Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Terry, Bernice and The Long Lost Quilt, Part 2!!

Kathy Monier quilt
There is more to the story!

Before you go any further, if you haven’t read the story of this quilt’s journey, click HERE.

The story started as a Round Robin quilt made by friends who moved different places, and after a long set of circumstances and many years in the process, was found by Bernice in a 2nd hand store.

The biggest question of all……

WHY or HOW did it end up in the second hand store?

I loved the interaction and the comments on the last post.

If you want to know what HAPPENED to this quilt since our last post – click HERE to read the story and leave your comments on Terry’s blog.

And then please--after you are done there, come back and tell me what you feel about it by leaving a comment here too!

I don’t want to be left out of the loop as I travel to Tuscon today for my meeting with the Tucson Quilters Guild!

As for myself, this story has reiterated to me just how important labels are.


This label included so much important information.  The name of the guild!  The date that the Round Robin ran, the actual signatures of the participants.

I can’t state my feelings ENOUGH that no matter how “beautiful” a computer driven machine embroidered label can be….there is NOTHING as personal as your own signature in pen and ink.

Let’s face it – anyone who owns your same machine can stitch out a label with that same identical font.  There is nothing special about that.  There is nothing unique or personal about that – but your own handwriting is uniquely yours, like a snowflake or a flower – no two are ever alike.  PLEASE leave your own actual signature in ink for those who come after us.

There are many different writing pens out there, and I happen to like a pigma pen in a wider tip width so that the line is not so skinny.  Remember that the more 0’s a number has on a pen, the FINER the tip is…so something that is .5 will be wider, .05 will be skinnier, .005 will be skinnier still.

Include as much info on the label as you can.  Dates, places, reasons for the quilt. ((To Johnny on his 17th birthday tells future generations so much!))

Here are some links to some other posts I wrote in the past about labeling:

And news from Arizona:

Yesterday Dad and I hopped onto his Gold Wing motorcycle and rode out to Rio Verde in memory of my Grannie and Grandpa who wintered there for many years – From my early teens until my late 30s, I’d often visit, loving my trips to Arizona in the winter months, usually around Grannie’s & Dad’s birthday week.  

Grannie’s birthday is the 8th, Dad’s is TODAY so I am so happy that I got to extend this trip just a bit to spend my dad’s birthday with him.

AZ_Feb2014 033

Four peaks mountain in the background ---

We hoped to have lunch at Tonto Verde, but the restaurant was closed on Mondays!  Ooops! That was bad planning ---so we ended up with chili dogs in the bar area with the golfers, taking our little lunch outside to the patio and just talking and enjoying the beautiful day.  It was a great day to be together, a real memory maker.

I had hoped for more photo shots to share, but I learned that it is not a good idea to whip out your phone and shoot photos in the open air from the back of the motorcycle -- it's not easy, and what if that phone goes flying??  We had an awesome day.

Later in the evening, we headed over to Mark’s for a lovely dinner of stir fry.  He looks so GOOD!!  Everything is going well, and he is even starting to put on a bit of weight now that the radiation is done.  Still has a lot of chemo to go, but everything looks as well as it can at this point.  Thank you for your continued prayers, positive thoughts, well wishes, however you manifest that positive energy in your own way, thank you for sending it!

AZ_Feb2014 034

Ashely and Jessica!

These are my two adorable nieces, Ashley and Jessica.  Both such sweet young ladies,  I love their hugs and laughs and being with them whenever I can.  I’ll be back for a sleep-over at their house on Valentine’s night, this Friday after I finish in Tuscon!

It’s time to pack up the bags and head out shortly ---the quilty part of this journey is about to begin!

Love from Arizona ---

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  1. How I long for some warmer weather, so it's great to see pictures of it at least! Glad to hear your brother is doing so well.

  2. Bonnie, I'm so with you on handwritten labels. Each is different, unique and personal. I was given some utility quilts from my husband's family...probably from the 30s. No label. Waaaaa. I added a label with info on hw I acquired the quilt and possible makers. So, its never too late.

