Thursday, February 06, 2014

Just a Bit of Porcelain ---

Studio_2014 014
This morning I have had to switch gears ---

I’ve got a lunch date with my friend Mary, but before I head over there ---it’s a stop by the dentist!

During my regular brushing and flossing routine, I felt a strange POP…and off came the crown off of my back molar!

A call to the dentist was made, the only time they could fit me in was 10:30 this morning –so I’ll be out the door within 30 minutes to head over there.

Dental Drama…just what a girl needs, right?

It’s a good thing it happened this morning, because they are closed on Fridays..and I leave Saturday and won’t be back until the 26th – it’s a 2 week tour!

No biggie, just a bit of a hassle.  And if they can’t just glue this one back on, the next one is going to just BE gold.  This one is down to the gold anyway.  The porcelain has chipped off of the back corner – and since it’s my farthest back molar, a gold tooth back there won’t even show when I smile ---porcelain is just too fragile for that big of a biting surface!

Hopefully all will be well by Quilt-Cam tonight at 9pm EST!

Studio_2014 013

Scraps to tame!

I pulled out a bag of scraps that was gifted to me a few months back….it’s sat waiting for taming, and I was digging through it last night to find any brown scraps that I could use in my current hexagon project.  There were several!

But that lead to sorting the scraps into color groups so they are easier for me to deal with later.  It’s a constant shift of stuff over here…I kind of like ALL of these colors together…could this be another quilt in the making?

I also pieced a back for the Split-9 Patch quilt ---and it makes me laugh!  Which is fun….

Studio_2014 011

Pink Pigs a Runnin’!

There was enough here to use it up and have it gone!  This is also another gifted fabric, and with the quilt having so much fun stuff in it…this is PERFECT for it.

There likely won’t be time to load it into the machine today, but at least I can match up the quilt with its backing fabric and it will be ready to go for when I do have time.

Have you checked out our recent Celtic Solstice Link-Up??  There are currently 96 entries, and they are ALL gorgeous!

If you checked the first ones on the first day, treat yourself and GO BACK again and see what has been added!  There is still time to add your own link to the Linky ---but time will be running out shortly.

And with that, I’m getting ready to head out and get this tooth fixed – have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Love the fun fabric for the backing. It could be called pigs on a blanket. lol Enjoy your day.

  2. Just went through the dentist routine last week myself. The crown took two weeks for the dentist to get back from the lab, but the temporary worked very well and you could hardly tell it from the "real" thing. Pigs on a Blanket - good title.

  3. This happened to me over the Thanksgiving weekend. I was able to do an internet search and found some dental glue to hold that puppy on until the weekend was over. It worked great.
    XOXOXO Subee

  4. I hope evrything went well for you at the dentist.

    The fabric is very interesting. You can make something beautiful using all those colors.

  5. Oh no!!! So sorry about your tooth, but if your lucky like I am, you wont mind going to the dentist...mine is like eye candy...lol
    But I must say that backing fabric did give me a great case of the giggles..love it!!!

  6. I just went through this drama too. I broke off a corner of a crown on Christmas morning. My dentist's office burned to the ground last summer and he is sharing an office with another dentist. The other dentist closed Christmas week so I had to wait until the following Monday to even talk to him. Then it was 1.5 weeks to get in. I had to get a whole nother crown since I broke the first one. Sigh.

  7. Ugh, having a tooth to fix sounds like a drag. A friend of mine had a solid gold molar crown but he had it replaced with something else (don't know why). He asked me to make a pendant for his wife with it. It was weird and romantic at the same time! :D

  8. Try the tooth fairy!
    Perhaps she will yield another fun backing, you'll never know....
    From the cradle of the quilters'faith,
    Irene in Witmarsun

  9. If a crown had "popped off" one of my teeth I'd be in tears...trips to the dentist mean $$$ not able to be spent on fun things like fabric:(

  10. Thank you for sharing Rita's music. I listened to her sing as I was perusing Linkup and as usual....music can bring out my emotions and her beautiful voice and the song had me shedding a few tears. What a perfect moment on your blog. Good luck with the getting the crown replaced and safe travels. Looking forward to your next adventure with quilting addicts.

  11. Hey Ms Bonnie I recognize those scraps, glad you can use some of them, will have another bag of scraps next time we cross paths. Trips to the dentist are not fun at all, at retreat one year on the first day of arrival one of my back molars broke in half, yikes. But since there was no pain I just stayed and went to the dentist when I got back, a girl's gotta sew you know :)

    Ana from East Texas

  12. I have my temporary crowns in right now. I am having the back tooth with three cracks in it changed to a gold crown. Then between the eye tooth and the first molar on the top I have been missing a tooth for about 5 years because of no money for a bridge. Now it is my turn so I am getting the bridge, that takes two crowns with a tooth built in between them. Sure did hate to have the perfect eye tooth ground down for the bridge but it will fill in the gap and help my mouth long term.

  13. Ok - I admit it - when I saw "Pink Pigs a'Running", the first thing that popped into my head was "And a partridge in a pear tree!"

    It's been a long day - sorry.

  14. I was told that my gold crown had no gold left. Good luck.

  15. I agree that back molars need gold. I've had mine many many years and none have fallen off. Hope that all went well.
    Putting on the last two borders on the Patches and Pinwheels that I started at your class in Peoria!! Finally!! It's has really turned out pretty if I do say so myself.

  16. The dentist just is somewhere you don't go unless they sell fabric :-)) I have had a gold crown for over 30 years.
    I also have some implants, probably looking at more down the road.. Love the pig fabric. Have a good trip.


    currently -23 below

  17. Caught part of quilt cam tonight. Sure hope your crown stays put.
    I finished setting some blocks into a top. Made 8 leader/ender nine-patches for Flag Stone blocks.

    In case someone didn't tell you, the measurements the QM designer gave for her version were incorrect.


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