Friday, February 07, 2014

Mystery Quilt, And Murder Most Foul ---

Take a look at this quilt.

Santa Clara cold case detectives are hoping it jogs someone’s memory because it may be the key to identifying the killer of a South Bay mother of two back in 1989.

Share it with your friends. They may recognize it.
This story has been sent to me several times over the past couple of days – and I’ve already had it slated for this evening’s time slot as yesterday was full, and it seemed to fit best tonight when I can post ONLY about this story, and not have to cram it in beside something else.
The story rings close to home for me because I grew up in San Jose, California –I was there until April of 1981 when I left to go work for the summer in Idaho where my mom and stepdad had relocated to, and planned on college in the fall.
I was gone by the time this murder happened..but the fact that I know WHERE it happened…grew up there, and that it has a close connection to a quilt made it a real interest for me, and I want to do what I can to spread the news so we can get this cold case SOLVED!
If only this quilt could talk!
This colorful quilt was found draped over the body of a Santa Clara mother of two 25 years ago and may hold the key to solving her murder.
According to the story on KTVU ((Channel 2 and I can still hear the jingle in my head, we grew up watching this station in the bay area!)) this is the story:
“We are asking the public to take a look at this quilt and call us if you know anything about it. We are hoping that it will lead us to Cathy’s killer.
Zimmer’s body was found covered by the quilt in her Chrysler New Yorker at the San Jose Airport on March 10, 1989.
That spring day more than two decades ago, Zimmer was the 38-year-old mother of two teens, taking business classes at San Jose State and working part-time at a real estate office.
Detectives said she drove the kids to school, had lunch with a friend and attended two college classes, detectives said in a release. She had a 2:45 p.m. eye doctor appointment to check her newly-fitted contact lenses in Los Gatos.
She missed the appointment, and another at a motivational group. She did not come home that night.
Two days later, police found her car parked in the short-term lot at the San Jose airport.
Her dead body was in the backseat, covered by the quilt. No one close to the victim could identify the quilt.” 
More information can be found on the story HERE.
Fabrics  are bold and tropical in nature ---Does anyone remember this quilt? Or who the maker might be? 
Please share this story – post the link to this post on your facebook, newsgroups, twitter pages, flickr groups, anywhere that quilters gather to help get the word out.
It’s been 25 years.  This family needs some answers and some closure.
Thank you for spreading the word!

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  1. Anonymous7:36 PM EST

    That one square of aqua paisley and one square of pastel stripes look out of place on this quilt. Most of the other fabrics look like they might have been recycled from Hawaiian shirts. That aqua paisley looks like a fabric that was popular back in the early 1980's, when maxi dresses were popular.

  2. WOW! I've never heard of that! it doesn't look familiar to me at all. With all your readers maybe someone will recognize it!
    What a shame!

  3. Bonnie, I honestly thought you were putting us on to a Kindle mystery--until I kept reading. I've never seen this quilt. Wonder if the murderer was driving his mother's or grandmother's car and used what he had available to hide the body. The fabrics do look like dress weight cotton/polys from the 60's and 70's to me. I'm glad the cold case people are still investigating. This is SO sad!!!

  4. There were a lot fewer quilters back then. If the police didn't dismiss the importance of the quilt then they would have had a good clue. Of course it could have been bought at a second hand store.

  5. I read about this story elsewhere, i hope someone comes forward with info to help solve this murder.


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