  3. How wonderful that the quilt is back with one of the original makers! makes me want to grab back all the quilts I've made for family and put labels on them!

  4. I hand write my Labels! I'll start adding my signature. Your Nieces are so cute and I am glad you get to go back for Valentines Day at their house. Still sending prayers for Mark, too. Have fun with your Tucson trip with the guild and Ricky & Alex! I know how fun they are!!!

  5. I think it is wonderful that the quilt made it's way back to one of the original quilters, Terry and Bernice should be congratulated on their efforts. As I have only made a few quilts, I will be making labels and sewing them on when I visit :) I am glad your brother is doing well and will keep him in my thoughts. Happy Birthday to your Dad, hope you had a great day, today is my DH's birthday and you celebrate with my brother, small world, or only 365 days for millions to share :). Have a great time in Arizona! Julie

  6. What, no picture of you sitting on the bike? By the way, thought I saw you on the news today. It was the group of Oscar hopefuls at a dinner. On looking further, I realised it was Meryl Streep! LOL!!

    Hope the quilt group have a good time.
    Linda Hodges

  7. You know I love your posts about your travels and this lost quilt was very interesting. It is amazing what a small world we live in now. You are in one of my most favorite places..AZ. I met and married the love of my life in Glendale AZ. I miss those beautiful sunsets. Enjoy every moment you have with your Dad and brothers as long as you can. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures!! Handwritten labels are always the best!

  8. Looks like a GREAT reunion trip. If I could get John to live in the Southwest -- we would be moving. Love both AZ and NM sooooooo much. The sky out there goes on into eternity!

    As for the "Rest of the Story" on Terry's blog - I found it nice but in a way sad. Sad? Kathy (who has it and was part of the round robin) didn't seem to be excited about the find as I would have been. She was giving excuses (it seemed) to NOT complete the quilt. It would be terrific to send to a machine quilter, then have it as a memory to share with others. Not sure this will happen.

    As to Terry? What a GREAT lady she is. She worked hard and was diligent getting to the bottom of the mystery. GOOD WORK TERRY.

    Thank you Bonnie for sharing the Quilter's Tale with us.
    Smiles, JuieinTN

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  10. I think I'm going to be more diligent about labeling my quilts. I'm good about labeling the big ones but all the little ones? Not so much. I'm going to change that, and I agree completely about handwritten labels.

  11. I live within 90 miles of Washington and only 35 miles from Princeton, Illinois. So this hits really close to home for me. I've been guilty of not labeling, but I'm going to work up a label system and try to be better of labeling. Glad you had such a good visit with family. Chris

  12. Just getting ready to give away a quilt for my nephew's wedding and wondering if I should print it myself or on the printer. . . guess its hand-written. Thanks for the insight and best wishes for your brother, your dad, and you in AZ.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Loved the update, lesson learned... label label label :)

  15. I think if you're going to have to wait awhile to get a top quilted you should finish label when you finish top and store it with the top. I have a number of pieced tops that I got which are finished but have no idea of who pieced them.

  16. Anonymous2:07 PM EST

    Great post, Bonnie! Happy birthday to your dad and very best wishes to Mark. I'm so glad you get to spend this time with your family. Enjoy warm Arizona. Maybe by the time you head home, we will be past the coming winter storm "back east".
    Best wishes,
    Brenda B. In Virginia


  17. Has ANYONE tried this for a label. Writing on fabric can make me crazy, but writing on paper is fine. Neater too.

    I am thinking of writing out several quilt labels on paper, putting the paper I wrote on my scanner then scanning onto the fabric sold to print on!!!

    Takes care of both ideas?

    Bonnie what do you think?

    OH! Some of us has messy handwriting to bring with let alone writing on fabric - even if the fabric is ironed onto freezer paper.

