Sunday, February 09, 2014

Patterns From the Sky….

AZ_Feb2014 006
This is a shot of major freeways as we got closer to landing at Washington Dulles yesterday afternoon.

We were above the clouds for most of the flight ---not a whole lot to see, but when we descended lower and lower, finally finding ourselves on the underneath side of those clouds ---I could see the outskirts of the beautiful Virginia countryside giving way to urban sprawl and big city traffic.

People driving to and fro – it was a Saturday late afternoon, so no traffic jams to be seen here from people rushing home on a workday along with what must seem like the entire populous of the area.  I’ve been stuck in standstill DC traffic before – this was a very mild traffic day by the looks of it.

AZ_Feb2014 004

Swirls and whirls of housing developments!

Do designers know what their neighborhoods are going to look like from the sky?  Little houses all in a row, isn’t this an interesting pattern?  How do they decide which neighborhoods and streets are going to curve and twist, or which ones are going to go straight?  I find it very interesting.  Almost like a freemotion filler pattern in quilt design.

AZ_Feb2014 005

More houses and some industry ---

Who lives here?  Maybe I was flying over YOUR house!  I love looking at the earth from above in all seasons…..

AZ_Feb2014 015

From my vantage point on the plane in Dulles I could spot my 3 bags…can you?

Upper  right….top shelf…two big green Duffles!  There is a 104 lbs of quilts in those ((Yes, I was a bit over loaded, but they let me go!  AMAZING!))  And the grey suitcase on the bottom shelf, second in from the right…class supplies and my clothes.  I’m liking the colors I see here…. The royal blue of the United cart in the upper left, the lime green of the vests, and that RED suitcase….mmmm…quilt colors maybe?

AZ_Feb2014 019

Off we flew toward Phoenix, chasing the sunset for quite a while until it beat us, setting into darkness.

AZ_Feb2014 020

Interesting ripples in the clouds.

AZ_Feb2014 023

And yes, hexies did get worked on!

I’m glad these units are fairly easy to do.  I need 24 of them ---brown centers surrounded by reds.  Could get boring!  But they will look really nice where they are going to go on the current hexie quilt in project.

To keep up with me…Click HERE to refresh your memory on where I was last time I posted!

I finished that 6th Star point section, and am now working on the areas that will fill in between the star points.  EXCITING! Especially since I am only working on this “on the road”.

I arrived in Phoenix last night…as did all of my luggage ((great, since I was witness to it going ON the plane with me!)) and it always makes me laugh how we have to get it all into Dad’s PT Cruiser convertible!  The top has to go down….we have to put the quilt bags like people in the back seat, and my suitcase goes into the trunk.  We’ve got it down to a science now.

For photos, click HERE for a previous visit – Hysterical!  And the other passengers waiting at the curb think it is quite funny too!

By the time we got back to Dad’s, we had just a bit of energy left to visit a minute, and then I was off to bed.

AZ_Feb2014 022

And up with the sunrise!

I have a fun day planned today.  I’m heading this afternoon to Glendale, about 45 mins away, to meet up with an old high school friend I have not seen since graduation.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

Tomorrow morning I have a special treat for you – I’ll be participating in the blog hop for Jenifer Dick’s new book, The Modern Applique Workbook, and it will include a Give-Away, so remember to come back, you won’t want to miss that --

And Tuesday I head to Tuscon for all the quilty adventures that are starting there!

Have a great Sunday, everyone ---

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  1. Glad you arrived safe and sound and hope you are now refreshed. I have been watching some of the snow boarding from the Olympics and noticed the US team outfits were looking like patchwork fabric. Quite a surprise.

    Hope you enjoy yout hookup with your old girlfriend. Best wishes.
    Linda Hodges

  2. my son lives on the Dulles flight path, you probably flew over his house... ;)

  3. You flew over my house when you were going to Dulles! I knew I felt a shift in the quilty force!
    Hope that you have a very enjoyable trip.

