when you visit!)

  3. the machine got a hearty thumbs up from me!!!! maybe she is talking about another one...The gal paid 100.00 and was using it in class..there were lots of cute little girls! BONNIE--I had an AWESOME TIME--what a treasure you are! today went much too fast--it seems like only two hours...safe travels!! *~*CAROLE*~*

  4. Awwww, I didn't know you were in town! At least we warmed things up for you...85 degrees and 10% humidity, as good as it gets. Hope you enjoyed your stay.

  5. Truthfully... life does not get any better than this!

  6. Hi everyone - I'm a British quilter and order your books from the US Amazon, which of your books has this design please. Many thanks Jane x

  7. Jane...did you find the pattern. It's one of Bonnie's generous freebie's on this blog!! :) Called My Blue Heaven. Cheers!


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