Monday, February 10, 2014

Of Fathers and Childhood Friends!

AZ_Feb2014 024
 Yesterday involved NOTHING Quilt related at all!

Even though I was here near Phoenix on the last day of the AQS Quilt show, I decided to spend time with my dad in the morning, and then run over to Glendale where I had accepted an invitation for dinner at the home of a school friend I hadn’t seen in 34 years.  THIRTY FOUR YEARS!!

I shot this “Selfie” of dad and myself on my phone while waiting to be seated at Mimi’s for brunch.  I think I have the cutest dad on the planet!

Jules and I became fast best friends when we were in the 6th grade – and that friendship continued until I moved away in Junior high ---there wasn’t email then, and long distance phone calls were expensive and limited.

A couple of years later we had relocated back to where I was able to attend the same school, but things were different ---she had her circle of friends and I had mine, and though we were cordial – our lives were just different.

But through the wonders of Facebook, we found each other again and I was never so happy when I got the “Do you remember me?” message along with her Facebook request.  OF COURSE I DO!

We were inseparable as girls ---and it is so great to have her back in my life now ---we’ve communicated over the past couple of years but this was the first time where I had TIME to actually go and see her.

We were Mutt and Jeff then – and we still are!

There is something so wonderful about sitting across the table from a childhood friend..and seeing their same eyes, their same smile, hearing their same laughter and catching up on everything that has happened in the past 34 years since we received our high school diplomas and took separate paths out into the world.

Jules is a great cook, and fixed us a fabulous meal, and afterwards we grabbed the dog and went out for a long evening walk, gabbing and laughing all along the way ---

AZ_Feb2014 029

Arizona has the most glorious sunsets!

AZ_Feb2014 030

Look at the reflection of the clouds, the light and the trees in the water!

AZ_Feb2014 031

A bit grainy, night was falling….

She lives in the prettiest neighborhood where houses back up to a canal filled with water fowl – we saw ducks and geese and even some herons out in the evening light.  It was such a great walk!

Today’s plan is to take a drive out to see the Saguaro Forests around Rio Verde.  If the afternoon is warm enough, we might take a ride on Dad’s goldwing motorcycle…if not…we’ll take the car, but whatever we do we are enjoying being together and enjoying the warmth and sunshine of an Arizona February afternoon.

This evening will find us all at Mark's house for a family dinner.

Tomorrow I head to TUSCON and the Quilty Fun will begin!

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  1. Bonnie, you and your Dad are a perfect match. He looks fun. Glad to hear you had a great time with your girlfriend. Those sunsets were a real treat. Hope Mark is still progressing well.

  2. Mutt and Jeff is right - barefeet vs hiking boots . . .

  3. So good to meet old friends, the ones that will live forever in our hearts. I live near Rio Verde, but so far away from the one you visited. Beautiful sunset pictures. I love sunsets. Hugs

  4. WOWO Bonnie.... you and your Dad are certainly related ... closely related! As they say, he couldn't disown you ever! Your face is too much like his. So happy to see you got to visit.

    34 yrs is a long time, but friendship last.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  5. How wonderful to connect with your childhood friend...makes me miss mine. LOVE your Dad's Smile!!!!

  6. Very nice reunion!!! Reminds me of my childhood friend and I was the 5'5" brunette and she was the 5'10" blonde! Beautiful pics of the sunset!

  7. So great you get some time with your Dad. I hope you get to go on the motorcycle ride...so fun!

  8. So Happy for you Bonnie to have the opportunity to re bond. Friends are difficult to find and to find a lost one is even greater.
    Yeah Team.
    You Go girl. That is wonderful
    Robin in Leavenworth Washington

  9. I hit the wrong key bonnie

  10. Your whole adventure today has me longing for a friend I haven't seen in around 40 years. I miss her. I'm so glad you had such a nice visit with your dad, too!

  11. Anonymous10:23 PM EST

    Your Dad certainly is a cutie. I'm sure you'll allow me a little leeway when I say he's the second cutest Dad. I think my Dad is the cutest. :}

  12. I was thinking the same thing; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! You are your father's daughter. He looks like a real sweetie. What a great time you are having with family and meeting your old school friend was the frosting on the cake! Wonderful. I just wanted to mention I forwarded the information from last night's post about the mystery quilt to a friend in California. She responded "Hi Linda, I was glad to see the quilt in question. I will forward it on to my cousin in CA as she also is a quilter and has a group of ladies that meet on Mon called "The Sewcialbles". Quite an interesting story to say the least. Blessings,Phyllis"
    We never know what can happen. If everyone just keeps spreading this story, maybe there will be an answer eventally.

  13. Your Dad is just a baby LOL , sure he's not your bro.

    Great memories you made.

    Have fun :-))

  14. One of my best long time friends, is a friend from college, and we, too, were known as Mutt and Jeff, as she is about 5'10" and I am 5'3". I smiled when I saw your note and photo!

  15. Sounds like you had a fabulous day. I'm glad you got to reconnect with an old friend. How wonderful. Hey, my Dad had a Goldwing, and he was cute too. There must be a connection!

  16. I agree, your Dad is adorably handsome...and looks like a very healthy guy as well..Bless him...Have a great time with Mark, hope he is continuing to get better all the time....I can relate to your girlfriend, I'm a barefooter too...

  17. Love to see you two girls together!
    As I have a friend from the time when I was 6 (uh oh, 57 yrs of friendship and counting...)! I can relate to your joy to be close enough to be able to hug again =^}
    As things went, just like you know, there have been years without seeing each other but for sure, we start our conversations just where we left them, could be a decade aqo or yesterday. I don't do her knitting anymore, saved by the bells of time, and she doesn't try to sew or crocket because that horrible teacher we had didn't understand that lefthanded people are often not equipped to do righthanders' work.

    Have another best day of your life!
    Irene from Witmarsum, Friesland.

  18. So happy that you connected with your friend. I'm still in close contact with childhood friends and we are planning our 50th High School Reunion! Waiting to welcome you to TUCSON at last. Can't hardly stand it. Please be patient, Betsy and I are giddy with excitement.
    all the best, Maria Call


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