Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Love Shack Day with the West Houston Girls!

HoustonTX_Feb2014 008
We spent our day playing in the scraps!  Trading, laughing, sharing, stitching --- UNSTITCHING ---and laughing some more!

Love Shack is a compilation of tutorials that are found under the free patterns tab – Maverick Stars, Wonky Hearts, Basic String blocks, and Happy Scrappy Houses –mixed with a smattering and spattering of left over Leader & Ender 4 patches from the Bowdacious quilt found in Adventures with Leaders & Enders---and an intro to pieced letters ala Tonya Ricucci and Word Play Quilts!

Love Shack has been a workshop-exclusive pattern, and it’s been nice to have something to offer groups that could not be purchased anywhere else!  It may find a place in a future book down the road and we’ll make it available to everyone then, but for now –it’s a workshop-only extravaganza.

HoustonTX_Feb2014 004

One sample star on the design wall next to the quilt!

We had a couple of great show and shares during class time – including a Celtic Solstice!

HoustonTX_Feb2014 017


HoustonTX_Feb2014 019

Close up of one corner…beautiful fabrics!

HoustonTX_Feb2014 018

AWESOME backing fabric with Irish and other flowers…how perfect!

I was last here in March of 2013, teaching for a different guild, but the class was ALSO held at Quiltworks!  Read that post HERE.

The workshop was Tulip Fields from my book String Fling, and a completed top made it to class today as show and share!

Click HERE to see my version of Tulip fields as well as all of the quilts from String Fling!

HoustonTX_Feb2014 020

Carol and her Tulip Fields TOP!  Beautiful!

HoustonTX_Feb2014 021

Close Up of one corner!

This block is an “inside out” version of mine, I have the tulips turned the other way, radiating out with their base corners against the red center cornerstone instead of in the block corners here…but it makes an interesting pattern this way with the red center cornerstones floating!

We stock-piled our units throughout the day and started getting units joined into panels  ---

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken directly to the photo album for viewing.

Love Shack, West Houston, TX 2014

Today I'm having a bit of fun.  I don't lecture until this evening --so Debbie has offered to go shopping with me, to find an outfit for the taping of my episode of The Quilt Show!
This will be different for this girl -- who tends to pick up clothes while shopping for food, getting her tires rotated, her eyes checked, and picking up office supplies at Sam's club.  LOL!
We've still got a couple days left to leave your comment for the Give-Away of Jenifer Dick's new book, The Modern Applique Workbook --the drawing is on FRIDAY Evening!
Click to read about it and leave your comment ON THAT POST!
Have a great Wednesday, Everyone!

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  1. That's so nice that you get a bit of time off to go shopping for yourself. I'm excited to see your episode of The QuiltShow. I hope it is aired in a timely fashion. Let us know when, if they tell you when we can view it. The Love Shack quilt looks pretty Fun.

  2. Good Morning Bonnie,
    While the rest of my world is sleeping. I had the pleasure and the leisure to sit back and scroll through yur blog post displaying your version of Tulip Fields. It was a pleasure for sure.I am away from home base still, now visiting our son and his dear family. Soon the little girls will be up, and life's normal pace will resume. This short immersion into the quilting world, accompanied by a cup of cocoa, was a treasure. Perhaps someday I will have the opportunity to participate with you and some other quilters in a weekend of scrappy fun in person.
    Thanks for all you do.

  3. Shopping trip hey? Wonder what you will select. I don't suppose it will be as much fun as shopping for fabric!

    Lots of super fabric swatches in your pictures so no doubt there will be lots of colorful quilts sewn.

    Linda H

  4. How interesting! Wondered why I didn't recognize a Bonnie-pattern. She turn the tulips!!!
    Did she intend to do that, or maybe she had done several turned-around tulips and decided it look good?

    Enjoy clothes shopping. You do sound like me though. Talk about disliking clothes shopping, I am raising my hand for yes. Bonnie just be BONNIE, ok? Everyone loves you and your down-to-earth clothing.

  5. LOVE that variation of Tulip Fields. Good luck with your shopping trip :)

  6. Whatever outfit you choose you will by fantastic! Nice to have the right clothes to add to the confidence, but you are a natural and it will come though! :) Hope you find just what you are looking for!


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