Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Visit to Sylvan Beach!

Houston_TX2014 075
In between my class with the Lakeview Quilters and our evening lecture –I was driven out to Sylvan Beach in La Porte for a bit of water-sight-seeing!

Though it looks like this is the ocean, it’s not quite!  It’s the Houston Ship Channel --

We didn’t see any ships or barges going up here, but I am told that if you stay around long enough you’ll see them on the horizon as they go through to their destinations.

My favorite thing this day?  The Seagulls!

Houston_TX2014 059

Can you tell?  There is one adorning every pole!

And you can see the shipping cranes in the far horizon.

Houston_TX2014 062

A long fishing pier makes its way out into the channel.

Houston_TX2014 076

But since I couldn't go ON the pier without buying a pass --

I decided bird watching was more fun instead!

Houston_TX2014 063

One on every pole!  How close would they let me get?

Houston_TX2014 064

Closer still!  The black heads make them look like they are wearing white button down dress shirts with grey sport coats!

Houston_TX2014 067

Okay lady, that’s TOO CLOSE for comfort --- and they all began to fly off ---

Houston_TX2014 068

We’ll come back after she’s gone away!

Houston_TX2014 073

Is she gone yet??

They were as tolerant of me as they could be until they saw that I wasn’t about to feed them anything ---

We had just a few minutes before needing to head over to set up for the lecture, but it was a nice break to walk the park, to smell the salty air, feel the wind in my hair and torment the birds from off of their perches…

Houston_TX2014 061

As I made my way back to the car, I turned around to find that yet again……they had returned…and there was  once more one gull on every post keeping watch over the shipping channel.

We've had a good day!  I think I’ve found an outfit for my taping of The Quilt Show – simple twin set in light blue to be worn with my black pants I already have.

Lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen…..yummy salad.  Only I dropped guacamole on my pants, and am now at Debbie’s house with laundry going!

We’ll head out as soon as that is dry for setting up for tonight’s presentation ---and after that I’ll be shuttled to my next guild location for tomorrow! 

Missouri City, TX, I’m coming your way!

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  1. seagulls around here like french fries and they are bold as brass....sitting on the beach in summer they swoop down without shame and steal your sandwich...

  2. AS my new husband explained to me 40 years ago, there is no ocean in Texas, it is The Gulf. You are spot on about everything else, esp. the sea gulls.....with food in your hand you could have taken a pic 6 inches close. Fun to see Texas through your eyes.

  3. When we lived in Huntington Beach, CA, our two youngest were in elementary school. They ate lunch at tables outside and one student would be on "owl" duty to scare the seagulls away from their lunch. The "owl" was a large, stuffed paper owl on a stick.

  4. Aww. Houston is home to me. But I have memories of Sylvan Beach. There is a pavilion nearby for weddings and dances and rock concerts in the old days. (70's) I danced with a boy there and fell in love. I was in high school. Sweet memories.

  5. The last time DH and I were in Houston, he booked a Houston harbour tour - free boat ride to the outer edge of the harbour. You have to book ahead, but it was fun, even on a drizzly day.

  6. Looks like fun! You're going to be great on The Quilt Show. Blue is a good color for you. Have fun tonight!

  7. Welcome to Missouri City! See you in the morning.


  8. Anonymous7:51 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie,
    Some years ago, I was in a corporate video. Prior to the taping, I was told (drumroll, please) that light blue is the perfect color to wear. Way to go, Bonnie! Can't wait to see the show, you're going to be awesome.
    Lynne from Boston, FOMFB (Friend of Mary from Boston)

  9. Hi BonBon!! I got a kick out of the gulls on the poles. We are still in FL and spent the day out on a sand bar away from traffic and people. :) It was sunny and pleasant and several different kinds of gulls. At sunset we launched the boat again but stayed floating nearby to watch the sun set in the water before heading back in...the gulls seemed to go crazy singing a very loud farewell to the sun for the day. Kept it up the whole time...funny.
    You seem to do well with jetting across time zones! I'm sure with a busy schedule you don't have a choice. I hope to catch one of your workshops sometime...just looks like so much fun.
    Have a good day! :)

  10. Bonnie, I am so glad you take time to see the sights in your travels! I worked for a guy who saw conference rooms all around the world, but never took the time to see the sights, I always thought that was so sad!

  11. Good that you found a nice outfit.Now you will have to not eat before the taping for invest in a bib (just in case). I seem to remember you saying on quiltcam that they said bring two outfits...do you suppose it is for just such a crisis!!! Good Luck can't wait to watch you on the show!


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