Thursday, February 06, 2014

Quilt-Cam 2/6/2014

It’s a great night for sewing in the scraps!

This is Priscilla’s machine and her view of Quilt-Cam while working on her Boxy Stars blocks --

She writes:
I'm with my BC friends again (I'm from CT) and we are sewing your boxy stars.  We each made 48 units to make 12 blocks.  On my last trip we did the crumb quilt together.  Great sewing along with you.
Thanks for sharing the photo, Priscilla!  I just love to see what progress you are making.

It’s been a bit of a crazy day today – but the tooth crown is re-cemented into place and we will try to make it work a little longer before we have to do a whole new crown.

Isn’t that the way life throws us little whammies?  When you least have the time to deal with something….there it is, popping off your tooth and laying there in your mouth like a marble.  Dental Drama.. ACCCK!

I’ve spent the afternoon working on my “Step Outs” for my taping of the Quilt Show this month.  They all have to be done before I leave Saturday!

The project I am showing for my episode is the combining of traditional pieced blocks with string patchwork ---and we are using the Jamestown Landing quilt as a demo, so I’ve been making half square triangle units all afternoon, leaving things in different steps of completion so y9u can see how I get from one place to another – yet leaving SOME parts to be demo-sewn while on camera.

I’m now to the point where I need 16 neutral string units, so tonight’s Quilt-Cam will have me working on those and pulling from this bin:

The Quilt Show 007

The bin! She overfloweth!

Fabric just never goes away, it only gets cut smaller – right?

The Quilt Show 008

Getting a head start!

I think I’ve got enough to keep me busy during Quilt-Cam tonight.  I’m sewing on my two tone 301 short bed, known by collectors as L-BOW (Elbow) in coloring.  That’s LIGHT BROWN, OYSTER WHITE – I tend to think of her as a Belair – much like the two ton3ed cars of the era.  She’s a mid 1950s girl, the twin to the one I keep up at Quilt Villa.  LOVE these machines.

Let’s Sew!  Click the screen below to start the feed:

After losing basement power..here is try #2!  (( Yes, my life is always a CIRCUS!!))

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  1. YAY BONNIE! I am actually able to watch Quilt Cam tonight! I am literally drooling over your neutrals bin! I could hear Andee screaming when you picked up that "Packers" fabric! LOL

  2. Hi From Jo in country Victoria, Australia
    I am watching live for the first time and am cutting 2 1/2" squares out of my scraps.
    It is a sweltering 96.8 F or 36 C here.
    Am enjoying watching you


  3. hi bonnie I am working on CS clue 4 the 4 patches... and watching the Olympics too. thanks

  4. Hi from good old Germany!

    I haven't been able to watch QuiltCam live for a while, but tonight I woke up just right on time, even without having the alarm clock set.

    I am working on pressing fabrics for a new quilt that needs to be done for Valentine's Day... ohoh... need to hurry!

    Greetings from good old Germany!


  5. Anonymous9:14 PM EST

    Checking in on ya! Working great!

  6. Second time with you on quilt cam, loving it.

  7. Coming in loud and clear in FL. :) This is fun!! Glad you are sewing away tonight. Just finished a baby blanket using someof your techiniques...was fun but sewed away so merrily forgot to pay attention and ended up ripping a few blocks back off. LOL!oops! I hit my front crown with a coffee cup 2 weeks before my daughters wedding a few years ago...talk about dental drama and panic!! LOL!

  8. Oh Bonnie...my string bins have taken over one corner of my room. I have them stacked to the ceiling!!!!!!
    Two of neutrals and then all color sorted. You have created a monster!!
    XOXOXO Subee

  9. For some reason your blog is telling me over and over to install Flashplayer 12 instead of displaying the normal window for quiltcam. I've installed it twice now and still nothing, so guess I can't watch you live tonight.

  10. Hi Bonnie! Left Erie for Virginia Beach for some long arm classes.... Quilt cam is a great way to end my long day if traveling. Brought my Celtic soltice to finish my binding.

  11. Can you use the yellow pages of a phone book for the foundation piece?

  12. Hand quilting on a quilt for a show I want to put it in in March. Freezing in Illinois but hand work helps. I Enjoy your quilt cam thanks for doing it

  13. R u using white pages and yellow pages as the foundation piece to stitch your strings on?

  14. Hi, I have not made a Quilt, But Iam trying. Do you think that 4 machine are to many. I don't have a long are machine yet. Sure i wait tell I make a quilt.

  15. Does the paper wash away or do you tear it away?

  16. Hi Bonnie, Sewing along with you tonight from Southern Mississippi on my 1935 Featherweight. Working on my Easy Street quilt which is going to be donated to the quilts of valor program. Thanks for quilt cam tonight.

  17. Not sure if you can read this tonight at the Q cam, but can you talk about the table you are using with the sewing machine? I need to do something with my machine, I need more level area in front of the machine. I hope that makes sense. Trish :)

  18. Hi Bonnie,

    Working on finishing up my Jamestown Landing quilt from a class I took with you in a Dallas last September. It's moving along well :)!

  19. Leslie in NC
    I finished the top of my Celtic Solstice tonight, and discovered a rotated block in the bottom row center. I couldn't stand it. so I fixed it. Now on to borders!

  20. Anonymous9:44 PM EST

    Hello Bonnie I don't know what happened but I lost you. I am sewing little wallets and watching you working tonight. I want to send you a picture of what I'm doing but I cannot upload my pic. Take care Corina.

