Wednesday, February 12, 2014

iPhone-o-Gram! Shop Hopping in Tucson!

Our guild meeting was full to the gills and oh so fun as quilters arrived from all over Arizona!

When all was said, done, and packed up, I was invited out to lunch and an afternoon of shop hopping. Tucson has a great array of quilt shops to choose from and yes I did some damage!

When bolts are marked 50% off I buy backings!

When fat quarters are marked buy two get one free--who can resist?!

And yes I was stocking up on fun neutrals--

We are all in the car making our way back to the hotel for a bit of rest before dinner--what a fun day!

More photos to follow later!!

Love from Tucson!


  1. Aren't you the lucky one to be having fun in Arizona while the rest of the folks in N. Carolina are fighting ice and snow? Stocking up on sale fabrics is FUN!!

  2. Bonnie, when are you coming home to NC? It's a mess everywhere with no melting of this ice for a while. I hope it doesn't impact your flight plans.

  3. Anonymous9:16 PM EST

    Bonnie - I am new to your methods and just purchased Leaders and Enders book. Will it explain how you gather all the 2" blocks, etc. Just precut them all or cut xtra when you are doing some other cutting? I have a bin of scraps, but they are all sizes and strips. Anne famarsaw@aol.com

  4. Bonnie, Wish I was there with you in Arizona. I live in Lake Lure N.C. We are now measuring 6 inches of snow this evening. Stay safe on your travels.
    Jean Keeter

  5. Bonnie, how much of those 2 did you buy for backings? Love those fabrics.

  6. Anonymous10:03 PM EST

    Dang Awfully hi to start typing.
    My name is Mary Ann and I live in Oregon twenty minutes from portland, In Tigard Orgeon.
    I have followed you for a few years just never really got down to looking through your blog. Oh my Gosh I did that last night and it took me an hour to get to the beginng of your first page. LOL
    I am 70 and I moved here three years ago in 2010. My daughter lives here and I love it here
    My husband died 5 years ago so I wanted to live where I didnt just sit and waste a way.
    I am sorry this is long but I have to tell my story. I wanted to get into a senior group so I was around ladies my age. I came to my very first quilting group and I learned how to hand quilt a quilt. I also learned to use my brother sewing machine that my husband and youngest daughter bought me in 2009.
    I have collected quilt magazines for years like back in 1979. Sad to say I lost all of them. I have a few but very few.
    anyways I could never learn how to thread a sewing maching and My friend Judy taught me
    Quilters are the kindest people I have ever met. I learned about the tools I needed to learn to cut fabris for my quilts and Now you cant stop me. I am a beginner and learn fast. I am young enought to walk normal but the fun starts when I get on my husband's scooter and off to Joann;s I always go and tea time quilt shop here.
    I broke my left ankle almost 2 years a go and then had to have surgery. I was lucky to get great drs and can walk with out a limp. I broke the bone into completely. then while in rehab for my ankle I developed blood clots. (runs in the family).
    but I am healed and well and have been able to have my own apartmeent for the last year. I love it hear and take my Reese, my dog walking every day.
    I have started two quilts in the last year . one is a string quilt and I am in love with strings. I am going to border it in bright red as soon as I get the blocks finished. I also started a quilt for my little 7 year old great granddaughter who lives in Colorado. I am make the trippy scraps around the world from 2-2 1/5 in jelly rolls.I am hoping to get it done for her soon as Her father my grandson was murdered last june. They have the guy or guys who did it and hopefully that will be done the trial in April.
    Just wanted to let you know that the quilting instruction on your blog are very familar to me in quilts I am working on now. thank you for what you do and thanks for reading, listening.


  7. Anonymous10:07 PM EST

    To give you an idea of just how bad the storm is, tonight's basketball game in Chapel Hill was called off. As you know, it doesn't take much snow to close school here in NC, but it takes a storm of epic proportions to stop a Carolina/Duke game. Enjoy the warmth and sun in Arizona.

    Cindy in NC

  8. We here in East TN have a wonderful snowy night. Not too cold, and the snow will turn to slush tomorrow they tell us. Hoping it doesn't refreeze into black ice.

    Our Bonnie is living the life!!!AZ in the Winter is like winning the lottery. I have to concentrate on neutrals also. And yards for backing at sale prices are most. In fact, the Split Nine patch will be needing a backing. Since the top is so busy, I am not piecing the back like I enjoy doing.

    Have fun ... eat Mexican food...yummmmmmmm...and hugs everyone you see.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  9. is that OAK REEL (or something like that) from Bella's? I have that entire collection but this one....lucky you! I bought it when is was on clearance, too! :-) guess you didnt have time to get to Quilter's Desert Patch??? she has quite a unique shop! very eclectic!! anyhoo--sleep well--will have you busy tomorrow and Friday!

  10. Hi Bonnie! I can't believe it! I was in Bella Quiltworks around noon yesterday as we made our way home from Phoenix to San Antonio! It's a great shop and my hubby is very good about swinging by when we are traveling through Tucson. I've been to the other shops on previous visits but Bella Quiltworks is my favorite. I took advantage of the 50% off fabrics too! Did you get the stripe? Safe travels!

  11. Hi Bonnie!

    Your shop hopping sounds like so much fun in the warmth rather than doing it in the ice and snow.

    I have a question that you may be able to respond to in your next post or two as others may be interested also.
    You mentioned buying backings at 50 percent off....

    How much yardage do you buy when picking out a backing for your stash?

  12. It's awesome post, well! If i talk about myself then i want to share that I broke my left ankle almost 2 years a go and then had to have surgery. I was lucky to get great drs and can walk with out a limp. I broke the bone into completely. then while in rehab for my ankle I developed blood clots. (runs in the family).
    but I am healed and well and have been able to have my own apartmeent for the last year. I love it hear and take my Reese, my dog walking every day..........

  13. Oh Shoot...I should have been out and about yesterday at the quilt stores and not at the Children's museum with little girls. I just might have caught a glimpse of our quilting super star! I love all the shops here, but Quilter's Market is the one I go when I need a little pick me up! That place just makes you happy to walk in...so bright and beautiful! Oh I hope you get a chance to go out to the Quilters Desert Patch! That is a treat and an adventure all in one! Glad we are having such beautiful weather for your time here.

  14. The ice is melting here in Conway, SC. Its 34 degrees and I am working on my Celtic Solstice quilt. Thanks for saying its not a race! Just having a great day enjoying sewing and reading your blog. Hope you are able to fly home on schedule!


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