    Smiles, hope for answers

  18. I am bad about labels, but vow to be better! Just finished a new design and remembered you showing a label sewn into the binding (this post has a link to that). I searched and searched and SEARCHED your blog and couldn't find it! I ended up cutting my square 6" and wrote on it before sewing it in to the binding. This is such a good and simple way to label!
    Have a wonderful time with your family!

  19. I am so glad one of the makers is back with the quilt, and that the label is still there. I label most all my quilts with at least my name, town, and year quilt was made. Don't always put a recipient name, because some are given to charities with the stipulation of no name for the giftee. My brand new students are already learning that labels are an absolute must for all of their quilts. Thanks for the update, Bonnie.

  20. I'm pretty good about quilt labels, but I still need to catch up with a few. I understand how Kathy feels not knowing when she will finish the quilt--I still have a friendship block exchange top from the 80's and exchange blocks from the 90's to finish! Too many other wonderful projects have come my way--now with the internet, I want to do it all! And I haven't even mentioned all the new fabrics.....! Bonnie, I'm so happy to hear Mark is doing so well, too! And spending time with your Dad is awesome!!! Lucky you!!!

  21. I just thought of something--what if Kathy put that top in the thrift store--Boomerang! LOL Which reminds me of orphan blocks I donated at our guild retreat one year--they ended up back on our sewing club's "not for free" table! It was an "OH, NO!" moment for me.

  22. I've definitely got some more to think about when it comes to adding labels. I've been adding labels and making sure I remember the basics: quilt name, recipient, maker's name, date and the state it was made in.

    The only part I disagree with is the part about the embroidered label being the same if you have my sewing machine. I create my embroidered labels with digitizing software. That way I can create a font, if needed, add little motifs and make the label another part of the design of the quilt. That doesn't mean that the hand-written label doesn't have the same class, it is just in its own class. I think they can both have an amazing effect on the finished quilt, each in their own way.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. What a wonderful story. I do label my quilts, but I will also write my name somewhere on the quilt in the future. I also use a glue pen to tack down the label as well as sewing it to the qult. Anyone trying to remove it will not be pleased.

  25. I do always label my quilts, but have always printed them on paper using a calligraphy font, then traced over it on muslin with a pigma pen because my handwriting isn't elegant. Maybe it's time to add a signature to the printed text.

    Enjoy the warmer weather. We're going down to zero again tonight. Be glad you're not in NC though. It looks like NC will get a lot of ice and/or snow.

  26. I hope that Kathy, who now has the lost/found quilt, will add a second label telling the lost/found story....so that part of the history doesn't get lost!
    About the Pigma pens, I learned (I think from the manufactor) these pens should be stored laying down to prolong their life. I've always believed all pens/markers should be stored in vertical position with writing tip down....but the pigmas are to be store laying horizontal.
    About writing on fabric: I found if I draw lines in black marker onto freezer paper, then iron the paper to the fabric, I can see the lines well enough to keep my writing straight.
    That's all the advice/info I have for today!! Happy travels, Bonnie!

  27. I think that with time and washing, the "permanent" ink will fade. I hand embroider basic info. Not so much quilting activity here in Spain...
    I like the idea of leaving your signature, though.

  28. I really enjoyed the Lost Quilt story. Hope the Lady enjoys it.
    We go to auctions and it is sad that beautiful family heirlooms are sold to strangers. Hope you enjoy the warmer weather.

  29. So what an interesting story. How fun for the recipient. Maybe it got lost in the mail.

  30. Lucky you that you are able to mix business with family visits. Extra bonus!!!
    I too love hand written labels, so much more personal! I have labelled everything I have made even bags. You never know where they may end up. Safe journeys to you!

  31. Anonymous11:17 AM EST

    I love checking in with you everyday. it's like visiting with a friend. You are amazing & so uplifting in all that you do! How wonderful that you all took the time to find the home where the lost quilt belonged.

    Sandy Royal

  32. I still don't see the explanation for HOW the quilt ended up at a thrift store. Was it with the member who passed away and got donated to thrift or ??? I keep reading both blogs but am I missing something? Prayers and wishes for all.


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