Thursday, February 13, 2014

Showin’ & Sharin’ in Tuscon!

Tuscon_Feb2014 002
The Tuscon Quilt Guild has two meetings, both of them LARGE gatherings of quilters. 

There is a night guild for those who work during the day or prefer evening activities –and a day guild that fills the roon to overflowing. 

There is no rule that you must choose one or the other, so if you come to BOTH you get BOTH Show & Shares!  And the quilts are different at each one depending which meeting the members decide to share at.

In other words, the more you go, the more you see! And you don’t want to miss out!

I was wowed right at the get-go by an array of Christmas Lights quilts,  It’s always fun to work on a project in groups, isn't it?

Tuscon_Feb2014 038

Andee also brought her Christmas lights to share ---each so different, and so great!

You can find the free pattern for Christmas Lights which was written as a Mystery for Quiltmaker Magazine, at the bottom of the list of patterns under the Free Patterns Tab--- scroll down, you’ll find the mystery quilt section.

Tuscon_Feb2014 006

One Double Delight!

Tuscon_Feb2014 033

Two Double Delights!

Tuscon_Feb2014 039

Three Double Delights!

Look how just changing the colors changes the quilt so much!  Aren't these beautiful?  Double Delight is also found in the mystery section under the Free Patterns Tab.

Tuscon_Feb2014 007

Even an Old Tobacco Road!  Another previous mystery!
((Yep, under the Free Patterns tab too!))

Tuscon_Feb2014 008

Orange Crush!!  ANOTHER previous mystery!
((Free Patterns Tab, Y’all!!))

There were some Celtic Solstices in the house!

Tuscon_Feb2014 017

With inside out chevron blocks!

Tuscon_Feb2014 023

And with Green Bay Packers colors!

Tuscon_Feb2014 025

And one with piano key borders to enlarge it!

There was a whole “orchard” of Crab Apple quilts –made by friends who each didn’t know that the other was ALSO working on this quilt, and when they found out they each had one in the works, it made for a good giggle!

Tuscon_Feb2014 019

One Crab Apple!

Tuscon_Feb2014 020

Two Crab Apples

Tuscon_Feb2014 021

Three Crab Apples!

Tuscon_Feb2014 022

Four Crab Apples!  A veritable orchard!

The pattern for Crab Apples is found in my book Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  Signed copies can be ordered HERE.

Tuscon_Feb2014 024

BJ brought her Orca Bay from String Fling!  It just Sparkles!

After the meeting, we gathered in the back for quilts that didn’t make it into the official show and tell – we had our renegade session – these Phoenix area girls brought EVERYTHING!

Tuscon_Feb2014 027

Ros brought in Carolina Christmas from Scraps & Shirttails II!

Tuscon_Feb2014 029

And her Easy Street!

Easy Street is included in my next book, and I should have a cover and pre-order info within the week!  YAY!

Tuscon_Feb2014 030

Andee brought along her Lazy Sunday!  I love the colors she chose, so  soft!

You will find Lazy Sunday in the new book too!

Tuscon_Feb2014 034

Andee’s Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling!

Tuscon_Feb2014 031

Ros and Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II!

Tuscon_Feb2014 032

BJ’s Bricks & Stepping Stones – from the Free Patterns Tab!

The show & share was just phenomenal!  What fabulous quilters!  It was fun being able to sit and watch their show, the quilts were all SO BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you for bringing them all the way to show me.

If I’m coming to lecture in your area, PLEASE BRING your quilts you’ve made from my designs –I love to see them!

This morning  starts our two days of workshops.  Today is Playing with Jacks, and tomorrow is My Blue Heaven.  Both classes are full, and promise to be a lot of fun.

And my Arizona Adventure continues!

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  1. These quilts were simply gorgeous. I wouldn't know which to chose for a favourite. I love to see the differing color waves chosen. Thanks for sharing.
    Linda Hodges

  2. Bonnie, it was truly mind-blowing to see your quilts and all those shared by the members and women in attendance. I'm reinvigorated and excited to resume work on my own Celtic Mystery, and then to start the Scrap Organizing System. So, next time you need to plan a WEEK in Tucson - right? all the best, Maria Call

  3. Thank you Bonnie for sharing your visit to Tucson. I moved to Georgia from there almost 9 years ago, and it is great to see some familiar faces! I Miss that Guild.

  4. Great show and tell. Love how the same quilt pattern can look completely different with slight changes in colorway. Awesome job ladies!

  5. I'm sewing the rows of my Crabapples quilt together today. It is tweaked a bit from the original, but still very much your pattern!
    I love seeing everyone's versions of such a variety of your patterns!

  6. I thought I was familiar with most of your patterns, Bonnie, but every time you post a show and tell, it sends me back to my stack of Bonnie books and to your free patterns to take another look. By the way, you might as well sign me up right now for your next book.

  7. I'm still working on Celtic Solstice ... chugging away! Have a mini sewing retreat this weekend and will get some concentrated sewing time in. I hope to have the top done by St. Patrick's Day!

  8. I always enjoy seeing the beautiful quilts your other fans have made.

  9. Such beautiful quilts...I always love the pictures you post! I love your quilts, Bonnie, I want to make them all! Thanks for all the time you give and all the free patters you share!
    Going to order your new book along with a couple others, so I will have all your books! Enjoy your time in AZ!

  10. I really enjoy perusing your blog every morning in hopes of seeing some beautiful quilts and ideas. I wasn't disappointed today! Thank you Bonnie.

  11. Bonnie, thanks for sharing pictures . What a different looks of the same quilt with different color choices! My bucket list grows longer ever time I see your postings! LOL.
    Happy Valentines Day!!!


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