Tuesday, March 25, 2014

With Love from Ria!


Ria sent along a couple of photos of her beautiful Sisters Choice quilt she has worked on --- check out those beautiful fabrics!

Ria lives in the Netherlands, and her quilt does bring to mind tulips in the spring, doesn’t it?

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,
Hope you have so much fun and satisfaction at your teaching trip! I try to keep up with all your blog posts.... and what a treat they are!
And I want to tell you that I have (finally...  ....) finished my Sister’s Choice Quilt!
The first quilt that was quilted by my new machine quilt frame.... and I L*O* V*E  it!!!!!
The name of the quilt will be: “de KoningsQuilt” (in Dutch). In English it would be called “the King’s Quilt”.
I made it last year as Willem Alexander was crowned King of the Netherlands. I thought it a great way to remember this event by.
And as this is one of your beautiful pattern, I just had to send you some pictures.  I still have to bind it, but that will be a great task one of these evenings.
I also wrote about it on my blog: http://treasurequilts.blogspot.nl/2014/03/hoe-snel-de-tijd-kan-gaan-how-quickly.html
Thanks so much for all that you do! And your lovely patterns!
I have all of your books and will be sure to get an example of your new leader and ender-book.  It will be a treasure to ad to the other ones!
Love from the Netherlands and a huge hug,
I love the tradition of making a quilt to memorialize something in our lives.  The installation of a new king is a big deal, and I’m sure this information will be included on her label.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt finish with us, Ria!
You can find the free pattern for Sisters Choice aka De Koningsquilt under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Pre-orders to the new book that Ria referred to are still in full swing!  You can pre-order your own copy of More Adventures with Leaders & Enders and be among the first to receive them directly from me, signed sealed and delivered! 
Click HERE to see the quilts included in the book, and then click HERE to place your order.
Quilt-Cam TONIGHT!  9pm Eastern. Dig up an old UFO and let’s see if we can get some progress made on it.  I’m not sure what I’m digging out yet – I’ve been tackling mail all day trying to get my feet back on the ground, but I’m in the mood to sew something ---hmmmm..what can I find around here?
See you back here in just a bit!

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  1. Hi Bonnie, I was just of to bed (as it is 23.55 here in the Netherlands) with a busy day ahead of me tomorrow...
    So not able to see you live on quiltcam; so sorry!
    But I'm sure to catch the recorded version later!!
    And it is so great to see you mentioned my Sister's Choice Quilt!
    (Thank you!!! ;) )
    I really have to say I'm so in awe what happpened in Washinton with that aweful landslide... I'm sure to pray that more people will be found alive..
    Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

  2. I follow Ria and she has beautiful quilts!!

  3. Ria must be special lady to be concerned and praying for the people's trapped in the mudslide. Blessing and thank you Ria
    Thank you Bonnie for sharing her photos and links to her blog.

  4. Beautiful quilt, Ria! The orange just makes the colors pop!

  5. Beautiful, Ria!!
    I can't watch the quilt cam live either. It's too late for me too!

  6. Margie Seaside6:47 AM EDT

    I was working on a binding of one of my quilts ... whilst waiting to see the new Royal Baby.. hence the quilt's name.. George Alexander Louis !!!
    Makes everyone smile :-)


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