Saturday, February 01, 2014

How’s YOUR Leader/Ender Split 9-Patch Coming?

Split9Patch_2014 003
I finished my Wonky Wishes star blocks!

I’m more than pumped about that, but I am unable to go any further until I decide what to do as far as sashings go, and I don’t have stash at the cabin so I had to switch gears.

I figure the Wonky Wishes blocks can percolate for a while before the RIGHT idea falls into place. 

Once that was boxed up I had a choice….Either I could go back to trimming bonus triangles ((Do I *HAVE* to?!?)) Or I could start laying out my Split 9-Patch Leader & Ender challenge and see how far it’s come.

I’ve been building them while working on the Wonky Wishes blocks, and other projects like Boxy Stars while up at the cabin….and the stack has grown!

I wasn’t sure how much until I counted the pinned stacks of 10 – I’ve got 121 blocks so far!

Split9Patch_2014 005

131 blocks on the floor!

The landing up above the living room in the cabin makes a great vantage point for looking at quilt layouts.  It really helps with perspective.
I see one block turned wrong…can you find it? Smile

120 blocks laid out 10 across by 12 down gives me a quilt center that measures 60” X 72”.  I think I want to go bigger than this – there are more 2.5” squares to use up, and I make quilts to cover people –so I’m thinking setting it 12 X 14 for a total of 168 blocks.  That means I still have 37 blocks to go!

Split9Patch_2014 006

Bottom corner..do you see the wrong block now??

Split9Patch_2014 007

Center…Very blendy but fun!

There is a whole life time of scraps being used up here…I believe the earliest piece goes back to the 1970s,  but there are scads of 1980s and 1990s and early 2000s fabrics in here as well as batiks and recycled fabrics and novelties.

47 more blocks huh??  Better get crackin!

If you have missed this Leader & Ender Challenge, you can find more info about it HERE.  There is no set number of blocks you need to make.  You can come up with your own setting.  There are no rules…just make the blocks as Leaders & Enders in between what you are already working on and let them pile up.  Pretty soon you have enough for a whole quilt.

Don’t forget about or Last Mystery Link-Up for Celtic Solstice starting tomorrow.  We will leave it up for a week – so you can enter your link until Saturday, Feb 8th at 11:55pm EASTERN Time.  Don’t wait til the last minute, West Coast people….you may miss it!

We’ve been invited to the “sort of across the street” neighbor’s cabin for movie night!  Nice folks – you probably have seen their green tin roof quite often in the photos I post from the front porch of our cabin. n They are also part timers up here, so it’s hit and miss.  I was thrilled when they popped by this afternoon to ask us over.

Have a great Evening, everyone!

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  1. will you take hand-sewing to the neighbors house - or maybe your featherweight??? LOL

  2. You are just incredibly amazing! As busy as you are you still churn out those quilt tops. I am working on hand quiltimg the string basket weave from your free pattern page. I am also working on emptying our storage in las vegas. One of the pluses of that is i am finding fabric that i haven't seen in a long time. LOL! Have fun at movie night.
    Aveli in mountains of New Mexico

  3. How out cheddar sashing!

  4. Mine is finished, just needs a label! That was fun.

  5. Anonymous8:20 PM EST

    Dear Bonnie
    How I love to hear about your cabin life, it sounds so wonderful, and the cabin looks really comfortable and cosy.
    You are my inspiration, I have recently had some tragegy in my life, which I'm slowly overcoming.
    Thanks a million for all you do.
    Claire Apatow

  6. It's funny that you posted about the Split 9-Patch leader/ender today. I was sewing bowtie blocks earlier and remembered you doing those a couple years ago. That got me wondering when you might start a new leader/ender project?

  7. I like your setting for the leaders and enders. I counted mine today and have a little over 60 and going. Did get my blocks together for the mystery but am unable to post. My camera is sick and I can't get pictures out of my phone. My colors are pretty much like you suggested and all out of my stash except about 4 FQ of orange. Love your cabin.

