Sunday, February 23, 2014

Floating on the San Antonio River!

SanAntonio_TX2014 025
After lunch on Friday, we took the opportunity to make the most of a beautiful afternoon, and bought tickets for a river boat ride on the San Antonio Riverwalk!

It was a glorious spring feeling day ----the sun sparkling on the water as we made our way leisurely along, listening to our guide tell us about the history and highlights of San Antonio.

We had passengers along with us from as far away as Canada and Washington DC ---and some locals along to enjoy the beautiful day too!

SanAntonio_TX2014 027

Our guide at the wheel was quite the character and had us laughing and smiling while we observed the things he pointed out to us….and took pictures where we could, except for the woman next to me who couldn't get out of texting! LOL!

SanAntonio_TX2014 028

Remember the movie “Selena”?  This is the bridge from the kissing scene where Jennifer Lopez smooched Jon Seda.

SanAntonio_TX2014 029

We floated past buildings with interesting histories

SanAntonio_TX2014 032

Intricate mosaics on beautiful theater buildings ---

SanAntonio_TX2014 035sm

Colorful umbrellas waving hello from beneath another bridge ---

SanAntonio_TX2014 036

Amphitheaters on one side ---

SanAntonio_TX2014 037

Stages on the other!

((Remember this stage from Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock??))

SanAntonio_TX2014 039

Tall buildings on either sdie ---

SanAntonio_TX2014 040

Flags flying high overhead ---

SanAntonio_TX2014 043

Interesting trees growing out of rock walls ---

SanAntonio_TX2014 008

What a wonderful way to spend the day!

It’s now Saturday afternoon.  We have gone to a late leisurely breakfast –had our nails done, eyebrows waxed, mustache removed ---who knew I was this HAIRY!? ---and we plan to spend the rest of the afternoon happily sewing up the scraps!

TOMORROW – BIG TAPING DAY!  ((I’m so excited and nervous I can’t begin to tell you!))

Loving my time in San Antonio, and in the back of my mind – counting down the hours until Tuesday when I’ll be headed home to my own bed and family.

Love from TX!

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  1. Be sure to pop over to the Mexican market and grab something to eat at Mi Tierra and grab a few treats on the way out from their Mexican bakery! It's a San Antonio must stop :-)

  2. San Antonio looks wonderful. Thanks for showing.

    Good luck with the taping, I'm sure you will do well.


  3. Anonymous4:04 PM EST

    This post brings back memories of when we traveled to Texas four years ago. We didn't take the riverboat ride, but chose instead to walk. It's just beautiful!!!!! The day we were there it was about 100 degrees in the shade! Too hot for my Canadian blood! You'll do GREAT tomorrow; just be your loveable self that we all love.

    Linda in Alberta, Canada

  4. That looks just beautiful and relaxing. I love bright umbrellas!

  5. So pretty on the Riverwalk! I LOVE going down there (except in the summer! YIKES!). One of these days you need to tube the 'river' in San Marcos. The clearest, coldest water you've probably ever experienced!

  6. oooh bonnie, thanks again for taking me along on such a sun-filled trip!

  7. I can't believe I lived in Texas for 10 years and never did take a trip down the River Walk. My daughter lived in SA for a couple years. I wonder if she ever went. Got a new thing on my bucket list! I really did enjoy the wonderful preview you gave me.

  8. I've done that trip and loved it too! Enjoy your time with Ricky Timm and Alex Anderson. They did a presentation here(Eau Claire, WI) and they are great people. Unfortunately, Ricky came down with something and had to go to the ER. Alex and Libbey Lehman did a great job filling in for him. He was back on his feet the last day but you could tell he wasn't up to par.

  9. Bonnie - you will be just fantastic! Not to worry about the taping. BE YOURSELF - that is why they have asked you to do the show after all.

    Love San Anton so much ... texting while on the river ride is insane...

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  10. oh, aren't you glad you aren't going to be HAIRY on the show!!!! LOL, you are too much fun... Your enthusiasm is just infectious. San Anton is fabulous, glad you enjoyed it. And know you have all your fans rooting you on tomorrow - just be out Bonnie, and you'll be fine. You and Alex will hit it off, I just know it. Kthleen

  11. What a lovely tour! I will be there in 2 weeks and looking forward to relaxing on the river walk too? thanks for taking us along. Can't wait for your show on TQS, always so much fun and I am sure you cleaned up good...you are so funny Bonnie!

  12. I've heard that San Antonio river walk is just beautiful. One day, I'll get there. Good luck with the taping. You'll do great!

  13. So glad you 'fessed' up to being nervous about the taping. So many people want others to think they are old hands and never get nervous. I'm glad that you take things like this seriously because that is a professional way to look at this opportunity. Break a leg!

  14. That is really neat...I've never been to Texas and didn't know it had areas like that. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  15. Bonnie,
    Just wanted to wish you Good Luck on the taping. Just be yourself, which is why they invited you. They will be very interested in how you do what you do. I met Alex in 2000 before she got famous and she is really a very nice person.

  16. Thank you for the memories. Haven't been to San Antonio for a while. It just might be time to return.

  17. Thanks for sharing San Antonio with us. You'll be GREAT tomorrow.

  18. Bonnie - I've lived in San Antonio for 7 years. We've done the boat trip about 3 times and DH has been pooped on by the birds twice! LOL! We love our Riverwalk though! You will be awesome on the show...just be you and you can't go wrong! Can't wait to see your episode!

  19. I'm so glad I subscribe to The Quilt Show. Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims are so nice.... You will have a good time !! Can't wait til it airs !!! Btw.... Was on Facebook and it was a give away that said, leave your favorite blog to enter...... Guess who's blog was listed most........... quiltville!!!!!

  20. Thank you for posting this wonderful tour. It's been on my 'bucket list' forever but I haven't made it down to San Antonio yet! Good luck at your taping! You'll be great!

  21. Anonymous12:12 AM EST

    I have just signed up for The Quilt Show, when watching episode 1404, I was laughing when I saw Alex with the little thread nugget she is using. I can't wait for you to tell her about your leaders/enders idea.
    On the blog they have mentioned they are already in San Antonio getting ready for Bonnie Hunter.
    Sydney Ausralia

  22. Your photos took me back many years when my husband and I visited San Antonio. We walked along the same route you went along in the boat. We also visited a Quilting Shop. The ladies were so kind and attentive, putting John in a comfy corner with a cup of coffee. Then another customer started to chat to him telling him about her family's collection of heritage quilts which they had donated to The Smithsonian. At the end of the visit the assistants gave me a special pin which they normally gave to people on a Quilt Shop tour. Great memories.
    Hope your recording goes brilliantly.

  23. Anonymous6:22 AM EST

    Your Riverwalk boat ride brought back so many memories, it was great to see those sites again. You will do fine on your taping just pretend its quilt cam! Your taping yourself every time.

    Sherry in NY

  24. So glad you got a restful day off to pamper yourself. You will be awesome at your taping. Let your cute Bonnie self shine. Enjoy!

  25. You will do great! ! Just be your own wonderful self. Will be thinking of you and am so excited for you! ! Most of all have fun!

  26. Thank you for sharing your travels, pictures and all the excitement that taping The quilt show provides. I feel I am right there wit you enjoying all the fun. Good luck tomorrow. Break a leg.


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