Saturday, February 08, 2014

Quiltmaker Give-Away Winner --- And Happy Birthday Grannie!

 We had 546 entries in our drawing for the March/April 2014 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine!  WOW!

I really love this issue…the springy bright colors are calling to me, and I can hardly wait for our forsythia to start blooming……do you think it will have started by the time I return from this 2 week trip?

I am afraid I might miss it!  Wait all year for spring to come and poof -- I'm out of town.

I plugged the numbers unto the random number generator, pushed the button and held my breath to see what number came up ---

All the while, fingers and toes were crossed that the generator would choose someone who had a name AND an email address for contact --- last time we had to choose 3 times to find someone with contact info.

You did well!!

The numbers came up ----and I dug through the comments to go find entry number 83!!


Who is Number 83?

Come on down, ROBERTA MIGLIN!!


I’m very excited for her – Roberta comments often on the blog and I feel like I have gotten to know her via our email exchanges.  Roberta, I’ve sent you an email asking you to get your snail mail address back to me.  We’ll get this issue off to you as soon as we can!

I received a pleasant surprise yesterday.  Or more like…I remembered it…AGAIN!  ((Because I had forgotten!))

My flight today isn’t until 2pm ---so I get the morning at home to enjoy before heading out to the airport.

And then the notice came to my email last night that I have been bumped up to FIRST CLASS from Washington/Dulles all the way to Phoenix!  YAY!

Guess who will be sewing hexies in First Class?  If you’ve gotta fly --- there is no better way to go.

Studio_2014 017

I am missing my Grannie today.  February 8th is her birthday ---Happy Birthday, Grannie!  Mary Margaret Malcolmson Wilkinson Buckbee.  Quite a mouthful, isn't it?  She is my dad's mom.

This is a bad photo of a photo –Grannie in her 20s.  This would be in the 1930s.  She was such a beautiful, classy lady!

I’d go spend summers with her in Minnesota when I was growing up, and when I was a teen, she and Grandpa John became snowbirds, escaping Minnesota winters and trading them for Arizona sunshine.

More memories were made spending winter visits out near Rio Verde, and I came to love Arizona and consider it Grannie's domain just as much as Minnesota.

Flying to Arizona today on Grannie’s birthday has her heavy on my heart.  So many things I wish I could tell her.  I wish I could wrap my arms around her neck and hug her close and smell that scent that was uniquely hers.  I wonder what she’d think of her Bonnie Belle and how her life turned out?

Studio_2014 018

Another bad photo of a photo…

This is Grannie at about 80.  Still beautiful, with a show-stopper of a smile.  I’m guessing this is about 1990 or a bit before, deep into my “doll days” before designing for Butterick.  I made her a set of reindeer dolls for Christmas – she loved dolls, and so did I. 

Those were the days!

Time for breakfast – have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Your grannie looks like a lot of fun. I miss mine too. When you are missing them is when they are close by! Safe travels today as you fly 1st class. Congrats to the winner of the QM, it's a fun jam packed issue!

  2. It' wonderful that you have great memories of time spent with your grandmother. Both of my grandmothers passed away before I was born so I never got to experience that. It makes time spent with my grandchildren more precious. Wishing you a safe trip today.

  3. So sweet....made me remember my Grandmas too. Thanks for a wonderful way to start my Saturday!!

  4. Safe travels Bonnie. First class is always a nice treat and heavens knows you deserve it for as many miles as you fly a year. The pictures of Grannie are wonderful. And it's clear she loved the reindeer dolls, what a happy smile and memory for you too!

  5. Anonymous10:01 AM EST

    our grannies are our lifeline. mine taught me to sew. she had a wicked funny sense of humour and wasn'tafraid to laugh at her self. she survived the 1906 San Fransisco earthquake at age 3 and worked in the ship yards during WW2. She was a remarkable woman. i miss her so much.
    have a safe trip Bonnie. Thanks for sharing your grannie with us .
    Sara Stockton

  6. I lost my grandma about 4 years ago. There are some people you never get over because you had such a wonderful relationship and LOTS of memories. I pretty much think about her every day. So I know what you mean, great memories and missing them at the same time.

  7. Thanks for sharing your memories of your grandmother. Mine was a great lady too, loveed when she got togother with her sisters and sister in laws..they would 'cut up' as they would say...but the laughter and the memories are great. Those ladies taught me to sew and helped shape me to who I am today

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  9. I know just how you feel. I miss my granny too! Somehow, missing them that much makes them feel closer.

    Have a great trip!