  8. Saw the "turned" block and thought it was a neat design element! Repeat on top on opposite sides and it will give a neat hook effect! I am closing in on 200 of those critters and thinking about laying them out and getting them out of the way for other projects. Then will just make them as "whenever" project as parts collect after this! Have had to cut more 2-1/2" squares and HST's, but am cleaning out some of the shorter strips in the strip drawer! Thanks for the idea and it has been a fun exercise in cleaning out left-overs!

  9. It looks wonderful! I love the layout. Have you been thinking about your next leader/ender project??? :)

  10. I know you have worked on your hexies on the planes, right? I am wondering how you cut your threads. I don't think we are allowed scissors, are we? I am planning to go to South Africa, which is a lengthy flight, and would like to do hand stitching but I am not sure how to cut threads. Thanks, Bonnie.

    1. Bonnie gave us an idea of.keeping the Dental floss. Container with u to use as a cutter

  11. Wow! Your split nine patch quilt is gorgeous!

  12. You have a perfect place to take a picture from above too! Looks good to me. I didn't make this L/E project. Maybe the next one. a 2-color challenge like you mentioned on QuiltCAM sounds interesting.

  13. What movie did you see??

  14. Hi
    Is it working right always because u stuck with one size of blocks in your quilts?
    I mean u use 2 1/2 stripes so L / E are the same for thierd quilt

  15. My leader and ender is also coming along but I do not have as many blocks as you. I did put some of mine in rows since the box they whew in was overflowing so I needed to put some rows together to make room for more half square triangles and squares. Have fun at movie night!

  16. LOVE this layout! And I know it wasn't planned, but I'm seeing some of this year's Radiant Orchid color in this quilt! Love it!

  17. Your split 9 patches are looking SO GOOD! Love scrappy quilts, they seem so much more alive.

    Doing fairly well with mine. I have a block out of position. One of our daughters says the way it sits, it looking like it is running away from the others :) Leaving it there, and make another opposite it. Naming the quilt? "Cutting Loose"

    Have a great evening with new friends.

  18. I started working on Split 9-Patches and then kind of fell off the wagon. I actually counted mine today and only have 19 - definitely will need more of them if I am going to make any size of a quilt! I love your layout and envy the space you have to lay it out and the loft to look down onto it - I bet you use that often.

  19. Hi Bonnie
    I have a question.
    We are supposed to always press to the dark, but I am working on some blocks with stars and find that the two darks come together in the points.
    How do I avoid this?

  20. I haven't counted recently. I don't have many blocks, just lots of threes, and since the HSTs ran out recently I've been joining squares. Unfortunately my definition of neutral has been revised several times since I started, so some fabrics appear in the neutral half of one block and the dark half of others. I'm not bothered about that as I'll take that hurdle when I reach it. Maybe it will mean two projects.
    I still think the idea of leaders & enders is brilliant. Bonnie, you're a genius.

  21. I love how this is turning out! These half light half dark blocks are so much fun to play with. I didn't dive into the split nine patch leader ender because I had already started my own using 2" bonus squares and making the flock of geese block which also has the "split" look to it. I think I've got about 100 of those done. I'm not in a hurry though and I want to eventually make a big quilt. My design wall is all Celtic Solstice right now so I haven't tried out the flock of geese layout for awhile. I'm leaning toward a streak of lightning setting. I've always wanted to do a quilt like that.

  22. This is when the magic happens, when you finally lay out the blocks that you have been building. All those bits of fabric come together to create something wonderful. Love, love, love it!

  23. Setting idea for the Wonky Stars: I liked the light beige color of your rug showing between the blocks. This neutral color helps my eye focus on the multi-colored star blocks. In the sashing, could you make Friendship Stars with an accent color at the cornerstone junctions?

  24. I've already completed 4 quilts and an additional 5 tops using this technique. I'd say 80% of them were completed as leaders and enders. I still have plenty more HSTs and squares to use, so your pattern here is most likely next! If you want to see a pic of a nice Christmas split-9-patch Swoon, there's one on my blog for February 3.

  25. My shaded 9 patch is almost to a top. I will be sewing the borders on today, hopefully. I was tickled to be able to use units I had made years ago -- half triangle squares and squares already cut to the right size. Biggest issue is what to do with the leftovers. I know another shaded 9patch quilt!


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