  4. Best wishes to you on a great trip to warmer areas. We received another 4"of snow here in Northern Indiana last night. The piles are getting high and starting to resemble mountains! Gee a day to stay in and sew....not a problem for me. Enjoy meeting up with your dear friend and visiting with your dad too. Thanks you for sharing your travels with us. Judy

  5. good thing it wasn't raining when you had to put the top down on your dad's car!

  6. Benicia California where I live might look like the neighborhood depicted in your first photo. It is a hilly area the homes are built around the curves of the hills with 'open' space between the back yards. We are getting much needed rain (& snow in the mountains ) we in California wish those in the too much snow areas could ship that wet stuff to us.

  7. Love that area in Virginia! We lived there for 11 years and now both of our sons have settled there and call it home. I would love to get back, but hubbie's job took us to Maryland's Easten Shore. Have a lovely reunion with your childhood friend! Hope to hear how it went! Enjoy!

  8. Anonymous1:42 PM EST

    I remember that view from the airplane descending to the Dulles Airport. So beautiful. I absolutely LOVE looking at pictures taken from an airplane window. I would fly every day of my life if I could. Thanks for sharing!

  9. That traffic in Virginia is typical no matter what time of day - weekday or weekend! That's why I live in Maryland! ;)
    Glad you had a safe trip. Have fun in AZ!

  10. Anonymous3:22 PM EST

    When in Tucson, make sure to go to the Cactus Quilt Shop and say hi to Nancy the shop's owner. I used to work for her about 15 years ago when I used to live there. Cute shop and wonderful staff.

  11. LONG TRIP --- honestly so many of the photos had no green in them ... Winter? Drought? I am hoping all will be well out in CA. Bless them, they have had a bad run.

    BUT BONNIE ISNOW THERE!!!! Time for quiltie fun!!!! California is such a great state .. you know, every state in our union has such neat folks!!!!

    Have fun...quilt a lot
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  12. Nice to have your Dad pick you up for a change. AZ sounds like a good place to be right now. 8-10" of snow outside my house. I'm perfectly happy to stay inside and QUILT and watch the Olympics!! I only go out to sweep the walkway for the mail and paper guys. Will you stay with him instead of a Hotel this trip? Have fun in Tuscon! And Visiting with your dear HS friend.

  13. Glad you and all your stuff arrived in good order. Have a nice visit with the family and your HS friend. I spent the day sewing borders for Roll Roll Cotton boll only the corners left . Woohoo! Have a fun trip!

  14. Glad you made it safely AND with your luggage. Have lost mine on occasion. Not fun! LOL

  15. Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.net10:37 PM EST

    That second picture reminded me of an Australian Aborigie design. You know, the ones made up of dots.

  16. Well Bonnie.....I didn't look for you at the airport because at 9 PM we were at Midway in Chicago, because of our late connecting flight we missed our plane to PHX and spent the night at the airport. Honestly, could not believe it. But we are here now. I cannot believe how warm it is. It was barely in the teens at home. Started shedding clothes the minute I got into Sky Harbor. Glad your flight was uneventful!

  17. So glad you had a safe trip. I wish I'd seen this post this morning, I work at the Tanger Outlet Mall in Glendale. I would have invited you and your friend to stop in and say Hi! Oh well! I did meet a lovely quilter from Kentucky today who was shopping in my store. She came for the AQS Phoenix show and was doing a little fabric shopping of a different kind, lol! We have the same first name and bonded over that and our quilting!

  18. Bonnie,
    I live in Virginia a few miles from Dulles. If you ever have a long layover, give a shout out. I would be happy to pick you up for some shopping fun.

  19. Anonymous1:59 PM EST

    I live about 3.5 air miles from STL airport and can get there in about 15 minutes during rush hour, barring any traffic hiccups. So, I'll gladly hold for safekeeping any quilts that put your luggage over the weight limit. :) Seriously, if you are ever traveling to or through my town, I will gladly host you.

    By the way, my neighbor has a huge red roofed gazebo/pavilion which can be easily seen from airplanes landing over my neighborhood.

  20. Welcome to my office view!


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