  10. Hi Bonnie, another coincidence with us, today is my birthday, too! Like the photos of your grannie - hope I will last so long, still quilting! I tell everyone you are my quilting guru, and try my best to keep up with you, but it's impossible! I have four patches done for one of your patterns, Sister's Choice is ready for the star points, all cut, and Wonky Wishes blocks are in progress on the FW, as time permits. I have four machines set up in the sewing room, all used almost every day. (That doesn't count the six or seven set up in the quilting annex where my group meets to do charity quilts, every two weeks!) I love Quilt Cam, your blogs and all you do! Carol

  11. Had me in a small panic for a moment--my mom's name is Roberta! LOL. I wondered 1) how she knew I follow this blog and 2) why she entered in the first place!

    My paternal grandma did a lot of cross-stitch. My maternal grandma is more into the "custom shirts" thing--yanno, puffy paint, buttons, etc. No one knows where I got my interest in sewing from. My mom doesn't sew.

    My maternal grandma and I are super-close, despite having different crafty interests. She took me to a quilt shop and let me pick out fabric as my xmas present. It was awesome! :)

    Safe travels, and thanks for sharing your grandma with us.

  12. I know how it is to miss a Grannie! Mine was my anchor when I was a child and I miss her terribly, even today, 25 years later. My Granny was a Margaret too, but she was called Peggy. Your Granny was indeed a beautiful lady, and you look very much like her. I have no doubt she is very proud of her Bonnie Belle today and never tires of telling everyone so in heaven! :) As always, angels sent with you on your travels!

  13. Your Grannie was a beautiful lady. I know she would be very proud of all you have accomplished! I treasure the memories of time spent with my Granny, that is where my love of fabric started.
    Safe travels and hope your forsythia will bloom just in time to welcome you back home!

  14. Thank you for this opportunity to enter to win. Have safe travels,
    Brenda from Washington State

  15. Your Granny was beautiful at 20 - I can see some of her in your photo.
    I miss my Grandma, too. We weren't close, but she did teach me to sew (pajamas) and she made me 2 lovely quilts for my bridal shower.

  16. I missed out having a grannie - but I did find out that she also quilted! You all who have had grandma's out there - count your blessings!!

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  18. Your grandma watches your accomplishments with an angelic smile! Both my grandmas were gone by the time I arrived but I treasure the few years I knew and loved my hub's beautiful grandmother.

  19. You come from good stock as we have all seen with the family gathering to help your brother. Your grannie has smiled on you a lot over the years and I'm so happy to join her in those smiles.
    With Respect and Gratitude,

  20. Wow, Bonnie, your dear Grannie was a real stunner! Lots of nice folks are born on Feb 8th. My mother would have been 92 today and her sister Hazel would have been 90. Missing my loved ones, too. I didn't become a quilter until after my mother was gone. So wish I could have shared my passion with her and made her a quilt! My memories of an amazing Christian mother will last me the rest of my life, till we meet again in Heaven. Happy Birthday memories of your sweet Grannie!

  21. Soooo sweet memorise Bonnie.
    We said as a wish way: live and remember

  22. What wonderful memories, when we went to my mothers home in Iowa, her mom had already passed, but grandpa would be in the old parlor and his spittone would be across the hall, Aunts would always say don't come in the front door, you will get splatted....... have a good trip, take pics of 1st class sewing..........

  23. Anonymous10:29 PM EST

    Wonderful memories! She shares a birthday with my father, my son and my granddaughter! We only missed one generation on February 8th. We just arrived home from the birthday celebrations.


  24. Happy memories of your beautiful grandmother!

    And congrats to the lucky winner!

  25. It is wonderful to look back on our days with grand parents. Mine played a huge roll in my formative years.

  26. It is wonderful to look back on our days with grand parents. Mine played a huge roll in my formative years.

  27. Bonnie, your grandmother was a beautiful lady! And she would be so proud of you, her buttons would be pop pin'! All of my grannies were originally from Minnesota...descendants of Norwegians who moved to Minnesota...then westward again in early 1900's. Hard working and tough people those early Minnesotans were. I often think they would be aghast knowing how easy my life now is compared to theirs!

  28. Anonymous8:49 PM EST

    Your grandmother was beautiful. I miss my grandmother too. She died when I was 5 years old, but I have such good memories. I ended up with the fan parts of a Fan block that she started..1930s/1940s fabric.
    I need to get those out and make a small quilt. And label it!
    Celine cgkings@centurytel.net

  29. I have one of those reindeer. I never got around to making the second one. Now I have no clue where the pattern is.


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