Sunday, February 02, 2014

Headed Out On All Fours!

Split9Patch_2014 010
This was the view from my 4-wheeler as we got out to enjoy the 63 degree heat wave here on Buck Mountain.

We are way out on private country roads up here…there is no trash pick up.  There are no recycle bins.  If you want it recycled, you take it off the mountain with you when you leave.

There is a little old guy at the bottom of the mountain as we make our way back out to the highway, and residents up here leave him all the recyclables like cans, etc as it helps him stay independent.  He turns them in for cash, and it is community helping one of its own.

As for the leaves, though….they clog ditches and water run off in the culverts – so we have to keep those ditches and culverts clear from debris.  This means that leaves are burned when there is no danger of fire spreading.

You will notice that all of our snow is now GONE…not a trace of it anywhere.  Everything is so saturated there is no way that the burning leaves will catch anything else, and rain is predicted for tomorrow so neighbors got busy.

Split9Patch_2014 008-001

Here I come round the bend!

I’m not very experienced when it comes to riding these things.  I’m not a speed demon, I’m rather pokey when it comes right down to it.  But I’m learning.  And yes, it’s an automatic, it has forward and reverse and a gas lever and brakes.  And it is FUN!

The Hubster caught a little video as I rode on by…..

We headed down to the water fall to see how it was running with all the snow melt…

Split9Patch_2014 011

Pretty as ever!


It was a great afternoon to be outside!

After lunch and a discussion ----since we have two vehicles up here and there is more I need to do before leaving, and the DH was anxious to get home before the Super Bowl stars and I would rather be sewing and watching Downton Abbey – it was agreed that I would stay here one more night and head home in the morning. 

I missed last week’s Downton because I was flying home from Alabama.  Tonight I get a double header!

And I will be assembling THIS:

Split9Patch_2014 012-001

Ready to be sewn in rows!

I admit it….I pushed the last 27 blocks through as Leaders & Enders for each other, instead of waiting for them to be the Leaders & Enders while working on a separate project!  I had already gone as far as I could on the other project, this was the only other piecing project I had here with me.  And we all know that at some point those Leader & Ender projects refuse to stay back burner once you hit a certain point – they DEMAND to become primary project material, and we must obey!

I’ll be webbing this top tonight and heading home in the morning.

For more information on what I mean by "webbing" Click to read this post that explains the process with photos HERE.

Oh heavens!  I need a NEW Leader & Ender project!

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  1. Cindy May6:50 PM EST

    Love it ,Bonnie. Have to make one of these also.
    Kudos on the 4 wheelin too! You go girl!!!!

    Cindy from Mi

  2. Hi Bonnie. I admire your ability to balance all the many many things in your life! Boys, hubster, and all the responsibility to your family and yourself on top of your many quilty things! Kudos!

  3. Why stop now? We have 6 months left until July-make another quilt and use up more of the 2-1/2" pieces that accumulate with other projects! You have 2 sons-make one for each! Tah-da! L/E solved for 6 months! It is fun to make those blocks!

  4. Anonymous7:43 PM EST

    You can tell you're from the south...63 degrees and you have a down jacket on *wink*.(I know your riding a quad so you need it to stay warm.)
    Our friends recently moved to NC. She said everyone bundles up when it hit 60 and she and her husband are running around in shorts and t's. LOL

  5. I have 100 of these blocks made so that means I need 68 more to make your size. I was really wondering about my layout. Now I know how I will lay it out. Thanks Bonnie!

  6. You don't have to speed around on those to have a great time...just like riding a motorcycle, just ride and enjoy the great outdoors....there is no race :0).

    Happy Sewing

  7. You go Bonnie! I have 83 Split 9 Patch done. This means I am half way. Hugs

  8. Hi Bonnie, I absolutely LOVE the layout of your Split 9-Patch! I have a few blocks started, so fun.......It was T-shirt weather here today..49* beautiful weather..Be careful on those 4 Wheelers.,...Debra in Ma.

  9. Sounds like a perfect evening ahead for you! Love the way your Leaders and Enders project turned out. I thought I saw an eyeball staring at me from your quilt and when I zoomed in saw it was a star and a moon sliver:)
    I will be catching up on Downton Abbey tomorrow as we are watching(me only somewhat) the blow out of a SUPERBOWL game...yawn..

  10. What does it mean when you say, "...you will be webbing this tonight." I've never heard the expression webbing before.

  11. Love your 'antique quilt' remade. The current issue of Quilt-it Today has a similar group quilt also based on an antique. As for L/E there is always four patches,
    Have fun!

  12. If you need more snow, we have plenty in MI that I'd be happy to send you. Our "heat wave" was Friday when it hit 32.2F! Above freezing!! Woot. It will likely be April before it is all gone. I need to move to NC.

  13. How good that warmer weather must have felt I love your quilt. Very beautiful

  14. Wow, beautiful pictures of a beautiful day! It got up to 60 here in Delaware today for some fun on the still snowy trails. Now today it is raining and 39. The four wheelers look like fun! Wish I'd gotten my motorcycle out for a ride yesterday!

  15. That looks awesome. Do you have a name for it yet? I by-passed that challenge. Just have too many other things going. I might jump on the red/white one though, as that's been on my list anyway. I want to make "just takes two"

  16. You'll be ready for a Harley by the time you get to Erie next year. :). I'm like you tho.... I just like to poke along and take in the scenery.... My hubster always asks "is there something wrong with your bike". I say "nope just enjoying the ride!!" Beautiful quilt!!!

  17. Just started the leader/ender blocks yesterday and they are sure addicting. I can see them trying to break out of their leader/ender status and become a project, demanding their own rights in the sewing room hierarchy.


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