Saturday, February 15, 2014

SAS-sy girls day out!

Tucson_Feb2014 074
Fill a vehicle with 5 crazy quilters, all in search of fabric bargains!

Make a beeline for SAS as soon as class is over at 4pm, because they close at 5:30pm and we’ve got to get shopping before it’s too late!

I’d never been to SAS before, but I was told there are others in the Phoenix area as well, and it is an experience not to be missed!

Holy. Moly. Oh. My. Goodness!

Tucson_Feb2014 075

My color love is reaching exciting levels!

Tucson_Feb2014 076

It’s a 2 person process!  someone has to lift, and someone has to pull!

Tucson_Feb2014 077

BJ found the perfect piece!

Tucson_Feb2014 078

Check out the sign --- Please Replace Fabric NEATLY!??

Yeah, like that is going to happen! LOL!

((OR is it even possible?!?))

Tucson_Feb2014 079

A rainbow of chevrons by the bolt!

Yes, everything is $3.99 a yard – oh boy!

Tucson_Feb2014 080

Say CHEESE, girls!

We had a great afternoon!  If you find yourself in Tucson, you need to stop by the SAS outlet. There is every kind of fabric from fancy formal and bridal dress goods to upholstery, knits, wovens….but of course we were in a playground of quilting cottons and having the time of our lives!

And yes…..I love the “IF IT FITS IT SHIPS” priority boxes.  There is a large one winging it’s way home right now as there was NO WAY the fabric I’ve acquired on this trip was going fit in my luggage that was already at weight limits when I arrived!

I had such a great time with these girls, I’m missing them already ----see you next time!

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  1. That looks like it was such a fun trip - and boy, do I wish I had known about this store when I was out in Phoenix two years ago for my friend's wedding!!

  2. If it fits it ships is a boon the quilting world. Enjoy your purchases.

  3. Yep, those "if it fits,it ships" boxes are one of the best ideas the postal system has come up with in awhile. At $3.99 a yard, what you save on fabric will pay for shipping. Way to go Bonnie!

  4. I have had to squeeze lots of fabrics in the medium flat rate box....sure beats ups and fedex....I will not use them. glad you had a great time in there--it is overload for CRAZY QUILTERS, too!!!! did you happen to see all the lace, trims, and all the teeny boxes filled with this and that and buttons? *~*CAROLE*~*

  5. That place is amazing...$3.99?! Maybe we all should descent enmass on the store!!!! A hunter-ite Mob scene!!!!

    I am booking my ticket now lol
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  6. I don't remember the cottons being that messy @ the store on 19th Ave in Phoenix. We search by feel. Stick you hand in until you feel something that is good cotton for quilting. For your next trip, Mulqueen's in Mesa and Glendale also has great prices, especially on the clearance racks, and nice people.

  7. SAS is a fun place - I visit two that are in Phoenix - one is close to where I work, and one is close to my home! If you know your fabrics, great bargains are to be had! There is also a new $2 Fabric Store in the north Valley!!

  8. OMG i would LOVE a yard each of all those chevrons!!! a true fabric paradise!

  9. Fabric Overload!!!!!!

  10. Wish there was one of those SAS stores near me!

  11. I KNEW there was a good reason that we are looking at Tucson as a retirement location!!

  12. Looks like fabric heaven. I wonder if I can get my sister to go over there for me.....

  13. SAS is a true hunters paradise. BUT you should have seen it here in Phoenix years and years ago-a real danger and fire hazard-dark and dirty and lots of stuff on the floor. However, that never stopped most of us from diving in. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  14. Oh my,can you say fabric overload?!!
    I never knew about them and I've have family in Tucson. I know where one stop will be next trip!!! Love your blog.

  15. The store at 7th st and Indian school is not as messy, I love that place!!

  16. Looks a lot like a local store here called "McKay's Corners". It's been around for DECADES but unfortunately it's closing soon :-(

  17. Thanks so much for showing us the inside of the SAS store, and all the cheap goodies! Since I'm far, far from a SAS, I'm shopping vicariously through you all!

  18. Oh no! I forgot about SAS! I used to live in Phoenix (now in Iowa) and used to go to SAS. Just visited my sister in Gilbert last week and forgot to go there. Now I am kicking myself!

  19. I have been here many times on my layovers in Tucson because the hotel we stay at is within walking distance. How fun for Andee not only to be able to take your class, but, get to shop with you too! How cool!

  20. I miss you too Bonnie :) I am already looking forward to next time. 24 purple heaven blocks are done...loving them!!!!

  21. This store reminds me of one of my first favorite stores in Clifton NJ called A&J fabrics. It was like walking into a warehouse and everything was 1 to 2 dollars a yard! Miss that wonderful store.
    Carol K in PA

  22. The store and the classes were really great, I got to spend time with a bunch of my girlfriends, met some really nice members of the Tucson Quilters Guild, of which I am now a member ;) and I got personal Bonnie Time, SCORE!!!! Thanks So Much Everyone for a Great Time!

  23. I will have to find one when I go out next month.

  24. Oh, my goodness! Looks like Sauder's basement on steroids!
    Wish I could go there!

    Thanks for sharing all of your fun adventures with us!!

  25. "I stopped at a thrift shop today and bought a man's 2xxl shirt for $3.50. If I had waited until Monday it would be half price but I was there and it was quite a drive to go back. It is 100% cotton, and a limegreen and white pinstripe. Bonnie Hunter says to buy these and make quilts. I loved the color so much and it was great quality, I couldn't resist to start my shirt stash. My husband will kill me when I start showing up with thrift shop shirts."
    Bonnie, I can't believe I actually did this! Carol

  26. I used to shop at SAS at 19th ave in Phoenix YEARS ago. Way back when it was "by the pound". I made a lot of my younger sister's clothes out of quilting cottons. You can make a LOT of size 2T sundresses out of a pound of quilting cotton!


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