Saturday, March 01, 2014

Antiquing in Gruene!

NewBraunfels_TX2014 070
The HD Gruene building is probably the most recognizable landmark in Gruene aside from the water tower (and of course Gruene Hall)!

As the town continued to prosper, a new mercantile building sprang up in 1904.

Now the mercantile building is called the Gruene Antique Company and we had a fun time wandering the aisles, discovering and discussing the miscellany we found on shelves, in cabinets, in baskets.

Check out the old car parked out front..it made us feel like we had stepped back in time :)  But not THIS far back in time:


The Gruene Mercantile in the early years!

NewBraunfels_TX2014 101

Oh, you could spend hours in here!

NewBraunfels_TX2014 099

Mini toy machines next to cute Mary Jane shoes from a bygone era.

I loved Mary Janes as a little girl, and still love them today!  There is nothing cuter than a little girl in ankle socks and a shiny pair of Mary Janes! 

NewBraunfels_TX2014 100

A shiny red machine near a collection of porcelain baby Cupie dolls.

NewBraunfels_TX2014 102


Chrome yellow sashings set off a galaxy of stars on double pink backgrounds.  LOVE this lemoyne star variation…two diamonds high instead of one.

NewBraunfels_TX2014 104

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find a place in a crowded antique mall to lay a quilt out!

NewBraunfels_TX2014 105

Love the substitution going on here…ran out of black stripe? stick in a plaid instead!

Now this next quilt was the one that sent Irene and I both over the moon:

NewBraunfels_TX2014 092

Holy Sunburst, Batman!

NewBraunfels_TX2014 093

1920s to 1930s pastel stripes and plaids!

NewBraunfels_TX2014 094

Each sunburst different than the next, but all so feminine in color choices!

NewBraunfels_TX2014 095

Greens, purples and yellows…

NewBraunfels_TX2014 096

purples and greens and a black gingham give punch!

Ginghams are such a happy fabric, even in black they are crisp and clean and wonderful.  I never met a gingham I didn’t like! 

NewBraunfels_TX2014 097

green and blue and yellow--

Do you think these could have been made from dress and blouse scraps?

NewBraunfels_TX2014 098

Punch of red and burgundy!

I just loved this quilt to pieces, but it was indeed a catch-and-release kind of night.  If you can see the price tag, they were only asking $250.00 which I think is reasonable, but it is also reasonable to KNOW that I am out of room as far as “collecting” antique quilts goes.  I’m just happy I got the chance to take the photos of this beauty,  and appreciate the hand work that went into piecing and quilting it ---look at those points!  Not a single one chopped off.  Each piece traced with a template and pencil and cut with scissors painstakingly.

Definitely give the Gruene Antique Company a visit if you are in town…who knows what treasures YOU will discover!

It’s a sewing morning at the cabin – we’ve already been for a walk with Sadie – hiking some mountain trails. A late breakfast is next, and this afternoon --- we are driving to Statesville where I am adopting a treadle machine being gifted by another quilter!  How could I say no?!  Photos to follow!

Have a great Saturday, Everyone --

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  1. Have fun in Statesville! That's where I grew up. I haven't been back in many years, though. Lots of memories there. :)

  2. I was drooling over the pyrex mixing bowls in one of the pictures.
    The quilts are beautiful too.

  3. Loved that quilt too! Glad for the chance to 'see' it. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful old quilts. Love the colors. As you say, so precise with no cut off points. Lovely job.

  5. That first quilt is a Double Star or Fish Tails...love, love, love the second quilt! You have more will power than I have...

  6. I LOVE that sunburst quilt! Would love to just make one block for a table topper! Wonder where I could find that pattern??? I've found some similar to it - but I love THAT pattern. Any ideas? Thanks for sharing these treasures today!

  7. Hi Bonnie, I have been following your blog for a few years now but don't know if I have ever commented. So, first of all, thank you for a wonderful and interesting blog. I enjoy following you around the country. But my reason for posting today is that out of all the antique quilts you have posted pictures of, this one is by far my most favorite. If I had the $250 to purchase it I would. And that is coming from a non-collector who doesn't own a single antique quilt. The price seems so very reasonable. It really is a beauty.

  8. Pretty Quilts. Do you use Gingham in any of your quilts now? Have fun picking up the new-to-you Treadle. Will she stay at the Cabin, too. Your cabin has a LOT of room for your found machines to live and be loved. :)

  9. For $250, I'd pay the late charge on my mortgage and purchase that quilt! Wow! what a beauty!

  10. YAY - a new treadle machine for Bonnie!! Thanks for the antiquing trip. Always fun to tag along with you.

  11. Gruene is jus the cutest little place. I fell in love while visiting last summer.

  12. Gruene is jus the cutest little place. I fell in love while visiting last summer.

  13. I have never been interested in antique stores much, but knowing about feather weights now, and seeing all of the wonderful finds YOU come across, I know I'll be stopping in the future.

  14. That second quilt looks like Oklahoma Sunburst with another round added on. The pattern was a Kansas City Star pattern from the 30s. It is just beautiful!

  15. That second quilt is amazing! I think I would have had to fork over the money! I can't imagine some family giving it away! Didnt appreciate the work in it I guess.

  16. Thanks Sueann for the quilt block name. I've searched for the pattern on the internet but not found one exactly like the one in the picture! Many similar to it. And I agree with everyone that it is so beautiful I can't imagine parting with it!

  17. Wow that Sunburst quilt is amazing. Thanks for sharing your antiquing adventures. Enjoy your day at Quiltvilla and out and about.

  18. Anonymous2:27 PM EST

    Is there a law against tracing a pattern from this quilt to make one for oneself?

    Mary Ann


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