  21. Low volume - like the low volume on your television, low volume quilts don't shout at you. They speak in low tones - soft, light colors without a lot of contrast.

    Tonight I am working on a paper-piecing project and coming to yo from snowy, frigid St. Louis, MO.

  22. Hey, Bonnie -- Enjoying QuiltCam once again. I am hand piecing more hexie flowers for the table cloth that WILL be finished one day. I loved the pieced heart someone posted on your Facebook page about a week ago. I have made three of these hearts so far and have another one laid out and ready to stitch. I'm trying to use up some of the thousands of two inch squares filling a lidded wastebasket. I wish you would write a book on how to evaluate, buy, use and care for vintage sewing machines. I'm sure there would be a market for it. ... Myra in Fort Wayne, IN

  23. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=431746580196347&set=a.262899447081062.55525.166989286672079&type=1 hi Bonnie I lost you i already upload the picture of my little wallets. I hope you can see them.

  24. Anonymous9:50 PM EST

    Hi Boonie... just HAD to let you know that I bought a 1951 FW last night ... me ... who is not into antiques!! I can't wait to get it. Honestly, I've never even seen one in person. But after following YOU, I just had to get one! :) I'll keep you upddated. I tried to get into your Tucson class, but no dice! :)
    Jean in AZ

  25. Anonymous9:52 PM EST

    For those who don't get facebook, Bonnie just posted:
    "– I lost power in the basement! That kind of put The kibosh on quilt cam! Give me five minutes and I will set up a second feed."

  26. So happy to be sewing along with you Bonnie! I am putting my blocks together for Wild and Goosey so i can show you in Tuscon next week! Go Pack!

  27. Yeah you're back :) I'm working on putting my Celtic together. On Row 2 and its going together beautifully. Thank you Bonnie!

  28. Bonnie, I'm enjoying Quilt Cam tonite as always..I used the intermission to grab a snack. I put together the top for a small donation quilt today so I'm relaxing tonight. I've registered for your class in London KY in March and I'm looking forward to seeing you there. Thanks for all you do.

    Myrna in KY.

  29. Joining you live and with your interruption.Funny story I make homemade beer for DH, and the money we save not buying it at the store ...I buy fabric! He calls that woman's logic!!
    Ontario Canada

  30. Hi Bonnie - Just returned from the AQS Show in Phoenix, what a wonderful time I had. So many beautiful quilts from around the world!

    I'm getting more and more excited as next Wednesday gets closer - I get to meet you! I'm thrilled and honored, and mostly can't wait ... Is it February 12th yet?

    Paula Z

  31. Enjoying Quiltcam! Sewing the pieced borders for my Celtic Solstice(I'm calling mine "When Irish Eyes are Smiling"). I just last week found my speech and drama teacher from high school on Facebook. We had a very nice catch up chat! So happy to have been able to visit with him once again.

  32. Sorry you lost power but sooo glad you were able to get back. I'm working on the mystery project from your Dec 30th class in Plano, Tx. I've finished 14 of the 28 blocks. Loving the bright colors.

  33. I understand "low volume" to mean low contrast between the background and the design elements. I hear them talking about low volume quilts like the Burgoyne Surrounded (they call it something else) quilt along that is going on right now.
    Barbara in MD

  34. Watching from California where we are cutting back on energy use to allow power to be sent to the East due to the extreme cold. So no dishwashing no heater just snuggling under a quilt watching you

  35. Hi, Bonnie, Thanks so much for Quilt Cam. You mentioned selvages, just so happens I'm sewing a small zippered bag using them. I'm zigzagging them on batting first then cutting the pieces. Makes a nice gift. Say hi to cousin Jilly for me, she's in VA at a longarmers weekend of classes. Melody in Erie, PA

  36. Anonymous10:25 PM EST

    Hey Bonnie, I am 2/3 of the way thru 4864 pieces of Celtic Solstice. Remind me not to choose king size next time. Watching tonight while your #1 fan Andee gets ready for Tucson.

  37. I am getting ready to load my Celtic Christmas Solstice on my quilting machine finally. I have to get some old Christmas fabric out of the STASH and sew a seam but I'm excited so I can Blog it and link it up to the Linky before Sunday. Had to take time out watching tonight to go and pick up hubby in the snow storm from work. Thanks for showing us what to throw in the string bin.

  38. Hi Bonnie, thanks for the quilt cam. I just finished my second small quilt for my grandson he will br 5. Dragons on one side and monster trucks on the other.

  39. I have been wanting to do a leader and ender project for a while. I have done small items but never a big quilt. I would love to do something using red and white. I had thought about doing Blue Ridge Beauty and then considered Bow-Dacious. that is as far as I got. I will watch for your challenge. I have enjoyed watch quilt-cam a few times now.

  40. Slipping onto the computer late. So happy you have these quiltcam sessions we can get to if we can not make at the designated time!

    Watching you make string blocks made me think: I could make a Red and neutral Jamestown Landing... been looking for a super pattern.
    Been collecting, saving and wee purchases of red print... THANK YOU>>>> just watching you work gives me ideas!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  41. Anonymous1:10 AM EST

    How I love your Quilt Cam.
    A couple of days ago you showed an option for the Red/White leaders & enders, with a nine patch and snowball alternating.
    That one gets my vote. I too love the nine and four patches.


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