Monday, February 24, 2014

Intro to Taping Day!

TheQuiltShow 007
We met today to tape my episode of The Quilt Show at the fabulous studio of Jane Dunnewald.

What a great place to create!  Jane does surface design, using inks, dyes, paints and even digital photography to create her own fabric designs that go into her art quilts.

This is a shot of Ricky Tims and Jane as they were begining the taping of one of her segments.

I got to see how things were run  and what to expect, and what goes on behind the scenes from my vantage point in the corner of the room way behind all the action.

TheQuiltShow 009

In preparation for MY segment, we brought the quilts we needed in their well traveled duffle bags ----set them on the deck, only to be adopted by Jane’s cat, Tortellini!

Cats just know a good thing when they see it right?

TheQuiltShow 008

Soft cushy place to land?

TheQuiltShow 010

I’m ALL on it!

We all enjoyed lunch together, sitting on the picnic table out on Jane’s lawn – a great way to visit and get to know the volunteers who gave of their time, and to finally meet my producer, Shelley, face to face…..face to face being the operative word as we've been exchanging emails over the past couple of months….she laughed when I told her yesterday after her "Are you ready?" email that I was ready with nails polished, eyebrows contained and mustache removed….and she insisted on THIS picture for fun showing off an app she has on her phone:


Hahahahah!  Too funny!

TheQuiltShow 024

Watching Ricky & Alex do the promo clips that are shown before or after each episode!

And then the whirlwind of setting everything up for my segment began….quilts were hung on walls and on quilt stands….and I have a feeling they were not expecting such LARGE quilts..I was ALMOST apologetic, but hey – this is what I do!

I have MORE photos to show tomorrow – we are just back home, changed our clothes and are heading out for dinner ---be looking for more on MY taping tomorrow!

I am also "finally" headed back home tomorrow.....it's been a long trip, but SO rewarding in so many ways!

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  1. So glad they finally invited you - I have nagged them for years to invite you, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one!

  2. I feel butterflies for you!

  3. What a fun day! Can't wait to see more! And OMG....she gave you the Dennis Hopper/Easy Rider mustache! What a scream! LOL

  4. I'm sure you did a wonderful job. Take a deep breath and relax, you've earned it!

  5. You've always been a star - and now you're a film star!!

  6. at least now we know you will still be good looking if you "let yourself go"! lol

  7. Loved your photo! You've never looked more beautiful

  8. Just howled at the moustache picture, my husband grabbed my tablet, 'what are you laughing at?!'
    Sounds like a great day, so glad you did this.

  9. I am SOOO looking forward to your episode on TQS. Jane's too.
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

  10. cpblay@yahoo.com

    I love the Quilt Show, and I can't wait to watch yours. I actually wrote them an email once telling them they should get you to do a show, mu sister wrote too.

    I'm sure many of us who are your fans wrote to them.
    Cathy Blaylock
    Mississippi Gulf Coast

  11. AND HERE SHE IS!!! The famous talented BONNIE K HUNTER, of scrap fame!!!

    Just can't wait to see more photos and hear all of the details .. then watch YOUR segment!!!

    Like Cheri Dawn said, I have butterflies just thinking abut all of this!!!!


  12. Yep, definitely have Butterflies too..We'll be your support that for sure..Show em your stuff!

  13. I can't wait to watch your Episode on TQS! Glad you got to do it finally!

  14. Looking forward to seeing this episode! I love TQS and it's wonderful to see them expanding their guest list!

  15. So happy for you! Glad they invited you! So happy our #1 gal got her shot! :-)

  16. Loooovvvve the mustache. But were are the caterpillars (bushy eyebrows) to match?

    At least that would explain the butterflies!

    I'm sure you've had a great time with Ricky and Alex (and the rest of the crew). Hope to see you soon on your personal TQS (quiltcam).

  17. Can't wait to see your show! This may be the closest I get to taking a class with you!
    Any idea when it's going to air?

  18. glad you had a good time! looking forward to hearing more!

  19. glad it went well. shelly is a sweetheart. love the mustache photo - bwahahaha

  20. The calico kitty brings back memories of one I had many years ago-same colors and face just about the same! She was a sweetie-gave her to a friend whose grandmother needed some company to keep her lively-and that kitten did a good job of it! So glad you had a good day taping-just like QuiltCam on a larger scale! (Will definitely renew my TQS so I can watch it!)......Oh, yes, the pic with the mustache is priceless!

  21. how cool can't wait to see the show!!

  22. So glad the mustache removal went well -- the first time I had it done I was allergic to the wax and had a very red/pimply/swollen mustache for 2 weeks - utterly embarrassing -- I was a little worried for you --


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